NASA Says Earth’s Closest Exoplanet Proxima B May Support Life

Come on, universe, what’s a guy gotta do to get just one little shred of evidence of extraterrestrial life? It doesn’t need to be anything too extraordinary. No antennaed green humanoids, no crawling masses of purple ooze, no silicon-based crystal creatures. At this point I’d be content with a single dead microbe clinging to the side of a meteor. I’m not picky – I just need to know: are we alone?

Of course, I’m not alone in my need to know. The search for alien life currently involves some of the most sophisticated astronomical equipment and laboratories on Earth, but has still yet to find conclusive proof of anything else out there in space crawling around eating and farting and dying like us. NASA has identified loads of planets which might support life, but the problem is they’re all so far away that we’ll likely never be able to reach and analyze them – in our lifetimes, anyway. Unless we hurry up and get that immortality thing together.

In more promising news, a team of NASA scientists has just published a study claiming that the closest known exoplanet, Proxima Centauri b, just might possibly be able to support life. The planet, also called Proxima b or Alpha Centauri Cb, lies just 4.2 light-years away from Earth in the constellation of Centaurus. That’s only 40 trillion kilometers, or 25 trillion miles, the cosmic equivalent of a stone’s throw.

Alpha Centauri, left, Beta Centauri, right, and Proxima Centauri, circled in red.

Proxima b orbits the star Proxima Centauri and is roughly the size of Earth. For some time, astronomers have thought the planet to be uninhabitable due to the fact that it experiences extreme solar flares and radiation from its nearby star. However, the scientists behind this most recent study believe there could be scenarios in which Proxima b could still support life.

For example, if the planet happens to be tidally locked, meaning the same side faces its host star as it orbits, then surface water could allow for enough heat exchange between the hot and cold sides to support life throughout the whole planet. “An ocean-covered Proxima b could have a much broader area of surface liquid water but at much colder temperatures than previously suggested,” the authors write, adding that “Proxima b could be an inhabited, mostly open ocean planet with halophilic life.”

Another scenario could be that the planet formed much farther away from Proxima Centauri and has been slowly getting closer throughout its history, meaning some of the planet may still be habitable. UniverseToday has a good breakdown of all of these hypothetical scenarios and an interview with Anthony D. Del Genio of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies concerning this new research. 

It’s important to note, though, that all of these scenarios are hypothetical and were produced through a new type of planetary simulation software used by NASA in their hunt for exoplanets. Could our nearest neighbor support life? How convenient would that be? Let’s hope we get that EM Drive worked out soon. I need to know.

Researcher Says The Mysterious “Eye of The Sahara” Could be The Ruins of Atlantis

You can have most any “fringe” beliefs or interests and still disguise yourself as an upstanding, yet adorably eccentric, member of normal society, but Atlantis is the point of no return. Once you start talking about Atlantis, you’re done for. So, let’s talk about Atlantis. According to Plato, The lost city of Atlantis was an ancient island superpower ruled located in the eastern Atlantic ocean—which was named after the lost city.  Atlantis was, according to Plato, a stunningly gorgeous and opulent place, built upon concentric circles of land and water. It was wealthy and powerful beyond measure until, in the course of one day and one night, the whole thing went sideways and a cataclysm wiped the city of Atlantis off the map and out of the history books. According to some esoteric traditions, Atlantis was the birthplace of the so-called “Mystery Schools” that wove their way through western philosophy after the city’s destruction.

The accepted explanation for Plato’s story of Atlantis, however, is that it was just a story, meant to teach a lesson of morality and show Plato’s philosophy on governance. Still, there are countless people who believe that Plato was talking about a real place that was destroyed by a real cataclysm. Plato himself says, in effect, “I know this sounds like nonsense, but I swear I ain’t lyin’.” But we’ve never found evidence, and now that we can image the sea floor, and have found evidence of sunken cities, shouldn’t the fact that we haven’t found Atlantis put this whole thing to bed? Well, what if we haven’t been looking in the right places? What if the ruins of the island-bound seafaring superpower were sitting, right under our noses the whole time, in the middle of the Sahara desert?

Atlantean mystery temple

An Idealistic Depiction of the Atlantean Mystery Temple by J. Augustus Knapp for the book The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P. Hall (1928).

It sounds like a stretch. Yet, that’s what a new video by YouTube channel Bright Insight is proposing, building off the work done by George S. Alexander and Natalis Rosen in the documentary Visiting AtlantisIn a 20 minute long video that’s surprisingly clear, sober, and well edited Bright Insight lays out the case for the Richat structure—also known as the eye of the Sahara—being the true location of Atlantis.

