Military Bases and Strange Encounters With Supernatural Entities

When it comes to the paranormal, there seem to be certain places that are well-suited to or seem to draw the most activity. Old abandoned places, ruins, graveyards, dilapidated houses, these are the usual suspects for haunted places, but there are always exceptions to this, and certainly one of these would be military bases, and these locations also have on occasion drawn to them strange stories of the unexplained. It seems that the men and women stationed here would already have enough to worry about besides ghosts and ghouls, but here we will look at some very curious accounts of encounters with strange entities from beyond our understanding at military installations.

One report comes from a witness called Sergeant M., who in 2015 was assigned to 24-hour-desk duty, which entails keeping a full 24-hour watch at a barracks. One of their duties was to keep an eye on soldiers who were demonstrating psychological issues or who had been confined to their barracks to protect those around them and were considered “high risk.” The witness relates a tale about one such individual, who had been kicked out for being a troublemaker and an “angry, hate filled individual that never progressed past Private Second Class in his 20 months in uniform.” The mysterious individual was also apparently rumored to be into black magic and Satanism, and most of the others had kept well away from him. According to the witness, this unruly individual left the barracks without making any effort at all to clean out his filthy room, which would be described thus:

When he was kicked out, he left his barracks room a complete mess. I’ve seen portable toilets cleaner than his room. The toilet had been broken and didn’t flush, but he had continued to use it. In the closet there were mountains of trash, and rotten food in the sink and refrigerator. The shower was also filled with garbage and water. Aside from the mess, there were strange things as well. When the commander, First Sergeant and myself, the Supply Sergeant, went into his room, we found chicken bones tied together, hanging from strings from the ceiling. They had been lashed together to make seemingly archaic symbols. We counted roughly two dozen before we quit counting. The floor was covered in grime and candles had been lit in a circle. All of the furniture had been stacked out of the way or shoved in the closet. I’ll spare you the description of the smell. But the whole room had an unsettling feeling to it. The air in the room felt wrong. I couldn’t tell at the time if it was the smell or the filth. Whatever the reason, I didn’t want to be in there. We called a special cleanup team and put in a work order to have the room stripped and cleaned by professionals. After they were finished, the room was spotless.

Not long after this, there allegedly began to trickle in reports of strange phenomena surrounding the room in question. Even though it was still unoccupied there were claims that things could be heard banging around within, and odd odors would also emanate from the room, such as a scent of burning plastic that could not be identified. The witness says that he ended up being assigned to the duty roster that put him into close proximity to the “haunted” room, and one evening he had a very terrifying experience as he was on duty with a private. It started when they suddenly heard a roar come from the room, which he describes as sounding “like metal tearing while someone played a recording of a scream, except distorted and in reverse.” The startled men then warily approached the room, and the witness would say of what happened next thus:

Being the senior ranking, I instructed the soldier to call the Barracks Representative (LNO) and have him get to the desk as soon as possible. Five minutes later, he and I are using his master key to gain access to the room while my Private covers the hallway from the desk, staying with the phone and also watching our backs. As soon as we enter the foyer, we’re hit with the smell of dog poo and burned plastic. Neither of us can identify the source, but the room is completely empty. We sweep and clear every nook and cranny, later agreeing that we felt like we were being watched the whole time. We found nothing but the smell remained.


We decided to re-secure the room and not log the incident, because I, for one, didn’t want to look like a crazy idiot when my boss’s boss read my report. We move for the door. We exit, turn and go to close the door behind us when a massive force hits the door from inside the room, shoving the Barracks Representative out of the doorway and slamming the door shut. None of the doors are allowed to slam, they all have hydraulic arms at the top to prevent that. They’re not even quick to close if a 200 lb male leans on them, so one slamming so hard it could move a grown man is impossible – especially considering it had worked moments prior when we entered the room.


We tried to open the lock again, but this time the keycard wouldn’t work. We agreed that neither of us wanted to go in again anyway, and we agreed not to report any of it, because we would be taken as seriously as anyone else. After that incident, I kept an ear out but didn’t hear anything nearly as dramatic again. On another occasion, it sounded like there was some kind of shuffling coming from the room, like someone moving around, but I kept a stalwart face about it and ordered my private to stay away from it as well. To this day, I cannot explain what happened in that room.

What was this? Was it some sort of demonic entity conjured up by the troubled soldier who had left? It is hard to say. In another case defying classification the tale is told by the nephew of the eyewitness, but it is no less spooky. The uncle, called Bob, was reportedly a new soldier in the Army in 1985, and at the time he was on fence patrol duty at a base in Arizona. As he and a partner made their way around the perimeter, he claimed that they had heard an anomalous noise from behind them, and turned to see a strange sight indeed. According to the one relaying the account:

When they turned around, they saw an old man dressed in buckskin with long hair in braids. Bob described it was being so grey that “it almost glowed”. The man was standing approximately thirty feet behind them. Both men drew their weapons, as the old man was in a “shoot to kill” area, with warning signs all over the place. Neither Bob or the other man wanted to shoot an old man. They figured that he must have Alzheimer’s, and had wandered into the base or something. After all, he was not being threatening, and appeared harmless.


The men shouted to the old man, telling him he was in a restricted area and that he needed to put his hands in the air. Bob thought they’d walk him to post call and call the local police department who would be able to get him back home. Bob tried the radio, but it was just static. Calling his friend to help, both he and Bob turned to tinker with the walkie. Although they only looked away for “half a second”, to quote my uncle, when they turned back the old man was gone. In his place was a massive cottontail (rabbit), just sitting there, watching them.

The two startled men looked around to see if the old man was still around, but the mysterious stranger was gone, nowhere to be seen. All that was there was this rabbit sitting there staring at them in the desert night. They warily continued on with their duty, and shortly after heard the noise again, this time from the opposite side of the perimeter fence. When they looked, they were shocked to see the same old man standing there on the other side, staring in at them. Since this was a military base, the fence was very high, around 10 feet, and decked out with razor wire, very secure, so it seemed impossible that the old man could have gotten over the fence so quickly without being detected. This was frightening enough that the two men quickly got out of there and never spoke of it with their commanding officer.

This case is particularly interesting due to the location, Arizona, and the apparent shapeshifting quality of the strange intruder. One phenomena often reported from the southwest United States is that of what are called Skinwalkers, basically shape changing entities from Native lore that have been sighted all over the region by often very reliable witnesses. Is that what these two men saw? Unfortunately, this is a second hand account that is impossible to verify, so it is all left to imagination and speculation.

If it was a Skinwalker it certainly wouldn’t be the only one reported by military personnel. In the wake of my own article outlining my personal experiences with a group of what could have very well been these creatures, I was given a curious account by a reader who says he encountered one in New Mexico, where he had been stationed at the White Sands Missile Range. According to the witness, he had been on guard duty one evening along with a partner and it was typically a rather uneventful, even boring duty, yet on this night they would have a frightening  encounter that has stayed with them ever since.

White Sands Missile Range

The witness says that as they conducted their patrol his partner stopped him and pointed off into the barren surrounding desert wilderness, where there appeared to be two pinpoints of light hovering over the scrub, around 6 feet in the air. Thinking it was perhaps just a wild animal, they crept closer to its position to find that it seemed to be a tall, dark figure just standing out there in the middle of nowhere in the dark. It then became apparent that this cloaked individual was a man, although with a deeply wrinkled face that looked “ancient.” The witness would describe what happened next:

We were a little spooked because there should have been no one out there at this time, especially that close to the base. And this guy, he gave off a weird vibe, just standing there staring at us even as we approached. His face, he looked like he was maybe Native American, and I couldn’t tell so well but his skin looked creased, craggy and pockmarked, somehow ancient. He was wrapped up in some kind of cape or cloak and we couldn’t see his hands or feet. We called out to him to identify himself but this guy, he didn’t flinch. I don’t even know if he heard us or not.


Well, now we are a bit unsettled, and think we are dealing with a seriously disturbed individual or some senile old fart from a reservation, so we know we have to apprehend him or at least get him out of there. We start getting closer to this guy, who is still standing stock still like a statue and that is when it happens BOOM, he just sort of drops, there is a flutter of the cape, and he is gone. Just gone. My partner calls out in surprise and right then a coyote runs right past us, practically close enough to touch, before dashing off into the night. That old guy, there is no sign of him. It freaked us out for sure.

It seems like a classic Skinwalker encounter. What did those guys see out there? There have been strange paranormal encounters reported from bases in other areas of the world as well. One account was given by a witness named Adolph Schäfer, who claims to be the equivalent of a sergeant in the unified armed forces of Germany, called the Bundeswehr. He claims to have had a very anomalous experience when he was just a cadet at boot camp in East Germany. One evening at around 5 PM they were apparently out doing drills when they heard some sort of “eerie, unexplainable noises” coming from one of the nearby buildings. They did not think much of it at the time, but then at 8PM the power grid began to go on the fritz, with lights flickering everywhere, which was odd as it had been inspected just a few days before.

The base drill sergeant was convinced that it was just a faulty generator, and had the witness go out with three others to fix it. The men then made their way to the basement where the generators were kept, and there they found that two of the generators worked fine, although one had inexplicably been turned off. It was when they got to the larger third generator when things would get ominous down there in the dank basement, and the witness says of what happened thus:

The third generator was the largest main source of power in the base. The first thing I noticed were the scratches: this seemingly super-hard-to-break hunk of metal had what I think were scratches and cuts – claw marks – piercing its outer metal shell like a buzzsaw. So deep, the scratches had cut the cords inside and had damaged the batteries as though they were paper. After a moment of thinking I knew this couldn’t have been a person doing this, seeing as nothing any cadet had could cut through that tough metal so easily, I immediately rushed up the stairs to tell my drill sergeant, hoping he would know what to do. He told me, “The most we can do is tell base command and put someone guard the door, and have the generator replaced. Good thing reporting this, cadet Schäfer.


After getting a pat on the back, I resumed my daily training routines without anything too odd happening. But some hours later, sometime in the night (I can’t be exactly sure when), I heard scratching noises, but not from the basement, they were too close and too loud… as if they were in the sleeping quarters. After that moment of realization, I opened my eyes and looked around. I saw what I thought was someone in the corner, going through a bag… But, when I looked around the room, sheer terror came into me: all the bunks were full, every one.


“Wait….the hell?”, I thought to myself. But, then, as if it had heard what I was thinking, the “thing” in the corner turned to face me. It was a pale grey, with no nose, and claws like razors. This thing was skinny and two feet taller than my six-foot self. After that I just froze in a blank stare of horror. In my mind seconds turned to minutes, minutes turned to hours and hours turned to days….I think I passed out of terror, because all I remember after that is waking up to my buddies and sergeant looking at me, while talking to me, telling me I looked sick. And I felt sick too, like all energy from me was drained for days on end.

Also strange is another case from way over in Afghanistan, where a witness named Jerry Aberdeen saw something very unusual during his tour of duty out in that forsaken wasteland. It is an account that seems hard to really categorize, but seeming to deal with ghosts, demons, or some other supernatural being. The incident happened to him while he was stationed at an air base in in Mosul, Ninewah Province in 2004, and the witness would say:

I was attached to 2/3 INF 3 SBCT at FOB Patriot. A call went out on the radio that FOB Diamondback (the airfield) was under attack. Everyone on every FOB from, Courage, Blickenstaff, Patriot and Marez jumped into the closest vehicle and headed to the airfield to counter the attack. I was in a vehicle with some other infantry guys, an engineer and a PsyOps guy. When we got to the airfield we saw some dudes trying to climb over the wall. The gunner opened up on them and the rest of us took up a position in a ditch on the other side of the road and opened fire. There were three of us side by side, the engineer, the PsyOps guys and myself. We fired and one guy and he dropped from the top of the wall (hard to tell who actually shot him). Right after he fell there was stream of black smoke coming out of him. The engineer made that comment that he must have been wearing a suicide vest and it malfunctioned. A few seconds later the black smoke grew larger and started to take a human looking form. What happened next all three of us saw and there was no doubt. The now fully materialized black smoke was standing upright and now had red smoky glowing eyes and a weird looking mouth. The damn thing actually smiled at us and turned to, sort of run but it just dissipated after it took a few steps. Very hard to describe how it all happened. All three of us just looked at each other wide eyed for a second or two. After it was all over we only spoke about once then never again.

