Is it a UFO? 10 bizarre Google Maps findings which could be the work of aliens

Have aliens visited Earth? Take a look at these 10 bizarre sites found by alien hunters on Google Maps and judge for yourself.

Whether you believe in aliens or not, you can’t deny that these areas found on Google Maps look a bit strange.

Alien researchers are constantly trawling the free mapping site in pursuit of extra-terrestrial signs. Check them out below and judge for yourselves…


The underwater alien base in Antarctica

In April, UFO hunters claimed a 500-metre-long object off the coast of Antarctica as an underwater alien lair.

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What is this bizarre structure found in the Egyptian desert? UFO hunters speculate after strange building is spotted on Google Earth

  • The complex was spotted in barren landscape east of Egypt’s capital Cairo
  • Video pointing out the bizarre building was posted online by UFO hunters
  • Some say it could be a missile launch site, a nuclear bunker or a sand farm

A bizarre structure in the Egyptian desert and visible on Google Earth has sparked a wave of speculation among UFO hunters.

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Bizarre Reddish Planet Shaped Object Captured Below Our Moon

This huge object was filmed on August 24, 2018, Atglen in Pennsylvania, and this is an head scratchier as to what this could be.

This is not Mars as the person filming shows us where Mars is and it not lens flare. To me this looks like another planet but which one or could this be Nibiru / Planet X? AlIen states the following “Just filmed this, Yup, it is still there. Bigger, so I am assuming it is closer.

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Bizarre Hellhound Encounters in the USA

Even within the realm of cryptozoology and Forteana, there are creatures that seem to defy easy classification. To me there is absolutely a distinct line between the field of cryptozoology, which by definition deals with undiscovered organisms which are real, flesh and blood animals, that of paranormal phenomena, and that of folklore. While they may at times cross paths or briefly converge, typically these fields are as different as night and day, and deal with entirely different sets of phenomena with different areas of study, classifications, methods, aims and goals. Yet there are times when the gulf between them is not clear cut, when something that on the surface appears to be an uncategorized animal evades such a simple identification. One such enigmatic beast has surely got to be the infamous black Hellhounds, a unique category of creature so bizarre that it transcends any attempts to safely label it.

Hellhounds in one form or another have been recorded throughout human history, from a variety of far flung cultures, and although their appearance varies depending on the area and the local traditions, they are typically described as a very large black hound which can range anywhere in size from that of a large Great Dane, all the way up to the size of a cow or horse. They are usually described as truly frightening beasts, being totally black, with shaggy or matted fur and large, saucer sized eyes that are typically described as burning with a malevolent red, yellow, or green glow, although some accounts say they have only a single luminous eye. Usually they are described as having formidable claws, vicious looking fangs, and as being supernaturally agile, fast, and strong. The hounds can be reported as either tangible and real, or conversely purely spectral creatures, with any attempt to touch them proving to pass through them as if they aren’t there. Folklore usually suggests that they have a horrific wail or howl which can invoke sheer terror in those who hear it, and they are known to even have a sinister, human sounding laugh, but that their foot falls are typically completely silent.

The British Isles in particular have long had tales of such entities, with countless tales of phantom hounds which prowl the lonely roads, crypts, cemeteries, and wilds here, and stories of these hellhounds go back centuries. The hounds have been known as the Gurt Dog, Padfoot, Barguest, the Hairy Hound, the Yeth, and Old Shock, Old Snarleyow, and Old Scarfe, among many others. In Ireland they are known as Pooka, on the Isla of Man they are Moddey Dhoo, in Wales the Gwyligi, and in Scotland the beastly hounds are called Cù Sìth. The most popular and widely used term for these bizarre entities in the United Kingdom is the Black Shuck, a term which originated with the name the hounds were given in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire, with the name deriving from the Old English word scucca meaning “demon,” or possibly the word “shucky” meaning “shaggy” or “hairy.”

These frightening creatures were said to be anything from the ghosts of dead travelers, to the spirits of dead hounds awaiting the return of their masters, to inscrutable guardians of forbidden knowledge, to being the Devil himself. The folklore and sightings of these huge, mysterious hounds go back centuries, inspiring a great amount of literature and spooky history in their path. Yet, these creatures are certainly not confined to the old folklore of Britain, and there are many real modern sightings and encounters with apparent Hellhounds across the pond in the United States, and these have come up right into the present.

