REAL FOOTAGE – Men in Black Caught on Tape [2018]

This video was sent to us via email by a man who works as a security guard for a law office in Alaska. He was able to catch something extremely strange on a security camera in the main lobby. What you’re about to see is immensely bizarre. Watch this and decide for yourself. Due to the appearance of the strange man, many people online have come to the conclusion that this is an actual sighting of the infamous men in black, who are said to be the ones who keep witnesses of strange events quiet about what they have seen.

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This Is The Very First Image Of A Black Hole

Image credit: Jean-Pierre Luminet

Black holes are so outlandish that the scientists who first thought them up figured they couldn’t possibly exist in reality. They form from massive, collapsed stars and are so dense that nothing can escape their gravitational pull, including light. Black holes mess with spacetime so badly that scientists have long wondered: How do these things look, exactly?

We may be on the cusp of seeing one thanks to the Event Horizon Telescope, but back in 1979, Jean-Pierre Luminet created the first “image” using nothing but an early computer, lots of math and India ink.

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Dogmen, Women in Black, and MIB

One of the most mystifying puzzles of relatively recent times is that of what has become known as “The Dogman.” The creature resembles a huge wolf – but with one big difference. This creature walks on its back legs. An upright wolf? Well, yes. Or, the closest thing to it. Inevitably, parallels between the Dogman and werewolves abound. Certainly, the leading expert in this field is Linda Godfrey, who has written a number of excellent books on the subject, including Real Wolfmen and The Michigan Dogman.

One of the lesser known aspects of the Dogman phenomenon is that which connects it to the Men in Black and the Women in Black. That’s right: there are cases in which witnesses to – and investigators of – the Dogmen have been visited by WIB and MIB and warned not to talk about their encounters. Granted, the number of cases is small: I have just six. But, when compared to each other, a pattern definitely emerges. One of the cases comes from none other than Linda herself. In the first weekend of August 2016, I spoke at Ken Gerhard’s Dogman Symposium in the city of Defiance, Ohio, which was the site of numerous werewolf/Dogman sightings back in 1972. It was during a break at the Dogman Symposium that Linda briefly mentioned her odd story to me; a story that she went on to expand as follows:

“It was around 2003, a sunny and warm day, and I happened to be out on Hospital Road, which is just off Bray Road, and where a lot of sightings of Dogmen have taken place – on that particular juncture of the road. There were a couple of cameramen and two colleagues of mine that were with me, and we were all being filmed for a TV show. It was the turn of one of my colleagues to be filmed. The other one and I were just standing at the side of the road – waiting and seeing what was going on – when this very large, black sedan pulled up. And as the window came down there was an older woman in the car. Nobody that I knew. We looked at her as the window came down and she said, in an accent that sounded kind of like a Russian accent, but could have been eastern European; I’m not sure: ‘Do you need any help?’

“There was something about her mannerisms: it wasn’t as if she was tentative or worried about anything. She just stated this in a really almost commanding way. And my friend and I looked at each other and we just said: ‘Thank you, no; we’re just filming.’ And it was like she didn’t really understand what we she said, because she said again: ‘Do you need any help? Can I help you?’ We said, ‘No, thanks,’ again. She still didn’t drive away; she looked over at the cameraman who was filming the activity and she seemed a little reluctant to leave. But, there wasn’t any great reason she could think of to justify staying. So, she finally turned and stepped on the gas kind of slowly. And that was it.

“But, it just struck me as so strange at the time. She was dressed in black, but it wasn’t a formal business suit or anything like that. The car was black and the interior was kind of dark. I would estimate she was probably in her sixties and she had a deep voice. Her hair was grayish and pulled back. There was a bit of exoticness to her. It was such an odd thing; it was out of the ordinary and stuck in my mind. She didn’t fit in with the local populace, put it that way.”


Of course, those of a skeptical nature would likely be inclined to say this was simply a case of a woman in a black car taking an interest in a TV shoot, rather than an incident involving a definitive Woman in Black. I should stress, though, that in the other cases I have on file – where witnesses saw the Dogman and were then visited by a MIB or a WIB – the black-dressed entities were on the scene almost impossibly quickly, and always in cars. You know the color of those cars. Methinks we should take a deeper look at the Dogman-MIB-WIB phenomenon…

The Black Knight was again filmed by NASA.

The International Space Station seems to have recorded the mysterious and ancient satellite known as the “Black Knight” floating near the Soyuz probe .

The observers, particularly attentive, saw it quickly.