What sort of entity was this, if it ever really existed at all? There is no way to know. And that seems to be a recurring theme with all of these reports. Here we have looked at an assortment of cases of what seem to be very odd paranormal entities of some sort, but which seem to elude easy categorization. What are these things and what do they want? Are we looking at ghosts, Skinwalkers, demons, or all of the above? Considering the range of differences between these cases there is probably no clear answer that can explain all of them, and they probably represent very different disparate phenomena, but one common question we can ask why have they been drawn to these military installations? Or are these merely creepy campfire stories being told by some soldiers for a good laugh? As usual we are left with some very jolting accounts and hints, but no clear answers to any of these, and once again we have more to pile onto the great big pile of weird things we may never understand.

Close encounters of the furred kind! One camper’s incredible encounter with an Alaskan brown bear

  • Video shot at the McNeil River State Game Sanctuary, known for its large bear population
  • Posted to Facebook by Drew Hamilton, a tech worker at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game

A stunning video filmed by an Alaskan wildlife enthusiast has captured an incredible close encounter with a brown bear.

The bear lumbers over the the brave camper’s site, having a brief sit to survey the riverbed before turning back the way it came.

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Orbitz Promotes Travel to Places with Extraterrestrial Encounters

Summer may be over but the travel services site Orbitz thinks anytime is a good time to visit places where extraterrestrials have dropped at some time in history. To promote travel to these locations, Orbitz has issued classic alien and UFO movie-style posters describing the ET or UFO connection to each one. Ten in all, they range from the ancient to the current and include many forms of flying objects and alien beings. Best of all, Orbitz gives the encounter at each location a cool movie title name.

Before checking Orbitz’s selections, what famous, infamous or little-known-but-still-interesting UFO or alien sites would be on YOUR list?

Finished? Let’s see how your selections compare with the experts in all forms of travel, not just paranormal. Orbitz’s selections are in chronological order, so you’re free to rank them, as well as your own picks, in order of preference. To make it fun, let’s assume money is no object.

Disks of Fire
This is probably a trip to Egypt and the Valley of Kings to visit the tomb of Thutmose III. According to one translation of the Tulli Papyrus written by his scribes around 1480 BCE, unknown “fiery disks” appeared in the sky and “fish and other volatiles rained down from the sky,” making this one of if not the first known references to UFOs.

Galactic Globe Falls to Earth
This is a trip to Rome where first century BCE writer Julius Obsequens reported seeing “a round object, like a globe, a round or circular shield, took its path in the sky from west to east” and “a globe of fire, of golden color, fell to the earth gyrating. It then seemed to increase in size, rose from the earth and ascended into the sky, where it obscured the sun with its brilliance.”

Judgement Day: The Night The World Nearly Ended
Travel to the River Lenne in the beautiful Sauerland hills of western Germany where a Saxon attack on the Sigiburg Castle in 776 was said to be thwarted when UFOs said to resemble two large flaming shields appeared in the sky.

They Came From The Stars… To Fight For Planet Earth
Combine a trip to the River Lenne with a stop in Nuremburg to celebrate the alleged 1561 celestial phenomenon over Nuremberg when many witnesses reported seeing flying globes, flying blood-red crosses and a flying spear before the flying globes took sides and seemed to attack each other for over an hour until a mutual destruction ended with them falling to Earth.

That’s No Moon: A Visit from an Unearthly Enemy
The historic English port of Hull is where, in June 1801, many newspapers reported a UFO resembling a giant moon with a black bar across the middle flying overhead, then splitting into seven smaller globes of fire which disappeared, reappeared as a whole, split into five balls, then disappeared again, leaving Hull bathed in a mysterious blue light.

She Came From Outer Space: Beware Her Cosmic Beauty
No trip to Japan would be complete without stopping in Hitachi province on the eastern coast of Japan where in 1803 a strange ship allegedly washed ashore and a young, attractive woman with red and white hair emerged, speaking a strange language. Fishermen put her back in the boat and she disappeared. The first Unidentified Floating Object?

They’re Here …
Roswell, New Mexico. 1947. Crashed flying saucer. Need we say more? If you haven’t been there yet, Orbitz will help you check it off your bucket list.

You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide
Check off a UFO and a cryptid sighting with a visit to Flatwoods, West Virginia, where in 1952 eyewitnesses claimed to see a bright object cross the sky and land and possibly release a 10-foot-tall monster or alien hissing mutant with a round red face and a pointed head.

Attack of The Tentacled Tormentor
It’s on to Erasmuskloof, a suburb of Pretoria in South Africa, where in 1996 multiple witnesses saw a pulsating light contained a red triangle and emitting bright green tentacles. Over 200 police officers and a helicopter allegedly chased it until it disappeared into the sky.

Spiralling Lights Haunt Scandinavian Skies
Any trip to Norway should include a visit to Trøndelag where in 2009 a huge lighted spiral appeared in the sky of this and neighboring counties. Was it a failed Russian rocket, a wormhole opening, a test gone wrong at the Large Hadron Collider or an alien spacecraft?

They all sound like great excursions … and good movies too. Were any of these sites on your list? What would you add? Check out the posters at Orbitz and start saving your bitcoins.

Strange Encounters With Little Blue Men

There are plenty of weird reports to be found when looking amongst the many accounts of encounters with strange, unidentifiable beings. I have often covered such anomalous sightings and incidents here, and there are always those that seem to go beyond even the bizarre, to stick firmly in the domain of the unclassifiable and downright odd. Certainly amongst these are the occasional reports of what can only be described as little blue people, that crawl out from some fringe realm of the truly, fantastically strange.

One of the more bizarre stories of some sort of little blue imp comes to us from the area of Studham Common, in Bedfordshire, England, and was first reported in the March 3rd, 1967 edition of the Dunstable Gazette, as well as the Borough Gazette and with a follow-up containing witness interviews following in The Flying Saucer Review in July of 1967. According to the account, on January 28, 1967 a group of six young boys was out playing on the common on their way to the nearby school. The day was overcast and slightly rainy, yet the boys were still having a blast out there when out of the blue a bolt of lightning came crashing down not far from the startled kids, and while whether it had anything to do with what happened next is not clear, they would have a very surreal encounter with something beyond understanding not long after.

An area of Bedfordshire

Just after the lightning strike, one of the witnesses, 10-year-old Alex Butler, looked over the common to see standing about 20 yards away in front of some bushes a tiny little blue man around 3 feet tall, with a blue beard and wearing an odd one-piece suit, a tall brimmed bowler-type hat, and a black belt carrying a black box on the front. Additionally, the little man was also described as having been bathed in a faint glow that seemed to emanate from him. Alex called out to his friends, and they ran over to see the strange entity for themselves. They all then ran towards this odd little stranger, perhaps to chase it away or perhaps to try and catch it, after which the little man vanished right before their eyes in “a puff of smoke.”

When the group of boys reached the spot where the man had been standing a moment before, they could find no sign of him, so they decided to look for him. They soon found the little blue man, again standing around 20 yards away, and once again he vanished into thin air when they approached. He did this yet again right after this, always appearing 20 yards away. Yet they continued on, hoping to find this enigmatic little man again, and they did, this time choosing to peer out at him from behind some bushes, but this time around things would get a little more bizarre, and the Flying Saucer Review article would say of what happened next thus:

Looking at him through the little bushes, they became aware of “voices” which they describe in a manner suggesting a continuous incomprehensible, and “foreign-sounding” babble, coming from a point in the bushes closer to them and down the slope to the right of their line of sight. A feeling that the little fellow had associates who were communicating with him and to whom he was replying, although they could detect no movement on his part. It induced a sense of caution which deterred them from rushing towards him as before. Instead, the boys continued to circle the Dell until they could look down it, whereupon they saw him for the fourth and last time still standing as motionless as ever in the same place.

The students would go on to tell their teacher, Ms. Newcomb, about their strange experience, and although she didn’t believe a word of it she had them separately write down their own versions of what had transpired. These accounts were then collected and pasted into a book called “The Little Blue Man On Studham Common.” R.H.B. Winder, the writer of the article in the Flying Saucer Review article, met with some of the witnesses, who showed him where their encounter had taken place and further elaborated on the story with some intriguing details. He would write:

The blue color turned out to be a dim grayish-blue glow lending to obscure outline and detail. They could, however, discern a line which was either a fringe of hair or the lower edge of the hat. Two round eyes, a small seemingly triangle in place of a nose, and a one-piece vestment extending down to a broad black belt carrying a black box at the front about six inches square. The arms appeared short and were held straight down close to the sides at all times. The legs and feet were indistinct. The “beard” is interesting: apparently it extended from the vicinity of the mouth downwards to divide and ran to both sides of the chest. Although agreeing that it could have been breathing apparatus. the boys could not see clearly enough to be certain and this thought had not occurred to them.


The disappearances caused me some difficulty at first, but became more understandable after further explanation of the “smoke” was apparently a whirling cloud of yellowish-blue mist shot towards the pursuers, possibly from the box on the belt. They agreed that he could have stepped into the bushes before this camouflage cleared, although it dissipated quite quickly. They heard no sound other than the voices and saw no movement at any time. Nor did they smell any smells or see anything strange in the vicinity, either on the ground or in the air.

Another good article on the case was written by Dutch researcher Theo Paijmans, who has spent a lot of time and effort trying to track down additional information on the very bizarre account. Paijmans has also tried to locate the book containing the children’s accounts, which seems to have disappeared, as well as track down the original witnesses. Despite these articles and efforts to glean more information about the case of “The Little Blue man,” we are ultimately left with only a few articles on the incident and the original testimony, and it is difficult to find out more about it, leaving much to speculation.

One very interesting detail concerning the case is the mention of the lightning strike. Although there is no concrete connection between the lightning and the report given by the boys, it does give cause for speculation. There has been the idea in recent years that lightning could sometimes herald a sort of rift between dimensions, allowing us to peer through into another reality, or for beings from that parallel world to come into ours. Could it be that the Little Blue Man was just such a denizen from another universe lying up against ours, an interdimensional traveler of sorts? Did he pass through that tear in the veil between dimensions, either intentionally or by accident? Or was the lightning perhaps an effect from some sort of ionization caused by a powerful device, perhaps from the box that the man wore on his belt or even from a UFO? There is no way to know, but it is hard not to think that the lightning strike had some relationship with what transpired.

In the end we are left with more questions than answers. Who or what was the Little Blue Man of Studham Common? Was this an alien, an inter-dimensional interloper, a hoax, or purely the delusions of some children’s overactive imaginations? No one really knows. What is strange, though, is that while this may seem at first to be merely an anomalous one-off encounter with something totally fringe, I have actually been able to locate some other cases that bear a striking similarity to this one in one way or annother, whether they are related or not. For instance there is the account of a woman known only as “Emily,” who came forward with her own story of a mysterious blue man she encountered in the U.S. state of Minnesota in 2007. She wrote of her experience thus:

When me and my family moved into a brand new house about 10 years ago, my mother would hear me talking to someone in my room. Supposedly I was talking to a man in a blue shirt. I was three and I couldn’t make out anything else out. A few years later my mother was mowing the lawn and briefly looked into my window and saw a man in a blue shirt standing in my window.


Then my step dad moved in and claimed that he woke up in his room with a blue man at the end of the bed. A few nights later my mom was sleeping in her room and woke up to loud noises. When she opened her eyes she saw blue man in the corner of the room by the door way. On another occasion I woke up to a face right in front of mine and then just disappear while turning away. Now my sister was in her bedroom in the basement and she was on the computer and in the reflection of the other side of the room she saw a figure a man. The next week I was in her bathroom cleaning and I saw this bright blue light and then a face appeared in the light.