We start at the Appalachian Mountains of the Eastern United States, which have seen quite a few reports of what seem to be Hellhounds, especially in the states of Kentucky and West Virginia. Reports go back quite some time, with some accounts coming from as early as the late 17th century of great black dogs with glowing eyes terrorizing the region, and such accounts have continued on into more recent times. In Kentucky there have long been reports of massive black dogs measuring about 4 feet high at the shoulder and 7 feet long, and one of these beasts allegedly prowled the area of Pike County throughout the 1930s and 40s, purportedly massacring cattle and sometimes even humans, as well as frightening locals.

In modern times such reports drew the interest of paranormal and cryptid investigators for the TV show Mountain Monsters, who went to the area for an investigation. The excursion would turn out to be pretty bizarre, if inconclusive. The investigators spoke with farmers in the area who showed them torn apart carcasses of livestock and gave spooky accounts of something large and dark prowling through the wilderness. They were also shown an alleged video of the beast, as well as paw prints measuring 7-1/2 – 8 inches long, very big for a dog. During the investigation, the team built a bamboo drop cage and baited it with hog shoulders in an effort to lure it out, and although they don’t catch it they can hear something crashing around in the brush growling, and can see a large shadow. It is all very dramatic, and whether the episode has any truth to it or not, Kentucky and other areas of Appalachia have still produced many reports of Hellhounds.

Also on the East Coast is an account from Connecticut, where a witness on the site Real Unexplained Mysteries claims to have lived in an apartment that was haunted by shadow people and the apparition of some sort of massive spectral hound. The thing would first appear one night looming over their bed, and she would describe the terrifying experience thus:

I woke with it over my then boyfriend. It is very immense. Stands like a human. Has red eyes. Long pointy nails. The hands are not like ours but not paws. It has a very unique snout- more pronounced than a canine. It is no dog but a beast. I warded it off. I had so much fear ( I guess I had nothing to lose) and hovered over my boyfriend almost like a dog. Told myself show no fear and I can’t even explain the immense anger I felt. It does not speak like us but more in mind. Almost perception. I growled like in my mind and remember thinking stay away. That’s when the anger swept over me. It backed up and vanished in wall. I wish I could say it was a happy ending but wasn’t. I started having night terrors always ending in my death every night.

This report fits in well with the lore of Hellhounds being spectral entities rather than physical ones, and also matches some of the stories of them feeding off of fear. What did she see? We’ll likely never know. Moving up to Michigan we also have reports of outsized canine monstrosities, and one report posted in Jason Ofutt’s blog From the Shadows comes from the area of Romulus, Michigan. The witness, known as S. Costea, claimed that he had been living with his family at a cabin on a farm there at the time, which was all surrounded by thick woods that was the home of something rather unusual to say the least. According to Costea there was some sort of “dog creature” about the size of a Great Dane and with glowing red eyes that skulked about in the darkness there in the evening hours, and he would say of it:

We had this really strange dog creature that would hang around the property. I say dog creature because this thing was far too big and intelligent to be a stray dog. It had very pronounced red eyes. I’m not saying it was a werewolf or a dog-man but it was very werewolf-like. The dog would frequently stalk the edge of the woods on our property in the day. It seemed to have no fear. My uncle would yell at it or throw things towards it to try to scare it off but it would simply rear up on its hind legs like a ram and charge at (him) for a short distance.


We would frequently find dead chickens or rabbits after thunderstorms. We knew it was that dog thing because it would leave huge paw prints in the mud and claw marks on the window ledges. Sometimes we would find the screens ripped from our screen doors and windows. It would never outright attack us, but it did seem to enjoy taunting us and harassing us.

This was all frightening enough, but it got even weirder when it demonstrated an ability to walk about on two feet for short durations, and even more bizarrely began to speak, seeming to call people outside for some insidious purpose. Costea claims that his mother found him one night sitting by the window talking to the creature, and would describe the surreal scene thus:

One summer night my mom had left the window open in my bedroom to cool the room off so I could sleep. She was on her way to the bathroom and went by my room and heard me talking to someone. When she opened the door she saw me standing in my bed and I had apparently wet my pajamas. I was talking towards the window. I wasn’t screaming or freaking out but seemed to be transfixed and talking in a low voice towards the window. When she looked towards the window the dog had its two front paws pushed through the screen and was looking through the window at us and making a low growl.Its eyes glared red. I always recall its eyes. You could see its eyes out in the woods sometimes at night. I have bad dreams about it from time to time.