This mysterious and legendary satellite (dubbed “Black Knight Satellite”) is the name given to an unidentified object filmed by NASA astronauts using a camera during the STS-88 mission of space shuttle Endeavor in 1998.

Conspiracy theorists claim that this satellite is of extraterrestrial origin and that it may be about 13 thousand years old . 

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Strange Inscriptions Found in Mysterious Giant Black Sarcophagus

It’s the gift that keeps on giving … at least if you’re interested in Egyptology, mummies, strange brews, archeology and mysteries. We’re talking, of course, about the mysterious giant marble sarcophagus found in Alexandria, Egypt, recently that generated excitement when it was found, intrigue when rumors flew about its mysterious contents, puzzlement when the contents were not what was expected, disgust when some people wanted to drink the water inside and more questions when the remains turned out to be both men and a woman, with one skull showing a round surgical hole. If that wasn’t enough (it never is when it comes to Egyptian artifacts), some mysterious gold sheets that were mistakenly reported to be inside some of the bones have been analyzed and the pictures on them add to the mystique and mystery of the sarcophagus.

Luxor Times tweeted photos of the tiny (approximately 5cm by 3cm or 2 in by 1 in) gold sheets, also referred to as panels, found with the skeletons. Mostafa Waziri, secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, told Ahram Online that the panels (seen in this video) may be related to the military rankings of the three people buried in the sarcophagus. If true, it will be interesting to see which one belonged to the woman since female soldiers were sometimes depicted in Egyptian drawings.

Live Science contacted several experts to analyze the pictures of the panels and got a detailed report from Jack Ogden, president of the Society of Jewellery Historians and one of the foremost experts in the field. Ogden identified one image as an unhooded snake, which “had connotations of rebirth — they shed their skin — and thus [are] perfect in a funerary connection” and is often associated with the goddess Isis. However, those weren’t enough for Ogden to confirm this jewelry belonged to the female in the sarcophagus.

The other two sheets were more puzzling. One is a plant, possibly corn or a palm branch, which would again symbolize rebirth when placed with the dead. The last contains what looks like an opium poppy seed pod in a shrine, which Ogden speculates could have symbolized medicine (opium had medicinal usages in in Egypt) or getting stoned and entering a dream or coma-like state to symbolize death – or perhaps even induce it? As Ogden said of this panel, “It is intriguing.”

Indeed. Why was gold or jewelry placed with these bodies in a coffin that was quite possibly being shared due to mysterious circumstances. Were these people related? Heroes of the same war or battle? Killed by the same disease or plague? Something else?

What else is in this mysterious sarcophagus and why is it trickling out so slowly? Is the Ministry of Antiquities milking it for its tourism value … or it hiding something?

What more gifts will the mysterious giant black sarcophagus give?

More Mysteries of the Giant Black Sarcophagus Revealed

If you’re still waiting for a glass of sarcophagus sewer water from the big black mysterious marble coffin opened in Alexandria, Egypt, recently, keep holding your breath (a smart thing to do around that vile liquid anyway). On the other hand, if you were hoping for confirmation of your theory that the soaked skeletons swimming in said sarcophagus sewage were not soldiers but something else, you were right about at least one of them. And fear not, water waiters — no one has poured the sewer water back into the sewer … yet.

When the mysterious stone sarcophagus was opened recently, three skeletons were found, along with the water indicating that this coffin had been unsealed before. According to an announcement by Dr. Mostafa Waziri, Secretary- General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, all of the contents were turned over to Dr. Zeinab Hasheesh, Director of the Department of the Skeleton Remains Studies at the Ministry of Antiquities. The analysis of the skeletons was performed by Dr. Nadia Kheider, Head of the Central Department of Antiquities of Lower Egypt (Those Egyptians are serious about their antiquities!)

According to Dr. Kheider, pelvic size showed that one skeleton belonged to a woman between the age of 20 to 25 years old, with a height around 160 to 164 cm (around 5 foot 4 inches). The second one belonged to a man between the age of 35 to 39 years old, with a height ranging between 160 to 165.5 cm while the third skeleton was a man between the age of 40 and 44 years old and its height was between 179 to 184.5 cm (almost 6 foot). It’s doubtful that the woman was a soldier, so the original theory that the three skeletons were in the military is now questionable.

Tell us more!

Anther interesting find by the researchers was a hole in one skull that the owner appeared to have lived with for a while, indicating it was probably the result of trepanation surgery, where a hole is bored or chipped to relieve pressure, drain fluid or just poke around. While trepanation was common elsewhere, it was not in Egypt. Even more interesting was the presence of gold flakes or sheets inside the bones. There was no speculation in the report how this happened. Finally, the remains were found stacked on top of each other, indicating the sarcophagus had been opened multiple times.