Another account comes from a poster on Your Ghost Stories, who says that he had a similar encounter in the state of Wisconsin when he was 22 years old. He claims that the home he lived in had been haunted for some time, demonstrating various paranormal phenomena such as anomalous footsteps and doors opening or closing on their own, but by far the weirdest experience was a little blue man who would make appearances now and again. He would say of this:

I had just fallen asleep in my basement room and awoke to the blankets being pushed around my legs. I thought it was weird but then they felt like they were being “molded” around my back area. I sat up in my bed and saw nothing. I laid back down and closed my eyes and within about 10 minutes the blankets again were being pushed around my legs and suddenly I had a hard time breathing.


I opened my eyes and saw a small blue man sitting on my chest smiling at me. I could not get my breath. I clenched my fist and threw a punch at “him”. As I punched him, he disappeared, my door to my room opened up quickly, and so did this larger heavy door in the basement. At that point I could breathe much better but I was totally freaked out. I jumped out of bed, hit the light switch, hit the other lights in the basement, and no one was there. I ended up sleeping upstairs and never said anything to anyone since I thought they would think I was crazy. My brother who has played video games in the basement, has since mentioned the “noise” and asked me if I thought the house was haunted.

Still another witness on a Reddit forum gave a remarkably similar report, concerning his young son and a strange blue man who was colorfully described as “bald and very muscular, like a Bruce Lee type with red eyes.” He would say of his terrifying experience:

I had dreamed about a blue man being in the house, like a vampire – who was threatening us. I sat up – I was drenched with sweat. I went to get up, to go to my bathroom, when I heard my son scream. I went running to his room – he was maybe 4-5 – and he was terrified – he said there ‘was a blue man under the bed trying to get me.’


I grabbed him up and walked with him on my hip and checked the house, then took him back to bed with me, but neither of us slept that well the rest of the night. We didn’t really talk of it after that night. Well, about 2 years ago, we were all sitting around drawing, and I did a picture of the blue man. DS saw it and Said – That’s the blue man! You remember that night he tried to get us? He remembered him very clearly too.

There was interestingly a hoax carried out in 1958 in the U.S. state of Michigan. At the time there were numerous reports from motorists saying that they had seen an entity described as a “little blue man,” wearing a “spacesuit” and emitting an ethereal glow. The witnesses said that this thing would appear out of the wilderness on isolated roads and then vanish into thin air to leave no trace behind. Most of the reports said the strange blue man was only 2 feet high, while others said he was much taller, and most agreed that it ran faster than a human being. It seems very intriguing, but after a police investigation there were three men by the names of Jerry Sprague, Don Weiss, and LeRoy Schultz, who claimed that they had perpetrated the whole thing, making a costume to which they had attached blinking lights. They also said they had spray-painted the whole thing with blue, glow-in-the-dark paint.

The costume of the hoaxers

The mischievous trio claimed that they would hide along roadsides, jump out in front of cars, and then withdraw to a getaway car and speed off. The whole prank was carried out over several weeks, and sure enough stopped when the young men came forward. Was this really a hoax, or a coincidence? Was there ever really some anomalous blue man here or not? In the end it is far from clear if any of this is linked at all, but it is interesting to note all of the cases of diminutive blue men running around. What significance does this all have, if any? Is this all just hoaxes and tall tales or is there something more to it? If so, then what could these beings be and are they related in any way? Whether they be ghosts, aliens, interdimensional travelers, or simply tall tales, the cases of the little blue men remains intriguing all the same.

UFOs, Russian Meddling, Alien Encounters: A Strange Saga

Russia’s undeniable and outrageous meddling in things that are none of their business has a significant bearing on the UFO issue of yesteryear. With that in mind, I thought it would be timely to bring to your attention a few intriguing and eye-opening issues. Firstly, the pro-Russia stance of a certain famous UFO Contactee. That man was George Adamski. He was arguably the most famous and controversial of all the Contactees: he claimed multiple encounters with human-like aliens from other worlds, including Venus, no less (yeah, right…). The facts concerning the Russian issue are contained in Adamski’s FBI file, which is in the public domain, thanks to the terms of the U.S. Freedom of Information Act. An FBI document of May 28, 1952 reveals that the FBI had a credible source who, back in 1950, had shared with them certain data on Adamski. The file states:

“On September 5, 1950, [source] advised the San Diego Office that he first met Adamski about three months ago at the café which is named the Palomar Gardens Café, owned and operated by Adamski, at the road junction, five miles East of Rincon, California, at a point where the highway branches off leading to Mount Palomar Observatory. [Source] advised that Adamski has four or five women working in the café  and according to [source] business does not warrant the employment of four or five persons. [Source] stated that on August 20, 1950, the occasion of his last visit to Adamski’s café, he [source] and a [deleted] of San Diego, became involved in a lengthy conversation with Adamski during which Adamski told them at great length of his findings of flying saucers and so forth. He told them of a space ship which he said he saw between the earth and the moon, which he estimated to be approximately three miles in length, which was flying so fast that he had to take about eighty photographs before he could get three of them to turn out.”

The story continues: “At this time, Adamski showed [source] and [deleted] a number of photographs which he has taken of what he purports to be flying saucers. [Source] commented that one of these photographs was published in the ‘San Diego Union’ under the caption of ‘What is it?’ Adamski stated he had first submitted this particular photograph to the Navy but when it appeared they were not interested, he, Adamski, released it for publication in the ‘San Diego Union.’

“According to [source] Adamski stated that the Federal Communications Commission, under the direction of the ‘Military Government’ of the United States, has established communication with the people from other worlds, and has learned that they are so much more advanced than the inhabitants of this earth that they have deciphered the languages used here. Adamski stated that in this interplanetary communication, the Federal Communications Commission asked the inhabitants of the other planet concerning the type of government they had there and the reply indicated that it was very different from the democracy of the United States. Adamski stated that his answer was kept secret by the United States Government, but he added, ‘If you ask me they probably have a Communist form of government and our American government wouldn’t release that kind of thing, naturally. That is a thing of the future – more advanced.’”

This is, of course, all highly controversial. And, it’s very easy to understand why the FBI should have taken such a deep interest in Adamski’s opinions on extraterrestrials and communism. Let’s not forget that at the time – the very early 1950s – Joseph Stalin still ruled ruthlessly over the Soviet Union. I suspect that if Adamski had actually visited Russia in that period, he would have headed back to the United States in rapid-time. And without a look back. The FBI file continues: “Adamski, during this conversation, made the prediction that Russia will dominate the world and we will then have an era of peace for 1,000 years. He stated that Russia already has the atom bomb and the hydrogen bomb and that the great earthquake, which was reported behind the Iron Curtain recently, was actually a hydrogen bomb explosion being tried out by the Russians. Adamski states this ‘earthquake’ broke seismograph machines and he added that no normal earthquake can do that.”

There was even more, too: “Adamski stated that within the next twelve months, San Diego will be bombed. Adamski stated that it does not make any difference if the United States has more atom bombs than Russia inasmuch as Russia needs only ten atom bombs to cripple the United States by placing these simultaneously on such spots as Chicago and other vital centers of this country. Adamski further stated the United States today is in the same state of deterioration as was the Roman Empire prior to its collapse and it will fall just as the Roman Empire did. He stated the Government in this country is a corrupt form of government and capitalists are enslaving the labor.”

The FBI also recorded the following: “[Source] advised that when Adamski left the group for a brief period, one of the women working in the café came over and entered into the conversation. She stated that some of our servicemen who stopped there to have drinks during World War II and subsequent thereto, told ‘Professor’ Adamski of the atrocities which they were forced to commit, murdering women and children on orders of their superior officers. [Deleted] exhibited a great deal of animosity against the United States, stating the United States committed more atrocities during World War II than did the Japanese but since the Japanese were the ones who lost the war, they were the ones who were tried as war criminals.”

The source had more to say, as the FBI papers demonstrate: “This woman added that a friend of hers who recently returned from Russia stated he was very pleased with everything he found there. He stated to her that the people in Russia received seven tickets per month for the opera and cinema. These tickets are free, being issued by the government. The woman added ‘The people there (in Russia) don’t have to be worrying about where their next meal is coming from. Everything is fine in Russia and in the United States we have to fight for everything we get.’”

There was this, too, from the FBI: “[Source] advised that Adamski returned to continue his conversation stating that the United States will soon be in the same condition that Europe was in during the last war. He added that ‘It is a good idea to be quiet now. Right now if you talk in favor of Communism you will be spotted as a Communist and if you talk against Communism you will be spotted by the Communist, so it’s best to just shut up.’ Adamski stated to [source] that ‘The United States hasn’t a chance to win the war. Russia will take over the United States.’” This was all deeply inflammatory. It’s no surprise, at all, that the FBI made Adamski a person of interest.

Now, let’s focus on the matter of potential Russian meddling and the UFO Contactee movement – way back in the 1950s, no less. Truman Bethurum was someone who, in the early-to-mid 1950s, claimed flirty, close encounters with a beautiful alien space-babe named Aura Rhanes. Most people, very understandably, dismissed Bethurum’s tales as fantasies run wild. After all, at the time, his second marriage was on the rocks. It’s intriguing, however, to note the following words from Bethurum:

“Two or three fellows who had sons in Korea and who read a lot in the newspapers about the Communist underground in this country, were convinced in their own minds that I was, if making contact with anyone at all, making it with enemy agents [italics mine]. They even went so far as to tell me belligerently that they intended to get guns and follow me nights, and if they caught up me having intercourse with any people from planes, airships of any kind, they’d blast me and those people too.” Was Aura Rhanes a figment of Bethurum’s imagination? Could she have been an alien? Or, might she have been one of those “enemy agents” to which Bethurum referred? Just maybe, a Russian enemy agent seeking to manipulate the UFO scene?

Now, let’s take a look at the words of the late Jim Moseley, who, for years, ran the Saucer Smear newsletter. Moseley said of his time spent in 1950s-era Ufology: “…I had fallen under the influence of Charles Samwick, a retired army intelligence officer. Both a saucer fiend and very concerned about Communist subversion. Samwick was active in New York City-area saucering circles. Quite sincere and most convincing, he told me…‘the Communist Party has planted an agent in every civilian saucer club in the United States [italics mine].’”

Interestingly, in the June-July, 1955 issue of his other newsletter, Saucer News, Moseley stated: “…Let us give some very serious consideration to the many alleged space men being called to the public’s attention – all of whom invariably tell us of the dangers of war and the exploitation of atomic energy. No one desires peace any more sincerely than we do, but let us remember too that it is part of the Communist ‘peace line’ to frighten the American people into ceasing our atomic experiments. It is quite possible that some of these ‘space men’ are unwittingly playing into the hands of the Communists.” Or, maybe, the “space men” were communists: Russian communists. Moseley also offered this: “Could it be that Orthon [one of George Adamski’s alleged, extremely-human-looking alien visitors] was a Communist agent [italics mine], maybe from the Red Planet – or at least the Kremlin – rather than Venus?”

Orfeo Angelucci was another of the early UFO Contactees. Although he never gained the level of popularity that George Adamski achieved, he certainly left his mark on Ufology. His books included The Secret of the Saucers and Son of the Sun. Angelucci made an intriguing statement in the early years of his time as a Contactee. He revealed that on one occasion, and while on a “tour of the East,” he met with what he described as a “subversive element.” That same subversive element attempted to “convert me to Communism” and – more significantly – to “slant my talks along the Party Line [italics mine].”

Whoever these meddling communists were, Angelucci made his position very clear: “Communism is the negation of all that is honest and good in the world and in humanity. They would enslave the human mind. Their obstructiveness is willful and planned. We must eventually meet this murderous element at Armageddon; when it will be victory for one side or the other. Good will triumph, or evil! Every entity in the world and the adjoining planes is now aligned definitely upon one side or the other. No matter what the outcome of the conflict, the positive element of good will ultimately attain a greater life and progression; whereas the negative will meet death, destruction and a new beginning in a more hostile environment. As you have made your choice, so be it!’”