The boy’s mother then threw a beer bottle at the thing to chase it off, but for the next few weeks Costea allegedly displayed odd behavior and the house pets would not go near him. He would also blurt out cryptic messages such as “we don’t want you here,” “our ghosts are food,” or “God thinks you’re bad,” and would sometimes intentionally prick himself with sharp objects until he drew blood. It almost seemed as if the thing at the window had crawled into his head somehow and that this was kind of like a demonic possession to an extent. The frightening ordeal would finally come to an end when his uncle hit it with a rifle, and Costea would say of this:

My uncle was out back working on his truck when he saw the dog at the edge of the woods making its way in towards the rabbit pen. At this point he was tired of dealing with it and went into the house to get his .22. Apparently he fired at it and hit it in the rear. The dog turned and ran into the woods. We didn’t see it anymore after that and everything cleared up.

Also from Michigan is a report from the unlikely locale of Detroit, where a witness living in one of the city’s suburbs claims he had an encounter with a Hellhound 2012. He claims that one evening he was driving through his neighborhood after leaving his girlfriend’s house at around midnight when he saw some streak of movement coming from someone’s backyard, and he described it as being “a very large and well-built creature.” He immediately stopped his car in order to get a view of the thing, and was first impressed with how incredibly fast it moved for its size, estimated as around 40 to 50 mph. He observed it for a moment before it streaked out of view and would describe it thus:

The creature was very large. If I had to compare the size to another animal, I’d say it was about the size of an adult lion. The body type appeared to be that of a dog, although I’ve never seen any breed of dog this size (and there are absolutely no wild/stray dogs in the area). It had a pitch black coat and while I could slightly make out the shape of its head from the side, I never saw its eyes or mouth. When it ran past my headlights initially, it never acknowledged my presence. It did not turn and look at me, slow down, or do anything that was directed toward me. I feel confident that if this was a hellhound, it was not looking for me, but I don’t know that for sure.

In nearby Wisconsin we have reports emanating from a place called Meridean Island, on the Chippewa River, which according to a few witness accounts seems to be prowled by some sort of canine beast. One report comes from a young couple by the names of Shelly Touchstone and Chris Wiener, who were at the island’s boat landing looking for a secluded spot when a thick fog or mist began to form out of nowhere, and which seemed to instill an inexplicable dread in them. They then heard something moving about and growling in a menacing fashion just out of the periphery of their vision, as well as a large shadow “as big as a bear,” with two pinpoints of glowing red eyes.

On another occasion, two men named Mike Bagozzi and Jeremy Stark were in the very same area when they too felt a sudden onset of dread and witnessed a fog congeal out of nowhere. They then apparently spotted a large, black hound with matted, filthy hair, which gave chase as they ran away. They only apparently managed to evade it when they got to their car and locked the doors, after which it meandered off into the wilderness and vanished. These cases hit a couple of interesting points in that Hellhounds are supposedly fond of areas near water, and also that many supernatural phenomena seem to involve a fog or mist, although whatever this connection may be is misunderstood.

Going down south we have a case from the state of Louisiana, in a report published by the National Cryptid Society. The report comes from the area of Robeline, Louisiana, in 1995, and concerns a witness who claims he was in a graveyard looking for paranormal phenomena, the two of them armed with crosses and an M16, which seems a bit extreme, but here we are. As they pushed forward into the cemetery they allegedly heard strange growling noises, and the witness describes what happened next:

We shined our flashlights all over graveyard. It was small and enclosed by fence. I said it must be a dog tied over at the parsonage. The church and parsonage was about 500 feet away. So I shined around and over in the corner of the graveyard I saw four fresh graves. They were apart from the other graves.