One poor unnamed researcher was tasked with studying the infamous sewage water which over 20,000 people had petitioned to drink. They may change their minds when they find out it was a mix of water, decomposed human remains and decomposed burial wrappings. Just to be sure (or perhaps as punishment for some work infraction), the researcher will be conducting further tests on the sewage water. DNA tests will also be done on the bones to determine if they were related.

An example of trepanation

Who were the people in the mysterious black sarcophagus? What was wrong with the person who had their skull drilled? Why was there gold in the bones? Why was such a large sarcophagus in an elaborate tomb used so many different times? The research will continue.

It’s a good thing Egypt has so many antiquities experts.

The Sinister Case of the Black Monk

Hauntings and poltergeist acitvity are nothing new, and the lore of paranormal research holds countless examples. Yet, every once in a while a case will truly bubble up from the rest to present an extremely strange and strong case. Lying within the country of England is an unassuming, normal looking house, which nevertheless has managed to go on to accrue a reputation as one of the most haunted locations in the nation. Here at this abode we have a rather volatile, frightening, and violent entity that has come to be known as the Black Monk.

The year was 1966, and a family consisting of Jean and Joe Pritchard and their two children, Phillip, 15, and Diane, 12, moved into a quiet house on 30 East Drive, in Pontefract, West Yorkshire, England. It was not long after they had settled in that strange things began to happen around the home, starting, as these things tend to, rather innocently enough. The first main incident started on September 1, 1966, when the son Philip was staying at the home with his grandmother, Sarah Scholes, while the rest of the family was away on a trip to Devon. One day they they felt a strange gust of cold wind pass through despite the summer heat, shortly after which they witnessed what seemed to be a white powder or mist snowing down from the ceiling as the sounds of footsteps echoed from above. When they went to investigate, along with Scholes’ sister Marie Kelley, there were found to be inexplicable pools of water spreading on the floor of the kitchen, and even as they stared at this new development that bumping noise continued from the next floor up and that dust rained down upon them.

30 East Drive

At the time it was thought that the water was merely the result of a broken pipe, and a repairman from the water company was called in to take a look. However, after a thorough inspection of the kitchen there was found to be no sign of anything amiss, and the repairman had no idea of where the water could be coming from, even as it seemed to pool up even more as he was there. The pools would eventually stop, but everyone present was left completely baffled as to what was going on.

Later that same evening, the pools began to form again from nowhere, and this time this phenomenon was joined by a violent, jolting rattling of various cutlery and pots and pans around the kitchen. In addition to this, the whole area was sprayed with tea as some unseen force repeatedly depressed the button on the tea dispenser with great force and increasing speed. The cupboards and furniture of the kitchen also began to vibrate and move about without explanation or apparent cause. This was all followed by a thunderous bang from the outside hallway, but when they looked to see what it could be nothing was there, even though the hallway light began to turn on and off by itself even as they surveyed it. It was further noticed that a plant that was normally positioned at the foot of the stairs was now inexplicably sitting at the top of the stairs, and neither of them had moved it.

As they examined the hall, the crockery and cupboards in the kitchen began to vibrate again with greater vigor, and Kelley was once again brought over to observe the frightening show for herself. The activity once again died down, but when a heavy chest of drawers began to sway on its own volition later that night, both Philip and his grandmother packed a few things and headed to a neighbor’s house for the night, terrified of what was going on. Interestingly, by the time the rest of the family returned from their trip the strange phenomena seemed to have stopped. At the time they all thought that there had to be some normal explanation for what had happened, especially as there were no further disturbances. Indeed, it would not be for another 2 years that anything else out of the ordinary would happen on the premises, but when it did it did so with a vengeance.

Interior of the house

The long period of silence made it all the more shocking when pools of water started forming again all over the house, furniture was moved or rattled on its own, odd green foam would seep out of water taps, loud thuds and bangs would sound out from all over the house, doors would slam by themselves, and more ominously, family portraits and furniture would be found demolished or slashed and disfigured as with a knife. There were also unidentified sickening odors that would waft through the home, as well as anomalous noises including heaving breathing and, oddly, the sound of barnyard animals. Such things happened nearly everyday, and it all became so commonplace that the family took to calling the invisible entity “Fred,” putting an innocuous nickname to the faceless and gradually threatening intruder.