Was there a concerted, meddling effort on the part of the Soviets, back in the early 1950s, to use the UFO Contactee issue as a means to promote communism and the Russian way of life? Was George Adamski’s clear admiration for communism provoked by him having been influenced by the very same people that approached Orfeo Angelucci? Maybe Truman Bethurum too? And, maybe even to create hysteria and fear in the United States? Don’t bet against it. Take, for example, the matter of the CIA’s Robertson Panel, which, in part, addressed the matter of UFOs and how the phenomenon could potentially be manipulated for sinister purposes. In the very same time-frame that the Contactee movement was at its height, the panel’s members feared that Russian interference might have an adverse effect on U.S. national security. On this matter, I will leave you with the words of the Robertson Panel and their thoughts on the matter of UFOs, the then-Soviet threat, and possible Russian manipulation:

“…although evidence of any direct threat from these [UFO] sightings was wholly lacking, related dangers might well exist resulting from: A. Misidentification of actual enemy artifacts by defense personnel. B. Overloading of emergency reporting channels with ‘false’ information [italics mine]. C. Subjectivity of public to mass hysteria and greater vulnerability to possible enemy psychological warfare [italics mine].”

Bizarre Hellhound Encounters in the USA

Even within the realm of cryptozoology and Forteana, there are creatures that seem to defy easy classification. To me there is absolutely a distinct line between the field of cryptozoology, which by definition deals with undiscovered organisms which are real, flesh and blood animals, that of paranormal phenomena, and that of folklore. While they may at times cross paths or briefly converge, typically these fields are as different as night and day, and deal with entirely different sets of phenomena with different areas of study, classifications, methods, aims and goals. Yet there are times when the gulf between them is not clear cut, when something that on the surface appears to be an uncategorized animal evades such a simple identification. One such enigmatic beast has surely got to be the infamous black Hellhounds, a unique category of creature so bizarre that it transcends any attempts to safely label it.

Hellhounds in one form or another have been recorded throughout human history, from a variety of far flung cultures, and although their appearance varies depending on the area and the local traditions, they are typically described as a very large black hound which can range anywhere in size from that of a large Great Dane, all the way up to the size of a cow or horse. They are usually described as truly frightening beasts, being totally black, with shaggy or matted fur and large, saucer sized eyes that are typically described as burning with a malevolent red, yellow, or green glow, although some accounts say they have only a single luminous eye. Usually they are described as having formidable claws, vicious looking fangs, and as being supernaturally agile, fast, and strong. The hounds can be reported as either tangible and real, or conversely purely spectral creatures, with any attempt to touch them proving to pass through them as if they aren’t there. Folklore usually suggests that they have a horrific wail or howl which can invoke sheer terror in those who hear it, and they are known to even have a sinister, human sounding laugh, but that their foot falls are typically completely silent.

The British Isles in particular have long had tales of such entities, with countless tales of phantom hounds which prowl the lonely roads, crypts, cemeteries, and wilds here, and stories of these hellhounds go back centuries. The hounds have been known as the Gurt Dog, Padfoot, Barguest, the Hairy Hound, the Yeth, and Old Shock, Old Snarleyow, and Old Scarfe, among many others. In Ireland they are known as Pooka, on the Isla of Man they are Moddey Dhoo, in Wales the Gwyligi, and in Scotland the beastly hounds are called Cù Sìth. The most popular and widely used term for these bizarre entities in the United Kingdom is the Black Shuck, a term which originated with the name the hounds were given in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire, with the name deriving from the Old English word scucca meaning “demon,” or possibly the word “shucky” meaning “shaggy” or “hairy.”

These frightening creatures were said to be anything from the ghosts of dead travelers, to the spirits of dead hounds awaiting the return of their masters, to inscrutable guardians of forbidden knowledge, to being the Devil himself. The folklore and sightings of these huge, mysterious hounds go back centuries, inspiring a great amount of literature and spooky history in their path. Yet, these creatures are certainly not confined to the old folklore of Britain, and there are many real modern sightings and encounters with apparent Hellhounds across the pond in the United States, and these have come up right into the present.

We start at the Appalachian Mountains of the Eastern United States, which have seen quite a few reports of what seem to be Hellhounds, especially in the states of Kentucky and West Virginia. Reports go back quite some time, with some accounts coming from as early as the late 17th century of great black dogs with glowing eyes terrorizing the region, and such accounts have continued on into more recent times. In Kentucky there have long been reports of massive black dogs measuring about 4 feet high at the shoulder and 7 feet long, and one of these beasts allegedly prowled the area of Pike County throughout the 1930s and 40s, purportedly massacring cattle and sometimes even humans, as well as frightening locals.

In modern times such reports drew the interest of paranormal and cryptid investigators for the TV show Mountain Monsters, who went to the area for an investigation. The excursion would turn out to be pretty bizarre, if inconclusive. The investigators spoke with farmers in the area who showed them torn apart carcasses of livestock and gave spooky accounts of something large and dark prowling through the wilderness. They were also shown an alleged video of the beast, as well as paw prints measuring 7-1/2 – 8 inches long, very big for a dog. During the investigation, the team built a bamboo drop cage and baited it with hog shoulders in an effort to lure it out, and although they don’t catch it they can hear something crashing around in the brush growling, and can see a large shadow. It is all very dramatic, and whether the episode has any truth to it or not, Kentucky and other areas of Appalachia have still produced many reports of Hellhounds.

Also on the East Coast is an account from Connecticut, where a witness on the site Real Unexplained Mysteries claims to have lived in an apartment that was haunted by shadow people and the apparition of some sort of massive spectral hound. The thing would first appear one night looming over their bed, and she would describe the terrifying experience thus:

I woke with it over my then boyfriend. It is very immense. Stands like a human. Has red eyes. Long pointy nails. The hands are not like ours but not paws. It has a very unique snout- more pronounced than a canine. It is no dog but a beast. I warded it off. I had so much fear ( I guess I had nothing to lose) and hovered over my boyfriend almost like a dog. Told myself show no fear and I can’t even explain the immense anger I felt. It does not speak like us but more in mind. Almost perception. I growled like in my mind and remember thinking stay away. That’s when the anger swept over me. It backed up and vanished in wall. I wish I could say it was a happy ending but wasn’t. I started having night terrors always ending in my death every night.

This report fits in well with the lore of Hellhounds being spectral entities rather than physical ones, and also matches some of the stories of them feeding off of fear. What did she see? We’ll likely never know. Moving up to Michigan we also have reports of outsized canine monstrosities, and one report posted in Jason Ofutt’s blog From the Shadows comes from the area of Romulus, Michigan. The witness, known as S. Costea, claimed that he had been living with his family at a cabin on a farm there at the time, which was all surrounded by thick woods that was the home of something rather unusual to say the least. According to Costea there was some sort of “dog creature” about the size of a Great Dane and with glowing red eyes that skulked about in the darkness there in the evening hours, and he would say of it:

We had this really strange dog creature that would hang around the property. I say dog creature because this thing was far too big and intelligent to be a stray dog. It had very pronounced red eyes. I’m not saying it was a werewolf or a dog-man but it was very werewolf-like. The dog would frequently stalk the edge of the woods on our property in the day. It seemed to have no fear. My uncle would yell at it or throw things towards it to try to scare it off but it would simply rear up on its hind legs like a ram and charge at (him) for a short distance.


We would frequently find dead chickens or rabbits after thunderstorms. We knew it was that dog thing because it would leave huge paw prints in the mud and claw marks on the window ledges. Sometimes we would find the screens ripped from our screen doors and windows. It would never outright attack us, but it did seem to enjoy taunting us and harassing us.

This was all frightening enough, but it got even weirder when it demonstrated an ability to walk about on two feet for short durations, and even more bizarrely began to speak, seeming to call people outside for some insidious purpose. Costea claims that his mother found him one night sitting by the window talking to the creature, and would describe the surreal scene thus:

One summer night my mom had left the window open in my bedroom to cool the room off so I could sleep. She was on her way to the bathroom and went by my room and heard me talking to someone. When she opened the door she saw me standing in my bed and I had apparently wet my pajamas. I was talking towards the window. I wasn’t screaming or freaking out but seemed to be transfixed and talking in a low voice towards the window. When she looked towards the window the dog had its two front paws pushed through the screen and was looking through the window at us and making a low growl.Its eyes glared red. I always recall its eyes. You could see its eyes out in the woods sometimes at night. I have bad dreams about it from time to time.

The boy’s mother then threw a beer bottle at the thing to chase it off, but for the next few weeks Costea allegedly displayed odd behavior and the house pets would not go near him. He would also blurt out cryptic messages such as “we don’t want you here,” “our ghosts are food,” or “God thinks you’re bad,” and would sometimes intentionally prick himself with sharp objects until he drew blood. It almost seemed as if the thing at the window had crawled into his head somehow and that this was kind of like a demonic possession to an extent. The frightening ordeal would finally come to an end when his uncle hit it with a rifle, and Costea would say of this:

My uncle was out back working on his truck when he saw the dog at the edge of the woods making its way in towards the rabbit pen. At this point he was tired of dealing with it and went into the house to get his .22. Apparently he fired at it and hit it in the rear. The dog turned and ran into the woods. We didn’t see it anymore after that and everything cleared up.

Also from Michigan is a report from the unlikely locale of Detroit, where a witness living in one of the city’s suburbs claims he had an encounter with a Hellhound 2012. He claims that one evening he was driving through his neighborhood after leaving his girlfriend’s house at around midnight when he saw some streak of movement coming from someone’s backyard, and he described it as being “a very large and well-built creature.” He immediately stopped his car in order to get a view of the thing, and was first impressed with how incredibly fast it moved for its size, estimated as around 40 to 50 mph. He observed it for a moment before it streaked out of view and would describe it thus:

The creature was very large. If I had to compare the size to another animal, I’d say it was about the size of an adult lion. The body type appeared to be that of a dog, although I’ve never seen any breed of dog this size (and there are absolutely no wild/stray dogs in the area). It had a pitch black coat and while I could slightly make out the shape of its head from the side, I never saw its eyes or mouth. When it ran past my headlights initially, it never acknowledged my presence. It did not turn and look at me, slow down, or do anything that was directed toward me. I feel confident that if this was a hellhound, it was not looking for me, but I don’t know that for sure.

In nearby Wisconsin we have reports emanating from a place called Meridean Island, on the Chippewa River, which according to a few witness accounts seems to be prowled by some sort of canine beast. One report comes from a young couple by the names of Shelly Touchstone and Chris Wiener, who were at the island’s boat landing looking for a secluded spot when a thick fog or mist began to form out of nowhere, and which seemed to instill an inexplicable dread in them. They then heard something moving about and growling in a menacing fashion just out of the periphery of their vision, as well as a large shadow “as big as a bear,” with two pinpoints of glowing red eyes.

On another occasion, two men named Mike Bagozzi and Jeremy Stark were in the very same area when they too felt a sudden onset of dread and witnessed a fog congeal out of nowhere. They then apparently spotted a large, black hound with matted, filthy hair, which gave chase as they ran away. They only apparently managed to evade it when they got to their car and locked the doors, after which it meandered off into the wilderness and vanished. These cases hit a couple of interesting points in that Hellhounds are supposedly fond of areas near water, and also that many supernatural phenomena seem to involve a fog or mist, although whatever this connection may be is misunderstood.

Going down south we have a case from the state of Louisiana, in a report published by the National Cryptid Society. The report comes from the area of Robeline, Louisiana, in 1995, and concerns a witness who claims he was in a graveyard looking for paranormal phenomena, the two of them armed with crosses and an M16, which seems a bit extreme, but here we are. As they pushed forward into the cemetery they allegedly heard strange growling noises, and the witness describes what happened next:

We shined our flashlights all over graveyard. It was small and enclosed by fence. I said it must be a dog tied over at the parsonage. The church and parsonage was about 500 feet away. So I shined around and over in the corner of the graveyard I saw four fresh graves. They were apart from the other graves.