They had no flowers. Just two big graves and two small ones marked by 4 iron crosses. As we went to explore, we heard the growling grow louder. I said Lannie, is that dog loose? I kinda felt a little safe knowing it would be hard for it to jump the fence. But as we got closer to the grave the hair on my neck stood up and I got chills. My friend got the same feeling. The growls had a sound like Rottweiler’s. They chilled you to the bone and you felt something wasn’t right. We heard the snarling as we got a few feet from grave. The growls were not part of a body. They were disembodied. Then I tried to rationalize it in my head. Is it a couple loose mean dogs outside gate? Is it a group of coyotes? But as we shined the light this time we saw them. Two sets of glowing red eyes not attached to [a] body. They were only three feet away and stood guard by those graves.


My friend froze in fright and pushed me in front. He was crying about leaving his gun. I said Lannie, your gun won’t help against this. The dogs were vicious and I said Lannie whatever you do, don’t run. I prayed for guidance. I had not been to church in many a year but I knew what I was dealing with was straight from hell. I looked right at them. I showed my cross and said I know what you are. They snarled louder. My friend was really upset and wanting his Mama. I said Lannie please. I said I demand in the name of Jesus Christ that you allow us to leave as we came in peace and alone. I demand this in the name of the Son of Man and victor over all that is evil. I said that the Son of man ruled over all evil, and I demand you let us leave in peace. We slowly backed up and as we got to the gate we left.

This particular report seems to go overboard a bit, but who knows? All the way over on the other side of the country we come to California, which has a few accounts of Hellhounds of its own. From American Canyon, California, comes an account from a 28-year-old witness known as “Jedidiah,”who claims that one night as he was walking back from a market he heard an ear piercing howl echo out into the night. He soon caught sight of a very large dog, which he at first took to be a stray or someone’s pet, but which seemed to be too large to be such a thing. As he looked more closely, he saw that it seemed to have glowing red eyes, and to be entangled with what looked to be barbed wire. He would say of what happened next:

At this point I was quite scared. I continued on my way home and I found myself dreading each corner, fearing another sighting of this hellish creature. I had almost made it home when the beast appeared again. This time it stood directly in my path. I was frozen with fear, hair standing up on end and I close my eyes fearing an attack. It starts to growl, a deep, rumbling, growl; one that I felt deep in my soul, one that threatens to turn my legs to Jell-O. I don’t know what compelled me to do so but, I started praying, to the Lord and Jesus Christ in Heaven, to make this beast leave, but the growling intensified, it seemed as if the growl just pulsated through my mind doing everything in its power to get me to stop praying. I continued to pray, I just prayed, and prayed, and prayed. As I continued to pray, the growl slowly dissipated. When I finally opened my eyes, all that was left was scorch marks where the dog stood. To this day I have yet to see the same dog, or another like it. So this begs the question… What did I see? A hellhound, a spectral creature, some sort of demon? I never will know; but then again I’m not sure I want to.

Also in California is a case that has made the rounds involving what seems like a pack of Hellhounds in Palm Springs, California. In 2013, there were supposedly numerous reports of large, black hounds running amok in the streets, with glowing eyes and sharp fangs. The creatures were described as having the bodies of dogs, but the heads of wolves, and baffled all who saw them. Apparently they tore through people’s yards and even attacked a man’s car to rip up his bumper, before disappearing into the night to vanish. There is very little to corroborate this, but it is a strange case, indeed.

Such creatures surely seem to toe the line between the real and fantasy, where we are not really sure what we shoud be looking at. What are Hellhounds? How can they possibly be? Are these some sort of demonic entity, wandering spirit, or what? Are they misidentifications of large dogs or some wildlife? These reports seem to be beyond explanation, and show that these old legends from across the world have seemed to seep into the realm of the real. Whatever they are, Hellhounds have been spotted all over the world, and the United States is no exception.

Ants Filmed Performing Bizarre ‘Funeral Ritual’ for Fallen Bumblebee

This week, a video of a bizarre scene in the insect world vent viral, prompting a larger conversation about the animal kingdom and how we interpret it. The video appears to show a group of ants performing some sort of funeral ritual for a dead bumblebee – or at least that’s how many viewers interpreted it. Is this evidence of some sort of interspecies cultural rite, or merely a coincidental grouping of objects?