All of this steadily graduated in intensity, with things being smashed or broken by unseen hands, or objects flying across the room even in the presence of guests. Indeed, whenever people came over the phenomena seemed to actually get worse and more violent, and this apparently even happened in the presence of local police officers and the town vicar, leaving everyone dumbfounded and authorities unable to find any rational explanation. In particular Dianne seemed to be targeted, often waking up to the sound of heavy breathing or undefined voices in her ears, and there were times when she was allegedly downright physically assaulted by the entity, such as being pushed, having her hair pulled, and even on several occasions dragged across the room. The entity was not above lashing out at others as well, and reports of being held down, pushed, slapped, or punched by the specter were common, even from those just visiting.

The phenomena seemed to work in cycles, with times when this would happen on a daily basis interspersed with long absences, sometimes for weeks at a time, but return it always did. In the face of the escalating malevolent activity, the Pritchard family reached out to the Church for help, and there were several exorcisms performed on the house, all of which seemed to just make the spirit even angrier. During these attempted exorcisms crucifixes were supposedly knocked out of hands or smashed to pieces, and inverted crosses were sometimes found painted or scrawled upon the walls in red and black ink. In one particularly frightening incident an invisible force picked up a candlestick and held it in front of the priest’s face, which was enough to send the man of the cloth running away to never come back.

In addition to this, the malicious spirit began to make itself knaon and visible as a full apparition. At first these visitations took the form of Jean and Joe waking in the middle of the night to see a dark shape standing at their bed staring at them, which would then blink out of existence. On another occasion, Joe claimed to have awoken to see a figure in flowing black robes hovering over his bed. This strange entity was more often that described this way, as dressed in black robes and with a hood covering his face, not unlike what a medieval monk might wear and which would earn the wraith the nickname “The Black Monk.”

Before long the Black Monk was seen lurking about by everyone in the family, and was even claimed to have been spotted prowling the property by neighbors and other locals. To make it all even creepier, the phantom would sometimes change things up by appearing wearing women’s fur gloves. Through this all it seemed to still have it in for the daughter Diane, and its attacks on her grew in ferocity. The girl would sometimes wake up with scratches and bruises on her body or be completely thrown from her bed, and on at least one occasion was actively choked and slapped around by an unseen force in full view of witnesses, who were often themselves not immune to these outbursts. Perhaps the scariest incident happened when Diane’s hair was seen to stand up as if someone were pulling and yanking on it, after which the girl was forcefully dragged up the stairs screaming.

The desperate family had paranormal investigators called in, and some interesting things were found out on the history of the land the house sat upon. For instance, investigator Tom Cuniff found that not only had the area once been the site of a battle, but also that it had once been used as the town gallows, and that hundreds of people had been executed here. In particular, there was supposedly a Cluniac monk who had met his end by hanging here, after being found guilty of raping and killing a young girl around Diane’s age back in the 16th century, and Cuniff believed that this was the spirit haunting the home.

Strangely, despite all of the intense paranormal activity that permeated this home, it would all one day suddenly cease just as abruptly as it had started. The weeks would go on with the family bracing for the Black Monk to rear his sinister head yet again, but it was completely quiet for no apparent reason, as if he had just gotten bored and stopped. The Pritchards would nevertheless eventually move out, and the house would go on to be a popular destination for paranormal investigators, several of whom would apparently uncover the fact that indeed the Black Monk was still around and as active as ever, perhaps perturbed by new trespassers to his domain.

A very well-known and harrowing investigation of the premises was carried out by seasoned paranormal researchers Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman, of the TV series Paranormal Lockdown, who recklessly decided to actually spend a few days locked up inside of the home, and almost as soon as the doors closed there were purportedly strange goings on. It started with a sense of an indefinable dread and a door being slammed shut almost immediately, which could have been attributed to a draft if it weren’t for what would transpire over the next 100 hours. Groff would say of his initial impression of the house thus:

Right when we stepped on the property it felt different. There’s an energy about it. When you take a step into that location it’s haunting, it really is, without anything really even occurring you just feel it, you feel the energy and the sense that something is there lurking in the shadows.

They would go on to be awoken by slamming or banging noises in the house, and the next day they actually reached out to the entity, called it Fred, and asked if it would move a ball. Sure enough, the ball apparently began rolling across the floor of its own volition. It almost seemed rather playful at first, but then things started to get knocked off of stands, thrown across the room, or broken, and a clock dropped off the wall. When Groff reached out to ask the spirit “Do you need a lot of energy [to move things]?,” it was captured in an EVP recording saying in Latin “desperata,” meaning “hopeless.”