They had no flowers. Just two big graves and two small ones marked by 4 iron crosses. As we went to explore, we heard the growling grow louder. I said Lannie, is that dog loose? I kinda felt a little safe knowing it would be hard for it to jump the fence. But as we got closer to the grave the hair on my neck stood up and I got chills. My friend got the same feeling. The growls had a sound like Rottweiler’s. They chilled you to the bone and you felt something wasn’t right. We heard the snarling as we got a few feet from grave. The growls were not part of a body. They were disembodied. Then I tried to rationalize it in my head. Is it a couple loose mean dogs outside gate? Is it a group of coyotes? But as we shined the light this time we saw them. Two sets of glowing red eyes not attached to [a] body. They were only three feet away and stood guard by those graves.


My friend froze in fright and pushed me in front. He was crying about leaving his gun. I said Lannie, your gun won’t help against this. The dogs were vicious and I said Lannie whatever you do, don’t run. I prayed for guidance. I had not been to church in many a year but I knew what I was dealing with was straight from hell. I looked right at them. I showed my cross and said I know what you are. They snarled louder. My friend was really upset and wanting his Mama. I said Lannie please. I said I demand in the name of Jesus Christ that you allow us to leave as we came in peace and alone. I demand this in the name of the Son of Man and victor over all that is evil. I said that the Son of man ruled over all evil, and I demand you let us leave in peace. We slowly backed up and as we got to the gate we left.

This particular report seems to go overboard a bit, but who knows? All the way over on the other side of the country we come to California, which has a few accounts of Hellhounds of its own. From American Canyon, California, comes an account from a 28-year-old witness known as “Jedidiah,”who claims that one night as he was walking back from a market he heard an ear piercing howl echo out into the night. He soon caught sight of a very large dog, which he at first took to be a stray or someone’s pet, but which seemed to be too large to be such a thing. As he looked more closely, he saw that it seemed to have glowing red eyes, and to be entangled with what looked to be barbed wire. He would say of what happened next:

At this point I was quite scared. I continued on my way home and I found myself dreading each corner, fearing another sighting of this hellish creature. I had almost made it home when the beast appeared again. This time it stood directly in my path. I was frozen with fear, hair standing up on end and I close my eyes fearing an attack. It starts to growl, a deep, rumbling, growl; one that I felt deep in my soul, one that threatens to turn my legs to Jell-O. I don’t know what compelled me to do so but, I started praying, to the Lord and Jesus Christ in Heaven, to make this beast leave, but the growling intensified, it seemed as if the growl just pulsated through my mind doing everything in its power to get me to stop praying. I continued to pray, I just prayed, and prayed, and prayed. As I continued to pray, the growl slowly dissipated. When I finally opened my eyes, all that was left was scorch marks where the dog stood. To this day I have yet to see the same dog, or another like it. So this begs the question… What did I see? A hellhound, a spectral creature, some sort of demon? I never will know; but then again I’m not sure I want to.

Also in California is a case that has made the rounds involving what seems like a pack of Hellhounds in Palm Springs, California. In 2013, there were supposedly numerous reports of large, black hounds running amok in the streets, with glowing eyes and sharp fangs. The creatures were described as having the bodies of dogs, but the heads of wolves, and baffled all who saw them. Apparently they tore through people’s yards and even attacked a man’s car to rip up his bumper, before disappearing into the night to vanish. There is very little to corroborate this, but it is a strange case, indeed.

Such creatures surely seem to toe the line between the real and fantasy, where we are not really sure what we shoud be looking at. What are Hellhounds? How can they possibly be? Are these some sort of demonic entity, wandering spirit, or what? Are they misidentifications of large dogs or some wildlife? These reports seem to be beyond explanation, and show that these old legends from across the world have seemed to seep into the realm of the real. Whatever they are, Hellhounds have been spotted all over the world, and the United States is no exception.

Mysterious Encounters With Evil Gnomes, Imps, and the Tommyknockers

Since time unremembered there have been tales from all over the world of various magical little people. Gnomes, imps, faeries, trolls, goblins, whatever you want to call them they are there, etched into the pages of lore and fairy tales. Yet, what if these creatures are not merely the denizens of myth and legend, and what if they are somehow real? Even more spookily, what if some of them are not so benevolent? There are many reports of encounters with such sinister little people, and here are some of the more frightening.

Probably one of the more notorious cases of some sort of imp or demonic gnome attack alleged occurred in the town of Porterville, California, where a woman known only as Tammy, moved with her three children to a rural farmhouse just off the Tule River in 2004. Things got odd almost immediately, as Tammy claimed that she often felt the heavy sense of being watched, at times almost feeling the gravity of eyes upon her, but there was never any one around during these episodes. It did not take long for her to realize that this phenomenon happened most often and most intensely when she was near the barn, which sat in a secluded corner of the rather large, 100-acre property.

Indeed, in the coming days the barn took on quite a sinister air, seeming to emanate a cold chill and spooking the many animals the family owned, including dogs, a cat, chickens, turkeys, and even a duck. Although they tended to wander all over the property, none of these animals would go anywhere near the barn, as if repelled by some unseen force lodged within. Indeed, she observed that none of the neighbors’ animals, strays, or wildlife would go near the spooky old barn either. Whenever any animals passed the barn they would give it a wide berth, and on many occasions would act strangely in its presence, staring at it as if something were there staring back. The dogs would sometimes go nuts around the barn, barking and yipping excitedly even though no one was there. Sometimes there could be heard strange noises coming from within the barn which sounded like grunts, growls, and squeals. To add a layer to the thickening air of foreboding, Tammy claimed that she began to notice several of her animals had begun to even go missing, gone without a trace, and it was immediately suspected that that menacing barn had had something to do with it.

Tammy chalked it all up to nerves and perhaps rats or wildlife nesting in the barn, and explained the missing animals away as having just run off or even being killed by coyotes, but one frightening encounter would convince her that it was something more than that. One evening Tammy returned from town with her son and parked the car, but as she exited the vehicle and went to get some groceries out of the trunk she claims that she saw fleeting movement in the periphery of her vision. When she looked up there was nothing there, and she went back to unloading the groceries but almost immediately there was another movement, this time punctuated by an insidious laugh.

She would later say, “This time I heard a very freaky, very evil-sounding chuckle. I looked in the direction of the sound and there standing about 50 yards from my son and I was what I can only describe as a gnome.” Standing there around 50 yards away was what she described as a humanoid creature about 3 feet tall, which sported a beard and was wearing baggy black pants, a gold-colored shirt, and a red pointy cap. For a moment it just stood there staring at her and her son with deep-set, dead black eyes, as if studying them, but then things took a turn for the sinister. Tammy would say:

That thing grinned at us and the creepy grin spread from ear to ear and its teeth were a gross brown and pointed or jagged. It had a bulbous nose and large, deep-set eyes, though I really couldn’t tell the color of them. I never got a closer look at it and don’t know if it was wearing shoes or not because at that moment I dropped my groceries grabbed my son and ran for the house.

As soon as Tammy and her son had entered the house and slammed the door behind them, she began frantically telling her daughters what had happened between deep gasps. Somewhere outside the strange little man was still cackling, and there was a movement by the window. The terrified family looked out to see what it was, and as they approached the window they could see the top of the red, pointed cap loom into view, which was especially odd considering this particular window was located around 8 feet over the ground. Tammy closed the blinds, moved her children well away from the window, and waited there breathlessly until the thing finally went away. This would be the only direct sighting of the evil gnome, but Tammy would occasionally hear that same ominous chuckling issuing forth from the shunned barn. She would later say:

After that night whenever the dogs barked or howled we were pretty sure we knew what they were barking at. We were also pretty sure of where our missing poultry had gone. From time to time we would hear a weird creepy chuckle and other noises coming from that old barn.

This is not the even end of the story. Tammy and her family would eventually move away and a new family would move into the house in 2010. This new family too immediately noticed that there was something weird going on with that decrepit old barn. One evening in the early morning hours the couple woke to the sound of a “raspy, gurgling singing,” which chilled them to the bone. When they looked out the window they could see standing by a small pond on the property a creature standing around 3 feet in height and wearing maroon pants and a baggy yellow shirt with a brown vest and a dark waistcoat. The thing was described as having a bushy grey beard and wearing a tall, pointed reddish hat. The eyes of the being were said to be small and black, and its teeth were discolored, jagged and sharp, to the point of looking almost broken.

The creature seemed to know it was being watched, and apparently stared right back at them before snatching one of the expensive koi fish they had stocked the pond with and jamming it into its mouth with glee. The husband allegedly shouted at it to go away and it actually apparently gave him the finger before running off while laughing. When the area was examined later a set of footprints were found that were about the size of a child’s.

Whatever this thing was apparently really liked that pond, because it would purportedly be seen there numerous times, always in the early morning hours at around 3 AM and often eating the fish within. It also rather amusingly seemed to like playing with the garden gnome decorations that had been set up there. Fed up with this strange intruder, the husband then apparently took away the lawn ornaments and fish, which caused the gnome to one night thrown a tantrum, stomping about and shouting out in some garbled, bizarre language. The thing would skirt around the house banging on the walls and testing the locked doors at night before the family had had enough and moved away. The interesting thing about this case is that at the time this family had had no idea that the previous family had experienced similar bizarre incidents.

What was this creature and where did it come from? Was it an actual gnome from fairy tale legends or was it something more demonic in nature? Another fairly well-known case is that of the experiences of Chris Fleming, who is host of TV’s Dead Famous and Psychic Kids, and who has allegedly been plagued by some sort of demonic imps since his childhood. It apparently all started in the 1970s when Fleming was just a young child. At the time, he was living at Hoffman Estates, Illinois, and he claims that his house was rather intensely haunted, not only by ghosts, but also what he calls “little demons,” which he describes as being around 3 feet tall and rather reptilian in appearance, sort of like Gremlins, and which he says would “peer out of the walls, walk out of, into, or fly out of closets and dark corners of the house.” He has said of the profound fear they instilled in him thus:

I became so terrified as a child that I slept with the lights on, slept with my back to the wall each night, and had by me a glow in the dark plastic toy sword my mom got me to help me feel safe at night. I even ended up placing a last rites cross, with candles and Holy Water beside my bed each night.

The manifestation of these diminutive creatures slowed down in later years and stopped all together, that is until decades later, when they purportedly began to appear to him again as an adult. In an interview with Dave Schrader on Darkness Radio, he related one particularly harrowing encounter from 2009, when one of the things appeared and he decided to actually try and catch it. According to Fleming, he chased it into a closet, but once there it simply vanished into thin air. He also described how he came to classify the little monsters as “imps,” recalling a spirit box session in which he called out to ask what kind of spirits were haunting his home and they replied, “Just imps.”

Fleming has gone on to give lectures on his experiences and he theorizes that they are actually lower level demons that he believes have the grim work of breaking a family’s will so that more powerful demons can enter and cause mayhem. He has even theorized that other similar creatures and little people across the world are also these devils in different guises, merely taking different forms and having different names across cultures, with jinn, faeries, and gnomes all basically devils that have been terrorizing humans over the millennia. On a last note, Fleming has warned people not to try and investigate or communicate with such creatures, as they are apparently very dangerous and have the ability to spread “like a virus.”

A similar account of one of these mysterious and malicious “imps” was reported on the site Your Ghost Stories, and allegedly happened back in 1975, when the witness was just a child. He claims that at the time of the incident his family had just returned from a road trip to Fresno, California, and were on their way to their home in Salt Lake City, Utah. They had decided to try and take a shortcut, but ended up getting lost out in the desolate desert wastelands of Nevada. As they drove about the back roads out there in the middle of nowhere they apparently came to a tiny little town squatting out there in this moonscape of a place, where they stopped for the night.