The Richat structure is an earthen structure of unknown origin in Mauritania, on the northwest coast of Africa. It consists of concentric circles of raised ground, bordered by mountains to the north and facing the sea to the south. It’s very big. It also happens to be almost the exact same size as the measurements Plato gave for Atlantis (depending on how you interpret ancient Greek units of measurement).

Plato states that the city of Atlantis was 127 stadia in diameter. According to, one stadia is approximately 607 feet. This is the conversion used in the video, which works out to 127 stadia equaling 77,089 feet and 23.49 kilometers. Measuring the Richat structure in Google Earth gives a diameter of between 22 and 24 kilometers. That’s pretty close to the measurements for Atlantis. However, other sources say that a stadia is between 607 and 630 feet, which doesn’t seem like a big difference until you realize that 27 feet of variance per stadia, multiplied by 127 stadia, comes out to 3429 feet. While that’s the upper end of the possible variance, it has to be said that the Richat structure would fit the bill a bit less if it was three quarters of a mile too small. It’s not a lot, but it sure wouldn’t be perfectly exact.

The Richat Structure

Bird’s eye view of the Richat structure.

The surrounding areas match the description of Atlantis fairly note-for-note as well. Plato describes the city as being bordered to the north by mountains notable for their great number and beauty. The Richat structure is indeed ringed by mountains to the north. In the video, mention is made of geologic surveys which show that the mountains to the north of the Eye of the Sahara had waterfalls falling from them when the Sahara desert was not yet a desert, which would be fairly noteworthy.

Further arguments made include the timeline of the fall of Atlantis matching up pretty nicely with the proposed date of the Younger Dryas impact hypothesis, which argues that the impact of a comet or asteroid triggered the Younger Dryas period of rapid and sudden climate change and sea level variation.

It’s an interesting proposal and a surprising one. Usually when you watch a YouTube video on subjects like the lost city of Atlantis, you come out of it measurably dumber for having done so. It is hard to believe that if there’s an argument this convincing to be made (ignoring whether or not it’s true), I somehow haven’t heard of it before. That generally means something is either being deliberately suppressed, or is easily and thoroughly debunked. Unfortunately, it’s usually the latter. Without the credentials to make a real judgement, I’ll say this: I’m certainly more interested in the topic of Atlantis than I was before, and I’m really glad to know there are people on YouTube who appreciate production value.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Says He Was Pulled from a Flaming Car by a Paranormal Entity

For better or worse (you decide), celebrities have been coming out of the woodwork lately to share their own paranormal experiences. From Kurt Russell describing how he witnessed the Phoenix Lights firsthand ahead of his last space-themed movie release to Rob Lowe sharing his Bigfoot encounter conveniently just in time for his sons’ paranormal hunting reality TV show, the unexplained seems to be in vogue right now and celebrities are taking advantage of it.

"That Bigfoot, so hot right now!"

“That Bigfoot, so hot right now!”

The latest celebrity to seemingly jump on the paranormal bandwagon is Dale Earnhardt Jr., although his experience isn’t the typical alleged UFO or Bigfoot encounter and actually sounds a bit more intriguing. During a recent interview during the “Texas Terry” episode of his weekly Dale Jr. Download podcast released on August 14th, Earnhardt admitted that he believes there are perhaps hidden layers of existence beyond or separate from the physical realm:

I do believe in paranoia [sic] activity. … That’s so bad, oh my god. I do believe in that stuff. I think that our personalities and our souls have so much — we’re so much more than just blood vessels and bones and muscle, ya know? And I feel like that it’s quite possible that, in certain situations, when we die — our bodies die — that maybe there’s a spirit capable of continuing on. In certain situations, not all the time.

We’ll let “paranoia activity” slide this time, Dale. This time.

Earnhardt Jr.

The show’s host Mike Davis pressed Earnhardt Jr. for more details about his beliefs, prompting Dale Jr. to share a near-death experience which the two-time Daytona 500 winner believes was a brush with some sort of supernatural entity:

When I wrecked in the Corvette in 2004 at Sonoma — it caught fire — somebody pulled me out of that car. And I thought that it was a corner worker because I felt somebody put their hands under my armpits and pull me out of the car. I didn’t get out. I don’t have any memory of myself climbing out of the car. And I remember sort of moving like in motion going to lean forward and try to climb out of the car, and then something grabbed me under the armpits, pulled me up over the door bars and then let go of me. And I fell to the ground, and there’s pictures of me laying on the ground next to the car. I know that when I got to the hospital, I was like, ‘Who pulled me out of the car? I gotta say thanks to this person,’ because it was a hand! It was physical hands grabbing me! I felt it. And there was nobody there.