On top of this, whenever the team asked the entity something it would remain silent, but the room temperature would drop dramatically. In addition, a shadowy figure was allegedly filmed moving across a room, and the nighttime noises occurred with increased amplification. To make it all even more menacing, a knife was inexplicably left on the stairs, and the crew began to complain of being pushed or shoved by something, with the co-host Katrina was actually claiming to have been held in place, attacked, and scratched. Groff would say:

We’ve captured this solid figure moving past one of the doors, things moving on their own. My co-host Katrina, she got scratched too at one point so it got really scary as it escalated through our investigation of a hundred hours. When I was living there for 100 hours there were moments when I was terrified, like when I was sleeping and I was really deep in sleep. And anybody, I don’t care how strong you are or how big you are, you will be startled in the darkness, and you’re all alone, and something bangs really loud in the room and the door opens on its own, and you see an apparition – you’re going to get startled.

Other researchers have had similarly bizarre experiences on the property, with numerous instances of the ghost’s voice caught on tape and quite a few pieces of photographic evidence as well. Many of these investigators have expressed shock at the sheer magnitude of sinister paranormal activity in the residence, with some even claiming that they actually feared for their lives while there, and the Black Monk has earned a reputation for being one of the most violent and evil poltergeists around. Another pair of investigators from the TV show Ghost Dimension said:

When we arrived at the house I had been so excited to finally be filming at 30 East Drive. I had heard so many stories about what went on here through the 60s and seen so many photos of monk-like figures. We had never experienced so many paranormal happenings going in one place and in such quick succession.

The house itself was purchased by a man named Phillip Pritchard and later sold to the British advertiser and film producer Bil Bungay, who turned it into a sort of macabre tourist destination. He would later have the story made into the 2012 horror film When The Lights Go Out, directed by Pat Holden, and which is loosely based on the real events. The film crew apparently had quite a few paranormal experiences making the movie, which was supposedly partly filmed on location, and to this day it has remained a hotspot for debate, discussion, and investigation.

There have of course been plenty of allegations that this was all a hoax or a publicity stunt, and that there was never any haunting at all. However, this ignores the fact that the whole town knew of this haunting, and it was witnessed by numerous people, including neighbors, friends, poilve officers, and at least two priests. So concentrated was the haunting and so violent, that the case of the Black Monk of Pontefract has gone on to become one of the most well-documented and aggressive hauntings England has ever seen, with the house this day said to be ground zero for all manner of strange happenings. Whatever is going on here, be that an expansive hoax or a very angry and vehement spirit, the case has never been solved.

The Menacing Haunted House of the Black Forest

Forests have a way of drawing to them stories of the paranormal and hauntings. There is something about these darkened remote places with their trees raising their skeletal branches to the heavens and their spooky sounds that invite such tales. Add to this stories of an intensely haunted old house out in the woods and you have a perfect recipe for a creepy case. Lying out in the thick woods of a rural area of the state of Colorado is just such a mysterious house, which has gone on to be considered one of the most haunted places in the United States.

The place known as Black Forest is in an unincorporated town that lies in El Paso County, Colorado, near Colorado Springs, within an region traditionally known as the “Pineries,” which once sprawled over a 1,000 square mile area and is so named due to the high concentration of Ponderosa Pines found here. The sparsely populated area is well-known for its slow-paced lifestyle, crisp, clean air, beautiful nature, and breathtaking picturesque vistas. It was for these reasons that in 1991 a couple by the name of Steven and Beth Lee moved to the area from Louisiana along with their two sons in order to purchase a secluded two-story log home off Swan Road and surrounded by untouched wilderness that was to be their dream home. What they didn’t know at the time was that it was all to become anything but a dream.

Unbeknownst to the family at the time, the property had previously been owned by a man who allegedly had experienced intense paranormal activity there, yet he did not inform the Lees at the time because he apparently did not think anyone would believe him, or worse yet that he would be laughed at. The family moved in without having any awareness of this previous strangeness, and had not heard any rumors of the supposed haunting either, which made it all the more surprising when an escalating series of very bizarre phenomena began to plague them in their new home soon after moving in.

The Lee home

By all accounts the phenomena started within barely a week of moving in, and began somewhat innocuously enough. The couple’s two young sons began to complain of strange lights in their rooms, as well as what appeared to be shadows moving about, and this could’ve been chalked up to the children’s overactive imaginations if it weren’t for the fact that Steven and Beth also started experiencing the same thing. In addition to this, flashes of light would be seen in the forest, doors in the home closed on their own, lights or electrical appliances would turn on or off by themselves, and there were sometimes heard thumps, bangs, and knocks on the roof or walls, as well as footsteps and even anomalous music that seemed to come from nowhere. More ominously was an odd chemical odor that would spring up out of nowhere to pervade the house, sometimes so strong and overpowering that it stung the nostrils and eyes. All of this phenomena quickly grew in intensity, culminating in frightening experiences that Beth Lee would describe in the book Haunted Places: The National Directory, thus:

One day we came home and it was like the Fourth of July in our living room and bedroom. We had all kinds of lights flashing through, and it sounded like people stomping across the roof. We would lay in bed at night and hear chains rattling. One night we woke up and heard orchestra music. Strange things started happening every day.