That night, the witness says he went to sleep on his stomach as usual, with his arm hanging down off of the bed. In the middle of the night, his sleep was broken by the sensation of someone yanking and pulling at his arm. In his groggy sleepiness he at first thought it was his family’s dog, even though they had not brought the dog on the trip with them. Nevertheless, the witness was tired and drifted back to sleep before being woken yet again by a harder, almost painful tug on his arm. This time he emerged from his daze and was wide awake, looking about the darkened room to see nothing. At that moment, the witness claims his arm was yanked so hard that he was pulled clear off the bed. In a panic he looked up to see that his aggressor was some sort of vaguely humanoid shaped green, glowing mist. He explains what happened next thus:

Well my mom jumped out of bed and ran up behind this thing and screamed, ‘No!’ Then she smacked it with her hand which made contact with the thing and you could hear a loud smacking sound. Once this thing was hit, it let go of my arm and let out a high pitched scream like I have never heard before. It started whirling around like a funnel then disappeared into the drain that was located in the center of the room. My dad had slept through most of this and hadn’t woken up until he heard the thing scream. I ended up sleeping between my parents this rest of the night with no further incidents.


Years later, I was telling this story to someone who had a great deal of experience with the paranormal and supernatural. What he told me was this: the thing I had encountered was an imp. An imp is a low level demon that feeds upon the souls of young children. They also have the ability to take shape or form and usually appear as children to other children. He also told me that folklore and mythology has some root in fact and that many of the old fables are still true today as they were hundreds of years ago. He also told me that I was very lucky. Many a missing child have ended up in the hands of these demons and have never been found.

It is interesting that many such reports do indeed seem to revolve around children, with one wondering if maybe the Porterville account also had something to do with the creature being drawn to the three young children in the family, and one other such account supposedly happened in the United Kingdom, when the witness was just an 8-year-old kid. She claims that she had gone to bed one night, but was kept from sleep by a series of taps on her window. Curious, she made her way towards the noise and peered out into the night to see a bizarre enity lurking just beyond the glass, which she would describe thus:

This ‘thing’ was sat on my windowsill on the outside, humanoid, about the same size as a 4-year-old child but it’s body was almost skeletal, it was so thin, it made the things head look slightly too big for its body. It had no hair whatsoever, but large black-red eyes and a mouth full of lots of sharp little teeth almost like a cats. I hid under the covers very scared and didn’t get any sleep that night at all.

The next day she says she told her mother but she wouldn’t believe the outlandish story. However, the witness was convinced of what she had seen, and three scratch marks on the glass assured her that it had all been very real. Bizarrely, at school she drew a picture of the creature she had seen in art class, and was shocked to find out that another child had independently drawn a picture of the exact same entity. When she asked the girl what it was, she told of her own experience and it was a perfect match, including the same description of the thing and three scratch marks on the window. Most unsettling of all was what happened many years later, which she explains thus:

I was 22 years old at the time living in a bedsit on the 3rd floor of this building, I had a boyfriend called martin who would come to stay at mine or I would stay at his from time to time. One day we woke up at mine switched on the TV made us coffee when out the blue martin asked me “Do you have an Imp following you?” I replied with something such as “been reading too many fairy stories have we?” Martin then explained what he had seen outside my window, he was woken up by the 3 taps on the window and had seen this ‘thing’ the descriptions matched up to what I had seen all those years ago. When I took a closer look at the window there were 3 scratches on the outside of the window…

Of course not all reports of trickster imps and gnomes revolve around children, and there is a long tradition of tales involving a type of trickster demon gnome called the Tommyknockers, which have long been said to terrorize miners. These gnomish creatures, typically described as only around 2 or 3 feet tall, are said to lurk within mine shafts, and are so named because legend has it that they will knock on the walls of a mine in a specific pattern before triggering a cave in. They were also said to cause all manner of mischief, such as stealing food or tools, pushing or pinching from the dark, or calling people’s names to draw them deeper down into the darkness, but it was the knocking that miners most feared, and they would often leave out food in a Tommyknocker infested cave in order to appease them. The origins of these beings ranges from that they are the ghost of dead miners to inhuman demonic spirits, but whatever they are it was believed that to hear those knocks meant certain doom, and that the deeper one was to go into the earth the better their chances of encountering the fiends.

While this must sound like it must all certainly be mere myth and legend, there are many real reports of encountering the Tommyknockers, and they have long been blamed for mysteriously missing miners. These reports and tales are not only from the days of superstitious miners trying to explain the myriad dangers of their profession, either, and there are more modern reports of the dreaded Tommyknockers as well. One allegedly occurred in 2016, when a 38-year-old paranormal investigator named Xavier Hunter and his friend Kaytie ventured out to a mine located 25 miles outside Las Vegas, Nevada, which was said by locals to be haunted by Tommyknockers.


Almost immediately after penetrating into the mine, Hunter claims that he and his partner were assailed by the smell of rotting meat, and as they continued down into the bowels of the earth they began to hear grunts and growls. They would also make the rather odd and unsettling discovery of women’s clothing discarded deep in the mine. It was all disturbing enough to cause them to hesitate going any further, but they would go from hesitation to full on panic when Hunter allegedly saw a dark shape lurking in the shadows near Kaytie. This was enough to spook them into a full retreat, and Hunter claims that the entity exuded a profound aura of evil that actually made him physically ill. The whole bizarre excursion was captured on camera, and while reviewing the footage they found that at one point the entity can actually be seen as what appears to be a miniature hooded figure standing just a few feet tall. Hunter would explain:

The figure appeared to be hooded, it was completely black. We didn’t immediately see it. We saw it after we began to review the video. The odd thing is that around the same time the figure appeared I began to feel sick and nauseous, I threw up and felt extremely dizzy. We did not record that moment because Kaytie was trying to help me figure out what was happening. I was shocked, especially after feeling sick right after capturing the figure on tape. I have no idea what it could be. I suppose that a possible explanation could be that it was our own shadow? But why would I feel sick right after it appeared? The presence we both felt in there felt malevolent.

Another expedition to a supposedly Tommyknocker haunted cave was carried out by the crew of the Travel Channel TV show Ghost Adventures, led by host Zak Bagans. Their destination was the Pheonix Gold Mine, located in Idaho Springs, Colorado. Opened in 1871, the mine supposedly has a long history of paranormal phenomena that is often blamed on the Tommyknockers, and there is also a legend of a black magician in the area, as well as an unsolved double murder at the mine, making it seem as good a place for a haunting as any.

The team would certainly not be disappointed, as their investigation produced numerous instances of strange phenomena. Right off the bat one of the crew claims she saw something move in the dark and heard someone calling her name from one of the tunnels, which was confirmed by two other witnesses who also heard it. Indeed, throughout the excursion there were heard various anomalous noises such as footsteps, knocks, and banging sounds, and voices are also captured on EVP saying “Get out” or mumbling other things incomprehensively. These are not even the spookiest of the phenomena they encounter, and throughout the episode there are almost nonstop instances of weirdness.

At one point Zak is using a Kinect cam and claims that he can see a tiny figure of some sort standing in the mine, which appears shortly after hearing a series of mysterious knocks, and after which there is a sudden temperature drop that the entire crew can feel. On another occasion their thermal imaging equipment picks up a bright unidentified heat signature that Zak speculates is possibly a miner’s headlamp, and around this time they pick up strange interference on their equipment. This same interference is heard on another occasion, and this time two of the tripod legs on one of the cameras are found to be inexplicably bent out of shape shortly after. There were also anomalous lights seen over a spirit box, and on another occasion during the investigation one of the crew members is startled by what he says is something pulling on his pants, among other weirdness. It is all very spooky and entertaining, but does little to provide any evidence for Tommyknockers or ghosts in the mine, although Zak comes away convinced they are there.

Although it is unclear just what exactly the Tommyknockers are supposed to be, with their impish ways, typically small stature, and propensity for sowing fear in their victims, they certainly seem to be at least a subspecies of the various malevolent imps, gnomes, and other supernatural little people that seem to pop up to terrorize people from time to time. Indeed, we are really left to wonder what any of these malicious entities are really supposed to be. Are they figments of the imagination and mere denizens of folklore and fairy tales? Are they ghosts, demons, something from some other dimension or ghoulish goblin universe, or something else altogether? Where do they come from and why do they go about instilling fear, harassing and attacking people? We don’t know and perhaps it is even something we are not meant to know, these beings part of the machinations of a secret, inscrutable universe that we may be unable to comprehend.

UFO Encounters, Saucers and Secrets

Back in the mid-to-late 1990s, Robin Cole was someone who dug deep into one specific aspect of the UFO phenomenon (he was part of a now-closed group called Circular Forum). Cole focused his attention on the connection between UFOs and the U.K.’s Government Communications Headquarters, better known as GCHQ. It’s the U.K.’s equivalent of the United States’ National Security Agency. Wikipedia state: “The Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) is an intelligence and security organization responsible for providing signals intelligence (SIGINT) and information assurance to the government and armed forces of the United Kingdom.”

Wikipedia continues: “Based in ‘The Doughnut’ in the suburbs of Cheltenham, GCHQ is the responsibility of the country’s Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, but it is not a part of the Foreign Office and its director ranks as a Permanent Secretary. GCHQ was originally established after the First World War as the Government Code and Cypher School (GC&CS) and was known under that name until 1946. During the Second World War it was located at Bletchley Park, where it was responsible for breaking of the German Enigma codes. Currently there are two main components of the GCHQ, the Composite Signals Organization (CSO), which is responsible for gathering information, and the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC), which is responsible for securing the UK’s own communications.”

Robin Cole, of Cheltenham, England, spent a great deal of time addressing the matter of GCHQ and UFOs. To the extent that, in 1997, he published a report that detailed his extensive research in this seldom-addressed area. Cole cultivated sources from GCHQ, secured data on UFO cases secretly investigated by staff at the agency, and learned that GCHQ had a large library of books on the UFO subject. But, there was more, too. As a result of his investigations, Cole was visited by personnel from the U.K. Police Force’s Special Branch, who wanted to know all about his work, which had him worried or a while. You can find out more on Cole and his GCHQ-UFO discoveries in his self-published report, GCHQ and the UFO Cover-up (which, unfortunately, is hard to find now).

In the summer of 1997, I did an extensive interview with Cole about his research. A substantial amount of that interview has never been published, specifically at Cole’s request. On those matters which he did feel comfortable about speaking, Cole told me he had been able to confirm that GCHQ has in its files details of actual attempts by the Royal Air Force to intercept UFOs in British airspace. He stated of one such example, from the early 1950s:

“This came to me off-the-record from an informant who was told of the events at the time. Pilots from what used to be RAF Little Rissington, were out on maneuvers when in their sights, an object similar to the descriptions of a flying saucer came into view. Receiving permission to go after the object, they then kept in constant contact with the RAF base. Radar control had the object on screen and heading towards Cornwall. At this point one aircraft returned – the reason is unclear – while the other continued. On reaching the coast the unidentified object put on tremendous speed leaving the pilot and his aircraft well behind. This was also noted on radar. Realizing he had no chance of catching up the pilot simply returned and was debriefed accordingly. GCHQ were fully aware of this event.”

But why would GCHQ take an interest in this particular encounter? “My knowledge,” said Cole, “comes from the person who typed the document up at the time, and they were from inside GCHQ. I don’t think that GCHQ had a department which collated UFO information on a regular basis at that time – the early 1950s; however, it’s clear from my investigations that on occasion GCHQ did play a role in the subject and did come across interesting cases and asked themselves: Is this some form of alien intelligence that we’re not aware of? The way in which GCHQ became involved in the 1952 case is this: because a large part of their work deals with Signals Intelligence – the collection of data – it was that GCHQ picked up on the various messages passing back and forth from the aircrew and RAF Little Rissington. In other words, GCHQ intercepted the conversation.”