Earnhardt says he had a difficult time believing no one had pulled him from the car due to how viscerally he recalled the sensation of someone pulling him from the burning car. Dale Jr. didn’t elaborate on what – or who – might have pulled him from the car, but come on, everyone knows it was most likely the ghost of the Intimidator himself: North Carolina legend Dale Earnhardt.

Earnhardt Sr. died in 2001 during the final lap of the Daytona 500, prompting NASCAR to make a series of rule and equipment changes. Earnhardt Jr. even told 60 Minutes interviewer Mike Wallace in 2013 that he believed his father pulled him from the car. Could the ghost of the Intimidator have saved Dale Jr. from a fiery death?

Expert says Humans are not from Earth — we were brought on the planet by Aliens tens of thousands of years ago.

Do you believe that maybe we are the aliens we are looking for all this time? Some experts say that people were most likely crossbred with other species. Perhaps from the star system Alpha Centauri — which is one of the closest solar systems to Earth — in the distant past, giving birth to modern humans.

Tell Al-Uhaymirit was a modern day in Iraq, in the area of the ancient Sumerian city of Kish.

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NUFORC Director Says UFO Reports in Decline, May Be Being ‘Intercepted’

For whatever reason, UFO reports seem to be declining. That’s at least according to data released by the U.S.-based National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC). NUFORC recently published data showing that after steady increases in reported sightings for several decades, sightings began to sharply decline in 2014. That alone should raise some eyebrows, as the recent explosion of drone aircraft worldwide should have likely increased UFO sightings. What’s behind this sudden decline in UFO sightings? According to NUFORC founder and director Peter Davenport, reports of sightings are possibly being intercepted by government agencies or other shadowy groups which seek to conceal the truth. Is there a conspiracy afoot to suppress UFO reports, or has the public at large merely grown bored with UFOs?

Who knows the extent of what knowledge has been suppressed over the years?

As all things UFO-related, it’s difficult to say. A decline in reports doesn’t necessarily mean a decline in sightings or incidents, it just means that for whatever reason, the reports aren’t coming in to NUFORC like they used to. Speaking to Business Insider about the slump in reports, Davenport is careful to toe the line, stating that while there could be perfectly benign reasons for this decline, it may also be that something more nefarious is going on behind the scenes:

The significant decrease in the number of reports has baffled everyone investigating within the UFO field. They see the same trend and they’re all confused by it. It could just be that there are fewer and fewer incidents, but it’s also possible that reports to UFO organisations are being intercepted electronically. Who would do something like that is a mystery, but if it’s happening, my first suspicion would be government organisations. It’s quite risky for a government to do that, but you can’t rule it out, I think.

Might there be something sinister going on behind the scenes in order to squash UFO reports before they’re filed? There have been what seem like hints of official disclosure coming out of the Pentagon over the last few years – although many have their doubts about all of this allegedly “declassified” information. Are these so-called disclosures merely another smokescreen?

It’s difficult what to make of this decline in reports. Without much concrete evidence to go on (that we know of), it could be said on one hand that the UFO phenomenon is an entirely social construction, a narrative or myth which pervades our culture and reflects our attitudes and beliefs about our skies and what goes on in them, the universe, and the question of whether or not we’re alone in the black vacuum of space. Thus, a decline in UFO sightings could be said to merely reflect changing societal attitudes towards the UFO phenomenon; a decline in reports could signal a decline in belief of UFOs itself.

If UFO sightings aren’t a cultural phemomenon, why are they so frequently saucer-shaped or black triangles?

On the other hand, with countless sightings throughout history on nearly every corner of the globe, it’s hard to say that there’s not something going on over our heads we can’t explain. Are witnesses going straight to social media and bypassing NUFORC and other organizations, or might someone be actively attempting to suppress UFO reports?

Doctor Says We Now Share Our Planet With New Species Of Humans

Dr. Mary Rodwell, a hypnotherapist and ufo expert, says she has spent years studying ‘Star Children’ – a race of hybrid beings who allegedly descend from aliens. reports: According to her, there’s an increase in the number of young children who claim to be aliens, and this is independent of contact with the media. In fact, this new human race derives from abductions and alien experiments, something that Rodwell could indirectly witness through the regression therapy sessions she had held with many patients that had been abducted by aliens.

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Brian Cox says the Large Hadron Collider has proved ghosts don’t exist

40% of Americans believe in ghosts. For them, a remark by a famous leading scientist, regarding the large hadron collider (LHC), at CERN, may provide consternation. On the border of Switzerland and France, 300 ft. below the picturesque suburbs of Geneva, lies a vast, underground facility, five miles across and seventeen miles in circumference. This is one of science’s greatest achievements.