As scary as all of this was, Steven did not at first believe this to be anything paranormal at all, and suspected it was all the work of trespassers trying to scare them of the land. In order to combat this threat, he spent a great deal of time and money installing a state-of-the-art video surveillance system, and it was soon found that video and photographs taken would more often than not display all manner of strange images, including orbs, streaks of light, and, more ominously, glowing, undefined outlines of human figures, faces, and even spectral images of animals out in the woods and near the home, several of the images of which were published in Fate Magazine in November of 1994. Thinking this was a technical malfunction, he tried several different types of cameras and film, but got the same results every time no matter what he did. On top of this, the motion detector alarms that they had installed were prone to going off without any evidence of anyone being there.

Steven Lee began contacting the El Paso County Sheriff’s department and even hired a private investigator, still convince that pranksters or burglars were behind it all. Authorities would make 45 separate trips to the home, yet never found any evidence of a break-in or any criminal activity. The only somewhat unusual evidence offered up was a cloth saturated with that sour chemical odor, but it was found to not be any sort of dangerous substance. After a while, the constant calls coming in from the Lee home caused them to believe he was perhaps delusional and paranoid, and they started to more or less ignore the complaints. By this time the Lees were becoming more and more aware that just maybe there was actually something paranormal at work, and they reached out to a TV program called Sightings in 1995, who would eventually do a whole series on the home and show it to be far stranger than anyone knew.

When the crew arrived they did so with a well-known psychic, Echo Bodine, who was immediately humbled by the sheer concentration of spiritual energy in the house, and she stated that there were at least 20 entities residing there, with one in particular described as being very powerful and malevolent. The whole production was plagued with mechanical malfunctions, inexplicable electromagnetic interference, and cameras and tripods knocked over by unseen hands. More sinister still, at one point in the investigation one of the crew members was reportedly attacked by something unseen, which jumped into her and supposedly left her whole body numb, with feeling in her limbs only regained after being physically escorted out of the house as she cried uncontrollably in terror. She would later describe it as feeling as if something had been trying to possess her body.

So intense was this weird activity while the crew was there that they returned 6 months later to investigate more. This time they brought another psychic named Peter James, who also immediately claimed that he had never felt psychic energy of the magnitude he felt there. As he walked through the home James claimed that much of this energy seemed to be focused on an upstairs closet and from a 100-year-old mirror kept in the master bedroom, both of which he speculated were some sort of vortex connecting the physical world to the spiritual. Adding weight to these claims were photographs then taken of the mirror, with many of them showing ghostly faces staring back or strange streaks of light. Indeed, so much anomalous footage was taken over the course of these visits by Sightings to the Lee home that it is considered one of the most well-documented hauntings ever. James would say of it:

There is an energy here unlike any I’ve ever experienced in all the years I’ve investigated anomalous activity. So the Black Forest is indeed a very important place that should be further investigated.

One of the mirror photographs

Spookily, not long after filming wrapped, James woke one day to find a painful welt on his forehead for no apparent reason. A visit to the doctor and a CAT scan later and the welt was still unexplainable. However, when going through photographs taken at the Lee house, among the many images of the myriad paranormal activity was a picture of James standing in a room with what appears to be a bright “dagger of light” pointed directly at his forehead, something he had not seen at the time. It was a very odd experience in a case already dripping with the odd.

With the TV program and the rumors raging about the “haunted” Lee home out there in the woods, it got to the point that even State Senator Charles Duke went to visit the home in 1996 to check it out. Duke was highly skeptical at the time, but his mind was soon changed when he experienced strange phenomena himself and even managed to capture on film the ghostly, smoke-like form of what looked like a dog, forcing him to concede: “There are certainly some anomalies that don’t belong there I don’t as yet know what they are. I was shocked. I’m not a believer yet, but certainly there is something going on there. There’s certainly something unusual, there’s no doubt about it.” Eerily, the image taken by Duke supposedly resembles a dog the Lees had had which had died 10 years prior, and this same phantom dog would go on to be routinely sighted and photographed in the area, sometimes atually hovering off the ground.