What is particularly significant about this case is that the UFO investigator Dr. David Clarke was able to officially confirm its reality, years later. Clarhe also succeeded in tracking down one of those aboard the aircraft in question. That man was then-Flight Instructor Michael Swiney, who told Clarke: “I got the fright of my life because there appeared to be, smack in front of the aero-plane, three circular objects.”

As Clarke noted: “In 2001 [Swiney] broke fifty years of silence to reveal the full story after I discovered a reference to the incident in the operations records books stored at The National Archives.” Indeed, this was supported by an entry in the Operations Record Books at the Central Flying School, which stated: ‘Flight Instructor M.J.E. Swiney, instructor, and Lieutenant D. Crofts, R.N., student, sighted three mysterious ‘saucer shaped objects’ traveling at high speed at about 35,000’ whilst on a high level navigation exercise, in a Meteor VII. Later, A.T.C.C. Gloucester reported radar plots to confirm this, but Air Ministry discounted any possibility of “extra terrestrial objects.’”

It is important to stress that it was years after Robin Cole discussed privately with me his knowledge of this case – acquired direct from a source connected to GCHQ – that Clarke was finally able to verify its reality. This would strongly suggest that Cole’s informant was truthful, reliable and did have access to classified, insider evidence pertaining to the UFO mystery. Cole had other sources, and information, too.

It’s unfortunate that Cole no longer pursues the UFO-GCHQ issue.  He was on the verge of significant developments.

Encounters With Bizarre Humanoids in Japan

One type of very unusual phenomenon that seems to span the disparate worlds of ghosts, aliens, and cryptozoology is that of enigmatic, often utterly perplexing humanoid creatures of all types. These beings can take a wide range of sizes and shapes, but they all have some things in common in that they are more or less human-like in basic form, and they all lie well-out in the fringe of the weird. Mysterious reports of encounters with bizarre humanoid entities come in from all over the world, from people of all walks of life, and the nation of Japan also has its fair share of such tales. Here are some of the oddest of recent times.

In November of 2015 there was a rather odd encounter with some sort of unidentified humanoid just outside the beautiful historic former capital city Kyoto, known for its numerous traditional temples and ancient shrines. According to Cryptozoology News, 36-year-old teacher Toriki Watanabe had a rather surreal experience as he was driving from Tokyo to Kyoto for his brother’s wedding. At around 10 PM, he claims he stopped at a small roadside shop and stepped outside to have a cigarette before hitting the road again. The surrounding area was said to be forested, and as he had his cigarette and admired the view he says he noticed something quite odd in the form of a slouched humanoid figure lurking off in the brush around 200 feet away.

Kyoto, Japan

Whatever it was moved in a distinctly odd way, and as Watanabe looked on he could begin to make out some of its features and came to the conclusion that this was no person at all. It was described as being wiry and slightly muscular, and around 6 feet tall, with a bent over posture and covered in grey skin. No clothing was visible, and as it walked it remained hunched over, with its unnaturally long arms dragging along the ground. Although the witness could not see the thing’s face clearly, he did notice the strange detail that it seemed to emit a “faint yellow or white light coming from behind it just around its lower back.” The startled man called out to it but it did not respond, and he stared after it as whatever it was meandered off into the forest.

Although it is hard to tell what this bizarre entity could have possibly been, Watanabe has had his own thought, suggesting it was an actual specimen of a type of folkloric creature known as a shirime. This creature was said to be a mischievous, impish thing that liked to scare travelers in the region around Kyoto. Very bizarrely, the creature is depicted in folklore as having a huge glittering eye where its anus should be, and indeed “shirime” literally means “buttocks eye.” Too bad the witness couldn’t see an eye back there, leaving us to speculate as to whether this was an anus-eyed mythical creature, an alien, an interdimensional traveler, or just a weird looking naked guy running around in the woods. Whatever it was, it is a weird report to be sure.

Kyoto has in later years been the location for other similarly strange sightings as well. In 2016, a woman living on the outskirts of the city claims that she was startled when she heard her normally quiet dog start barking uncontrollably. Wondering what was going on, she claims to have looked outside to see the animal cowering against a fence, smashing up against it as hard as it could, as if trying to push itself through the barrier and away from something there in the yard with it. When the woman looked to see what it was so afraid of she was met with the site of a skinny, grey-skinned creature hunched over the dog’s food bowl, apparently eating the contents with relish and ignoring the barks and whines of the dog nearby. She says that the odd creature was humanoid, but grey and hairless, very thin and sinewy “like a greyhound,” and with long arms that ended into tiny clawed hands. At first she could not make out its face as it was concentrating on eating, but then it seemed to sense it was being watched and whipped its head up to look straight at her in surprise. She would say of its face and what happened next thus:

It had a small, triangular face with huge, yellow eyes that took up most of its face and seemed to faintly glow. The ears were small and pointed. As it licked its lips I could see that it had sharp, jagged teeth. It looked at me for a second with sort of a startled expression, and then it leapt right over the fence in a single bound.

What was this being and why did it want that dog food so much? Who knows? Even more recently is a report from the same city from March of 2018, and involves an out-of-town tourist who was staying in Kyoto at a place he had found on Airbnb. On the evening of March 11, he claims that he had been on his way back to his place at around 11:40 PM and as he passed a darkened shrine there were two bizarre creatures that jumped over the wall right in from of him, seemingly coming from the shrine’s courtyard. At first he thought them to be children, but as he approached he could see that they were something altogether different. The creatures were described as being 3 to 4 feet tall, with bodies that were “as white as snow,” long, thin arms and legs, and heads with pointy ears and large, triangular black eyes. When they saw the witness the beings seemed startled, and began to run away. The witness has said to MUFON:

They ran with arms behind them. They went behind a corner of a wall. As I walked towards there, one of them looked back at me and made eye contact. I was feeling terrified. I didn’t want to get too close. I lost sight of them as they turned a corner.

What could these diminutive creatures have been? While the exact origins of these particular creatures are unclear, another strange and rather frightening humanoid report from another area of Japan seems to suggest bizarre creatures which can only be described as aliens. On February 23, 1975, two 7-year-old boys named Masato Kawano and Katsuhiro Yamahata, were out roller skating in the early evening hours in Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture, when they claim that they saw in the sky a pair of luminous orange lights that flickered and made a strange “ticking sound.” As they looked on in amazement, one of the lights apparently moved off towards the distant mountains, while the other started to descend towards the ground nearby.

The boys claimed that they went off to investigate, and saw the strange craft come down to rest in a small vineyard behind an old, abandoned estate. The craft was described as being a domed disc around 15 feet in diameter and 7 feet high, which rested upon three ball-shaped legs. The surface of the strange object was silver-colored, and appeared to have characters or letters of some sort etched upon it. The loud ticking sound of the craft was very pronounced as they drew closer, sounding somewhat reminiscent of a Geiger counter. As the two boys pondered what they were seeing, a hatch purportedly opened on the side out of nowhere and a ladder extended towards the ground, after which a strange looking being climbed out.

The creature stood around 4 feet tall, and was wearing a reflective silver suit of some sort. The being’s skin was allegedly a dark brown in color, and it was covered with thick wrinkles that were so pronounced as to make most of its facial features indiscernible, save for two pointed ears and prominent and intimidating 2-inch long silver fangs that jutted out from the folds of where its mouth might be. In its hands it held some sort of device whose purpose could not be fathomed, but which looked somewhat like “a rifle.” Another of the creatures could be seen sitting within the craft huddled over some sort of flickering control panel. Whatever it was seemed to have completely ignored the two young boys standing there gawking at it as it proceeded to carefully examine the surrounding terrain. After a few moments of this it suddenly seemed to become aware of the boys, after which it approached them and patted one of them, Yamahata, twice on the shoulder while issuing a sound that sounded like “a tape recorder running backwards.”

Upon being tapped, Yamahata allegedly slumped to the ground and was unable to move, paralyzed by some inscrutable force. This pushed Kawano into action, and he quickly scooped his friend up onto his shoulders and ran from the area as fast as his legs could carry him. When he got home, Yamahata came to, and they supposedly told their parents what had happened, who would grudgingly follow the boys out to the estate outside to see the strange orange light climbing up into the sky for themselves. The light would then emit a burst of blinding light and vanish. Later, school officials would descend upon the area in daylight to examine the site, and would allegedly find two sturdy concrete posts that had been pushed over by some powerful force, as well as a ring pattern etched into the ground nearby. Authorities of the Civil Aviation Bureau of Transportation Ministry would later get wind of the story and dismiss the lights as merely from normal aircraft in the area. No word on what they thought the fanged humanoid could have been.

Another account from the same area was related to me that seems to involve some sort of gnome-like creatures that are really hard to classify. The witness says that this happened in the summer of 2011, out in the wilds of Yamanashi prefecture. The man claims that he had been hiking out along a remote trail in the middle of nowhere when he heard what sounded like singing coming from somewhere up ahead. It seemed odd, as this was a rarely used trail and he had not passed anyone or seen anyone out all day. He stood and listened and the ethereal singing continued, the voices high-pitched like those of children.

Curious, the witness continued on his path and the singing got louder, and he slowed down and quietly approached what seemed to be the source, which was a forest clearing up ahead. As he peeked through the brush into the clearing he could now see the origins of the singing, which were no children. He explained that there were 7 to 10 tiny beings in the clearing, measuring only about 2 or 3 feet in height and wearing what looked like some sort of whites robes. The faces seemed to be a bright red in color, and they were all dancing about and singing in some language the man could not understand. Most bizarrely of all, they were making huge, lofty bounds about the clearing, gracefully arching up into the air to come floating down, as if they were defying gravity somehow.

The witness claims that at some point they realized they were being watched and abruptly stopped their singing, dancing, and bounding about. At this point they all turned in unison and stared at the intruder, and he could see that their red faces held smallish beady black eyes, large noses, and that they had tiny mouths without expression. For a moment they merely stared at each other, and the witness said he could feel a certain feeling of dread and foreboding, as if he was not supposed to be there, and described the sense he got from the entities as somewhat malevolent. Then, without a sound the creatures suddenly and silently dispersed into the surrounding forest, totally without sound and without so much as a snap of a twig or rustle of branches. It is a confounding report that defies any easy classification, and one wonders just what in the world these entities could have possibly been.

This sense of bafflement is a common thread running through all of these reports, and we are left to speculate on what the nature of any of these perplexing beings could have been. Considering their unearthly humanoid nature, it seems unlikely that any of these things could have been any sort of undiscovered cryptid in the wilds of Japan. Could they have been spirits of some sort? Were they visitors from another world? One possibility is that they could have been visitors from some other dimension, so-called “ultra-terrestrials,” who have for whatever reasons managed to somehow punch through into our reality. Is that what these were? It is curious to note that in some cases the creatures have seemed to be just as surprised as the witnesses, as if they are baffled as to how they could be seen. What possible significance does this have, if any? These are questions we are likely to be left without the answers to, and these reports serve to merely add to the very bizarre literature on strange humanoid sightings reported from all over the world.

Weird Encounters With Phantom Cars

There is a wide range of ghostly phenomena out there, ranging from hauntings, to spectral apparitions, to other even weirder things. There is no common explanation for any of it, and it all swirls out there beyond our understanding. One very bizarre type of phantom encounter is that of mysterious vehicles that don’t seem to be firmly anchored within the world as we know it. They cruise about on the periphery of our understanding, inviting many questions but answering few.

One of the most well known of the phantom cars is one that originates in the former Soviet Unions and which involves a phantom black vehicle that has come to be known as the Black Volga. Tales of this spectral vehicle go back to the 60s and 70s, when an intimidating jet-black Volga limousine with white rims, tinted windows, curtains, horns on its rear-view mirrors, and often described as completely spotless or with the ability to accelerate way faster than a normal car, was said to roam about all over the Soviet Union and in some cases even Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, and Mongolia, terrorizing locals wherever it went.