Using super-conducting magnets, scientists pit protons against one another in a subatomic game of chicken, smashing them together at nearly the speed of light, and thus creating tiny versions of the Big Bang. 

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Aliens Are Real, But Humans Will Probably Kill Them All, New Paper Says

If you’ve ever looked up into the unfathomable night sky and wondered, “Are we alone?” then you are not alone.

About 70 years ago, physicist Enrico Fermi looked up into the sky and asked a similar question: “Where is everybody?”

There are hundreds of billions of stars in the Milky Way galaxy alone, Fermi reckoned, and many of them are billions of years older than our sun. Even if a small fraction of these stars have planets around them that proved habitable for life (scientists now think as many as 60 billion exoplanets could fit the bill), that would leave billions of possible worlds where advanced civilizations could have already bloomed, grown and — eventually — begun exploring the stars.

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US to Launch Space Force Military Branch in 2020, VP Mike Pence Says

Today (Aug. 9), Vice President Mike Pence unveiled a detailed plan for the military Space Force proposed by President Donald Trump in a speech at the Pentagon. If Congress agrees to establish it, the Space Force will be the sixth branch of the U.S. military.

The Department of Defense is expected to release a report later today “outlining the first stages of our administration’s plan to implement the president’s guidance and turn his vision into a reality,” Pence said.

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Green Party Candidate in Ohio Election Says His Ancestors Came From the Pleiades

On Tuesday night, primaries and special elections were underway in five U.S. states– Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, and Washington–where the ongoing and contentious battle for the political future of America continues.

As the primaries were underway, all eyes were on Ohio, where as of Tuesday night things were still too close to call as far as candidates vying for a House seat which, for three decades, has been held by Republicans.

Don’t worry though… Mysterious Universe hasn’t begun covering U.S. elections. Our interest has to do with odd claims one of the candidates, who is associated with the Green Party, has made in recent weeks.

Joe Manchik isn’t exactly a paragon of eloquence, politically or otherwise. First among things any of the voters who are aware of him might recall would be an odd interview where a T-shirt-clad Manchik appeared on camera, seemingly unable to recall his own campaign website URL. In the video, he states his ambitions to run for the House seat in Ohio’s 12th district, and that this is his second time doing so.

Manchik’s appearance and slightly odd demeanor aren’t all that have people scratching their heads about him though. Apparently, Manchik has also espoused the belief that he is descended from aliens.

According to online profiles, Manchik has stated that “My distant relatives originally came to planet Earth from a planet orbiting a star in the Pleiades star cluster located in the constellation of Taurus.”

Fringe theories about aliens from the Pleiades have circulated for years, and largely involve supposed extraterrestrials that are human-like in appearance that have visited Earth for untold periods. Alleged UFO contactee Billy Meier’s photography has also been associated with claims of UFO visits from the Pleiades.

In addition to his extraterrestrial heritage, Manchik claims to be multilingual and lists Old English, “English Language in the United Kingdom,” “Spanglish,” Latin, Middle English, “Nicaraguan Sign Language,” “Oldspeak,” Polish Language, “Transliteration of Ancient Egyptian,” “Nissan,” and “Sheet Music” among the languages he speaks.

Green Party logo as viewed on Manchik’s website (

It is unclear whether or not Manchik intended these claims as humor.

Manchik also says his original (terrestrial) hometown had been one the most strangely-named locales in the country: the cozy-sounding Hell, Michigan, The Mirror reported.

Whatever the case, during Tuesday night’s primary Manchik surprised everyone by claiming more than just an extraterrestrial heritage: he also managed to draw the votes of no less than 1,127 Ohioans, who chose him over Republican Troy Balderson or Democrat Danny O’Connor. Analysts say that without the Green Party candidate taking votes from O’Connor (the presumed candidate most would have chosen in Manchik’s absence), the election would likely have required an automatic recount.

Interest in UFOs and extraterrestrials is nothing unusual in American politics, although Manchik’s claims are indeed on the “out-there” side of the spectrum. Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had publicly advocated greater transparency of the UFO subject, as had her campaign chairman John Podesta, who has been a longtime advocate of UFO disclosure.

Several past U.S. presidents have also expressed interest in the subject. Bill Clinton said that he asked associates of his (namely Webster Hubbell) to look into things like Area 51 and the Kennedy assassination, later stating on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that he had found no additional information on UFOs but would have reported such things to the American public if he had. Former presidents Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter both claimed they witnessed UFOs prior to their presidencies, as well.

Arguably, the strangest thing about Ohio’s Special Election is that an otherwise tight race might have been so obviously affected by a Green Party candidate claiming extraterrestrial heritage… maybe it’s just further proof of the “anything goes” atmosphere in American politics today.