Another skeptic who was surprised by the location was electromagnetics expert Bill Gibbens, who went in planning to debunk the whole thing and came away convinced something strange was going on, saying “I saw spectacular light shows that could be seen with the naked eye. It’s an extremely active site, and there’s nothing that Steve or his wife are doing to cause this.” In the following years countless psychics and paranormal investigators, as well as other skeptics, have been to the Lee home, many coming away utterly perplexed by the startling intensity of the activity there, earning it a reputation as being one of the most haunted locations in the United States, if not the world.

What is going on here and why should this particular house draw to it so much paranormal activity and such an enormous concentration of spiritual energy? One local Hopi shaman has explained that the reason is because it is located on the site of what he refers to as a “Rainbow Vortex,” a doorway between the worlds of the living and the dead. Other psychics and investigators have similarly come to the same conclusion, that the house, for whatever reasons, holds a mysterious vortex or gateway that allows entities to pass back and forth between worlds unhindered. In this theory these wraiths and specters are not necessarily haunting this location, but rather this is one of the few places on our plane of reality through which they can arrive here, sort of like an interdimensional train station.

Interestingly, despite all of this, one of the biggest skeptics of the paranormal explanation has been Steven Lee himself. Even in the face of all of this unexplained phenomena he would go on to become more and more convinced that rather than ghosts he was being stalked by some shady government organization for nefarious purposes. The idea that there were trespassers on his property went on evolve to become a web of conspiracy of government agents and secret experiments, and Lee has said he believes that they are interested in the family for the purpose of testing out biological weapons, psychic warfare, mind-control, and “laser holograms.” He would claim that he had seen black-clad armed men prowling around outside the home, and blamed these enigmatic individuals for cutting power to the home and spraying them with unknown noxious chemicals, as well as following him around all over town. He has said of these ideas:

I truly think the U.S. government has a hand in this. I don’t think any one individual could get away with this for this period of time without getting caught. The government does testing out here that has military implications.

Lee even has even gone so far as to try to bring in the FBI to investigate his claims, but they have responded that there is not much they can do in the absence of any evidence of a federal crime being committed. Whether this is all caused by supernatural forces or secretive government agents, the Lee house has nevertheless managed to continue over the years to prove itself as a wellspring for the bizarre, with countless reports of apparitions, strange lights, and other varied phenomena from the premises. Whatever is going on here, it has managed to go on to become one of the most intense paranormal hotspots in the country, and will likely remain an unexplained conundrum for some time to come.

Men in Black: Not Human

Just a couple of nights ago – while I was promoting my latest book, The Black Diary – I was asked by a caller to the radio show why I “insist” on stating that the Men in Black are supernatural in nature, rather than “accepting” that they are the secret agents of a clandestine agency within government. The answer to that question is very simple: it’s the witness testimony which makes me come to the supernatural conclusion. I have always said that the most important people in the collective field of Forteana are not the writers, the researchers, the radio-hosts, or the TV producers. It’s the witnesses who are the most important. Time and time again I am approached by people who have been terrorized by the MIB. On only a small number of occasions do the witnesses describe the MIB as looking human. For the most part, they look anything but human.

I know all too well why so many people assume that the MIB are agents of governments, of military agencies, and / or of clandestine projects buried deep within the world of officialdom. It largely comes from the Men in Black movies, starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. Yes, the trilogy makes for fun viewing. But, by presenting the MIB as the agents of a classified organization, the makers of the movies instilled in the minds of many the image of the Men in Black being “secret agents.” But, the Hollywood portrayal is actually very different to what the witnesses tell us – and that’s a very important issue to be aware of.

It’s worth noting that the man who largely began the whole MIB phenomenon in the early 1950s – Albert Bender, of Bridgeport, Connecticut – was confronted not by agents of the FBI, CIA, etc., but by grim-faced, shadow-like characters with shining eyes and who left behind them an odor of brimstone when they quite literally vanished. Bender’s strange story – which comes across like something akin to H.P. Lovecraft meets The X-Files – is told in Gray Barker’s 1956 book, They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers and in Bender’s own book, Flying Saucers and the Three Men.

When, from 1966 to 1967, John Keel immersed himself in the wave of sightings of what became known as “Mothman” in the town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, he was flooded with accounts of local encounters with both MIB and Women in Black. They were often described as looking not quite human. Their skin resembled plastic. They wore wraparound sunglasses that often only partially masked their huge, oversized eyes. They were clearly unaware of our customs and manners. Some of them didn’t even know how to eat food or drink water – as bizarre as it certainly sounds.