The tale goes that the phantom Black Volga would appear from seemingly out of nowhere to pull up to people, mostly children, and abduct them. Anyone who tried to interfere in this dark business or to even come too close was said to either drop dead on the spot or within 24 hours of the encounter, making the mysterious vehicle a sight that instilled great fear in anyone who laid eyes upon it. In some stories the car is said to be completely impervious to damage as well.

One harrowing 1960s report from the Ukraine told of the mysterious black car pulling up to two young girls, after which the doors opened and the two were seemingly sucked into the vehicle as if it were a vacuum cleaner. The witness, a middle aged man, ran to their aide and pried the driver’s side door open, notably not dropping dead like the lore suggested he should. When the door was open, the witness was able to see that indeed there was no one behind the wheel at all, and that the front of the car was completely empty. That was about all that he was able to ascertain before there was allegedly a blinding white flash and the man woke up 24 hours later with a terrible headache.

Throughout these spooky incidents, no one was ever able to see who was driving the car or cars, and this led to rampant speculation over who could possibly be behind the wheel. Some theories claimed that the victims were killed so that their organs could be sold on the black market. Others pointed to a shadowy group trying to sow social unrest, while others blamed government agents, or Satanists or some other dark cult. Many locals went as far as to claim that the Devil himself was driving the Black Volga. In recent years there have even been suggestions that it was none other than the men in black themselves on some nefarious, no doubt UFO related mission.

Considering that the Volga was an extremely expensive luxury vehicle at the time only driven by the most affluent, it was thought that whoever was in there was wealthy and/or well-connected. After the 70s, accounts of the mysterious Black Volga drop off considerably, so it is hard to ascertain how much truth any of the eerie stories hold, if any at all. What was the Black Volga? Was it as has variously been speculated some possessed car powered by a mysterious force, the KGB, black market organ dealers, a secret organization, the men in black, Satanists, demons, or even Satan himself, or is it all government propaganda, fear mongering, or merely an urban legend? No one really knows, but the tale has sown terror throughout the area. A more modern version of the Black Volga from the same region involves a black BMW or Mercedes, often described with horns coming out of where the rear view mirrors should be. The car is driven by a mysterious man who will ask for the time, only to kill the person when they approach or whisk them off to who knows where.

Moving over to the United Kingdom we have tales of an enigmatic phantom car from the villages of Athleague and Mount Talbot, in Ireland. In the 1920s there was frequently reported a spectral “motor-car” that went far faster than anything available at the time and which could phase through whatever got in its way. One article from Jan 22, 1927 edition of WMN said of this mysterious vehicle:

Witnesses in the locality state that on many occasions about midnight a mysterious vehicle somewhat like a high-powered motor-car ablaze with light dashes noiselessly through the roads. There is apparently no driver, but seated in the car are a number of white-robed figures. Walls, ditches, fields, and plantations present no obstacle to the car. The superstitiously inclined connect the visitation with a tragic occurrence in a neighbouring estate when, during the recent troubles, a landlord and his wife were driving from their homes and died of fright. Local inhabitants are afraid to leave their homes after nightfall.

In later years we have reports from the 1950s of a ghostly car said to terrorize a stretch of desolate road in Kent County, in South East England. The car was usually described as black and of a very old fashioned make and model, but was said to have the speed, handling, and capabilities of something far more advanced. While a driver was usually not seen to be present in the vehicle, which seemed to be driving itself, there are other reports of a fog-like wraith said to be its driver. One report from October of 1950 said of such an account:

Driving through Hildenborough at 7 a.m. on Sunday, a motorist observed another car parked by the roadside in a deserted spot. He saw the shadow of man outlined against the mist, in the driving seat. He got out of his own car and shook the other car violently but the huddled figure did not move. Tonbridge police were told but on investigation they could not find a car on that particular stretch of road, and now take the very material view that the silent driver was waiting for the mist to rise before proceeding.

In other countries we come to Australia, which also has its reports of phantom vehicles, especially in an area near a town known as Kaniya. Here there is said to be a spectral car that tears along the roads at great speed only to vanish into thin air without warning. One incident from 2012 allegedly happened to three MotoGP race car drivers heading from an event at Phillip Island, Victoria back to their home town in Adelaide, South Australia, a journey of about 560 miles, meaning they would drive all night in shifts. At the time of their incident, one of the drivers was asleep in the back while the other two were awake in the front. It was about 4:30 AM, and they were between the towns of Nhill and Kaniva, and the witness would explain:

I’d only seen a handful of cars between Horsham and Nhill, So I was surprised when I saw a car way off in the distance behind us, It was catching us up too. I was surprised at the speed this car was catching up, I was already going over the speed limit by 30 Km/h, I estimated it going probably 160 Km/h. Nathan suggested it might be the Police, So I dropped back to 100 Km/h, Kinda futile I know but at least we’d know if it was a copper.


Eventually the car caught us up, But just sat behind us. There was no streetlights being country Australia so neither Me nor Nathan couldn’t accurately identify the car, But I did notice the headlights on the car were very old, Like what you’d find on a Model T Ford or Brum, If you’ve ever watched that TV show. They were round and fairly dim. By this stage, We’d worked out it wasn’t a Cop. But why wasn’t it trying to overtake us? It was a single lane each side, two-way road. So there was plenty of room to pass. And I hadn’t seen a car going the other way in about half an hour. An overtaking lane approached us, So Nathan suggested I move into that lane so the car behind us can overtake. I move into the lane and guess what? The car followed. I then slow down to 80 Km/h to try and convince him to overtake, But he doesn’t, he just stays behind, Although now I can’t see his headlights at all. The car is that close to ours.

The two increasingly worried men decided to open their windows to see if they could discern anything from the vehicle’s engine noise, but were surprised to hear that, although they were tearing along at 80 mph and the car was a mere inches from their bumper, they could hear no noise at all emanating from it, as if it were completely silent. The witness would go on to explain:

Back at 130 km/h and the car is still behind us, Matching our speed. Still inches away from our back bumper. Both Me and Nathan were freaking out a bit now. Why wouldn’t the car pass us? Why was he driving SO close? We were approaching Kaniva by this stage, There’s a big streetlight right on the edge of the Town and then streetlights all through the main street. Finally we’d be able to identify the car! We pass through the streetlights and look behind us, The car had stopped following. Right before the streetlight. It had simply stopped in the middle of the road. We still couldn’t work out what kind of car it was, But we didn’t want to turn around and find out!

Interestingly there is said to be a ghostly 1940s-era big rig truck said to haunt the same roads near Kaniva. Indeed, according to a news report in a 1951 edition of the Argus newspaper, the mysterious truck even managed to run a truck driver clear off the road after it came heading right for him only to pass through as if nothing was there. The reports would say, “There was no crash. The maniac truck fused briefly with the big diesel outfit, passed through, and out.” It’s hard to say if this phenomenon has any connection to the ghostly car of the same area, but Kaniva seems to be a fairly scary place to drive at night either way.

Of course the United States also has its fair share of frightening accounts of mysterious cars up to no good. One is a mysterious car that is said to prowl about the area of Nixa, Missouri, which actually purportedly ran a sheriff Frank Jones off the road in 1932 to cause his tragic death, and which has on occasion also caused other near crashes. Another one is said to haunt the NC 49, which meanders through the low hills of the Uwharries, between Asheboro and Charlotte, North Carolina. It is said that in the 1940s, this two-lane, remote road was being navigated by a family late at night when they were approached by an angry vehicle acting very aggressively towards them when a truck came out of nowhere and smashed it clear off the road to leave it a twisted wreck, killing the driver.

It was not long after this that this stretch of road gained a reputation for having a very fast, very aggressive phantom car that will pull up behind other drivers at high speed. Most cars will pull to the side to let it pass, and as it does they will notice that it is a vintage, 1940s style Ford, which even more oddly doesn’t seem to have a driver. This Ford will swerve and veer around like hell to completely freak out other drivers, before dissipating into thin air as if it were never there at all, leaving one to wonder if this is the phantom remnants of that long ago crash.

A very weird account comes from Kailua, Hawaii, in 1982, and was posted on the site Castle of Spirits. The witness claims that at the time she had been out with her visiting cousin just cruising around the area along a stretch of lonely beachfront road at Lanikai. There were no other cars out at the time, but at some point while driving along this road they looked back and the witness would say:

Behind us loomed a huge, black, very shiny car. I can only say it was completely out of place and had so suddenly appeared that we were both shocked into silence. We turned from the rear view mirror and looked at each other, not saying anything but both with our eyes wide and the unspoken question between us. That took all of a second, then we both turned our heads to look out of the window, and the car was gone! There was NO WAY that car could have gone anywhere, there were no cut offs or turns or even driveways the car could have ducked into, just one long narrow road, even if there had been a place for the car to go it hadn’t the time, this had all happened in a second. I honestly don’t remember what we did or said next, we just got out of Lanikai as quickly as possible. When I think back on it now, I can’t remember having seen any driver of the mysterious, black car.

More recently still are two accounts given on the site Your Ghost Stories. The first comes from August of 2006, and supposedly takes place in Sunland, California. The witness says that he and a friend had been driving along the isolated Big Tujunga Canyon Road, when they had a very bizarre encounter. At one point the witness says that they stopped by his friend’s house to pick some things up, and as he waited outside in the car there would be some weird happenings indeed, when he noticed the indistinct shape of a car speeding down a sharp turn in the road with no headlights on. The witness would say of what happened next thus:

It is a notorious highway for being treacherous for careless drivers even during daylight hours. No one can possibly drive without headlights. Yet, to my utter astonishment, I began to barely see the shape of a car coming down the road, around the bend in front of me, without any headlights (or any lights of any kind at all)… My first thoughts were that this person must be desperate to try and get out of the canyon like this, maybe they had trouble with their car’s lights but were still attempting to drive this impossible way, perhaps they were hunched over the dashboard or something. I couldn’t believe it, and I watched it drive right by my car. When it passed by, directly parallel to the side of my car, I looked to see who was driving and I saw that no one was in the car! It was moving very slowly, and without any sounds of a motor or wheels, and like a silhouette, practically see-through. It looked like an old and greyish-colored 4-door sedan-type vehicle. I kept just staring at it in amazement and looked back to see if maybe it even had rear brake lights. No it did not either! Then it disappeared like all the other cars, into the darkness of the highway.

Also rather strange is a case from 2011, in the U.S. state of North Carolina. The witness in this case says he was driving home from work one afternoon on a beautiful, sunny day. Although the road was “smack in the middle of nowhere,” it was such a clear day that he would not have had any sort of sinister or scary vibe from the road, however, all of this would change rather quickly. As he approached one of the few intersections along the route, he claims that he saw an antique car coming up off of one of the farm roads, which he described as brown and from the 1930s. He passed the car and says he was admiring the restoration work that must have gone into it, with no feel of the supernatural at this point. However, he would explain:

After about a quarter of mile, perhaps a half mile, I looked in the mirror and was surprised to see that the car was no longer there. In most cases and in most places this would come as no surprise, but here, the middle of nowhere, there was no place the car could have gone. I came to place where I could turn around and back tracked to see if the car had fallen into the deep ditch, really the only place it could go. I found nothing.


In the ensuing years I’ve seen the car on the same road several times and and every time I’ve seen it it disappears. This is not to say I’ve actually seen the car vanish, but I’ll be watching the car, my attention is called elsewhere and when I look back the car is gone and there is no place it could have gone to. I’ve told several people and nothing. I’ve looked for the car parked in a yard or open barn and again nothing. My wife, who does believe in ghosts, thinks I’m seeing a ghost car. I have no explanation.

Ghostly phenomena certainly run the full range of the weird, and it is all largely certainly unsolved in many respects. We can only guess at what is going on beyond cases of hauntings and frightening apparitions. However, does this include vehicles as well? Can cars also become spectral anomalies that haunt and spook those who would encounter them? How can this be? Can this all be explained with the rational or is it all firmly entrenched within the unknown and unknowable? It remains to be seen.