Things get even more disturbing: people who have encountered the MIB have fallen sick – and quickly, too. A kind of paranormal infection, we might say. The MIB are able to place people under some form of mind-control, something which compels the targeted person to open the door and let them in, regardless of the time of day or night. Witnesses to UFO activity who have been visited by the MIB talk of poltergeist activity occurring in the home – and in the immediate aftermaths of the MIBs’ vanishing acts.

There are reports of people encountering the MIB while in altered states. In the late 1960s, voice-over actor Peter Beckman and a friend had a very sinister encounter with a pair of MIB while on mescaline – and while listening to the soundtrack to the movie, Rosemary’s Baby. Peter said of the MIB who quickly turned up and managed to get into the house: “They were dressed in square, Eisenhower-era cop-clothing, or FBI clothing – which in 1969, 1970 was not that unusual. They came in and sat on the couch. They were pale and sickly; their clothes hung real loose and they looked as though they might expire at any moment. They appeared to have either trouble breathing, or trouble even being.  I don’t believe they said a thing. If they did, it has disappeared from memory. Very odd, indeed.”

Similarly, I have three cases where people encountered the MIB while on DMT. In one such case, the witness described how both MIB seemed “surprised” that the witness could see them. Not only that, the MIB seemingly have the ability to invade peoples’ dreams and turn them into definitive nightmares. The old black cars of the MIB vanish in the blink of an eye. There are even a few, very strange, stories of the MIB shapeshifting into the form of a large, black dog with glowing, red eyes.

So, that’s why I “insist” the Men in Black are not human: because the vast majority of all the witnesses to the MIB describe them as being non-human.

Some People Want to Drink Sewer Water From the Black Sarcophagus

Unlike the three corpses found inside of it, the strange story of the huge black sarcophagus opened this week in Egypt won’t die. Despite warnings from both scientists and mummy fearmongers, the massive lid was removed from the massive stone casket and the contents were revealed to the waiting world … three skeletons, possibly of soldiers, and a putrid pool of liquid sewage that may have seeped in over time and mixed with … well, use your imagination. Now, use that same imagination to think of the worst thing you could do with that mysterious, murky liquid. You don’t have to be a frat boy or a double-dog-dare player to guess the answer … a group of people has petitioned the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities to obtain a bottle of sarcophagus soda (patent pending) for drinking. (See it here.)

We’ll give you a moment to go to the bathroom.

Good grief … they want to drink what?

Feel better? Innes McKendrick, a video games producer from Guildford, Surrey, has started a petition to … well, let’s let him tell it in his own words.

“We need to drink the red liquid from the cursed dark sarcophagus in the form of some sort of carbonated energy drink so we can assume its powers and finally die.”

“We” at the time of this writing is at least 643 people who have signed the petition at Innes may be clear on the dirty water but not on who is currently holding it … he addressed the petition to Egypt’s “King of Skeletons,” which would be a great name for a band but probably ticked off the Ministry of Antiquities, which deals with far more than skeletons.

To show he’s serious, Innes agreed to be interviewed by The Metro (OK, maybe that’s not the best place to show you’re serious) and addressed the alleged curse of the sarcophagus, the real curse of living in today’s world and the reason for his desire to bring a curse upon himself (and anyone who dips a tongue into the glass with him) by drinking the red bile with Red Bull.

“Many felt let down when the dark and extremely cursed sarcophagus was pried open to reveal only skeletons drenched in raw sewage, which is weird because skeletons are inherently pretty awesome. However, I stand true to the hope we were promised, and deeply believe that by consuming the skeleton juice in the form of a carbonated high caffeine energy drink that we can still have the opportunity to enter an era of unending darkness and despair. I’m so glad to see others backing the petition, and sharing in my mission to rapidly bring about the end of all things.”

In the spirit of “thinning the herd,” perhaps we should let these petitioners drink the coffin cola. But first, the researchers at the Alexandria National Museum need to study it (and the skeletons) to determine how so much of it got into the sarcophagus. One theory is that the coffin had been opened before and reused – this might explain why such a massive one contained what appear to be common soldiers, not Egyptian royalty.

Isn’t this current civilization supposed to be more advanced than us?

Since so many people seem to think Innes McKendrick has a bright idea and Egypt is trying to increase tourism, maybe the Antiquities Ministry should work with him to develop soft drink or a hard liquor that looks like the gross liquid. Gin, vermouth, cherry juice and a garnish of mummy wrapping — a mummy martini (patent pending).

With an imagination like Innes McKendrick, he’s probably drank far worse.

And “Sewer Water from the Black Sarcophagus” would be a great name for a heavy metal album.