The video does portray an admittedly odd spectacle. A dead bumblebee sits in the center of a pile of pink flower petals as ants appear to be dragging more petals to add to the pile. “Saw this outside of my work by the garden. There was a dead bumblebee, and we were watching the ants bring flower petals and leaving them around the bumblebee,” Minnesota resident Nicole Webinger wrote in a now-deleted post accompanying the original video she took. “It looked like they were having a funeral for it.”

Must have been some bee.

Of course, there are many ways of interpreting this animal “funeral,” many of which don’t involve overlaying our human perspective onto what may merely be a random occurrence. University of Melbourne behavioral ecologist Mark Elgar told ScienceAlert that it could be that the ants are responding to chemical signals released by the dead bee and carrying it to the entrance to their nest along with the petals, an act which just so happened to have created the bizarre scene.  “Of course,” Elgar says, “it might be a complete set up. Someone actually put the bee there thinking this might happen, creating this lovely image.”

Does this video show something truly remarkable? Probably not, although there is some precedent for thinking it might. Some animals are known to recognize their dead or engage in seemingly symbolic behaviors when some individuals die. Elephants have been observed engaging in “parades” for fallen members of their groups, while many marine animals have also been spotted attending the corpses of deceased individuals. Earlier this month, an orca carried the body of her dead calf for 17 days and 1,000 miles after it died in what has been described as an unprecedented display of mourning in the animal kingdom. But then there’s that monkey that ate her dried-out, dismembered dead baby lats year after carrying it around for weeks, so make of these what you will.

Sure beats the funerals most animals get.

As much as we might want animals to walk like us and talk like us, it may be that we are utterly alone on this planet in our emotional and cognitive capacities – whether that means we’re subpar or above average is up for debate. Animals behave in ways completely unknown to us, and as much as we might try to understand them and insert our human experience into their world, to do so is to risk making severe errors of interspecies communication and understanding.

Remember: all that stands between your dog and your face is a bowl of food. Don’t ever forget it.

Encounters With Bizarre Humanoids in Japan

One type of very unusual phenomenon that seems to span the disparate worlds of ghosts, aliens, and cryptozoology is that of enigmatic, often utterly perplexing humanoid creatures of all types. These beings can take a wide range of sizes and shapes, but they all have some things in common in that they are more or less human-like in basic form, and they all lie well-out in the fringe of the weird. Mysterious reports of encounters with bizarre humanoid entities come in from all over the world, from people of all walks of life, and the nation of Japan also has its fair share of such tales. Here are some of the oddest of recent times.

In November of 2015 there was a rather odd encounter with some sort of unidentified humanoid just outside the beautiful historic former capital city Kyoto, known for its numerous traditional temples and ancient shrines. According to Cryptozoology News, 36-year-old teacher Toriki Watanabe had a rather surreal experience as he was driving from Tokyo to Kyoto for his brother’s wedding. At around 10 PM, he claims he stopped at a small roadside shop and stepped outside to have a cigarette before hitting the road again. The surrounding area was said to be forested, and as he had his cigarette and admired the view he says he noticed something quite odd in the form of a slouched humanoid figure lurking off in the brush around 200 feet away.

Kyoto, Japan

Whatever it was moved in a distinctly odd way, and as Watanabe looked on he could begin to make out some of its features and came to the conclusion that this was no person at all. It was described as being wiry and slightly muscular, and around 6 feet tall, with a bent over posture and covered in grey skin. No clothing was visible, and as it walked it remained hunched over, with its unnaturally long arms dragging along the ground. Although the witness could not see the thing’s face clearly, he did notice the strange detail that it seemed to emit a “faint yellow or white light coming from behind it just around its lower back.” The startled man called out to it but it did not respond, and he stared after it as whatever it was meandered off into the forest.

Although it is hard to tell what this bizarre entity could have possibly been, Watanabe has had his own thought, suggesting it was an actual specimen of a type of folkloric creature known as a shirime. This creature was said to be a mischievous, impish thing that liked to scare travelers in the region around Kyoto. Very bizarrely, the creature is depicted in folklore as having a huge glittering eye where its anus should be, and indeed “shirime” literally means “buttocks eye.” Too bad the witness couldn’t see an eye back there, leaving us to speculate as to whether this was an anus-eyed mythical creature, an alien, an interdimensional traveler, or just a weird looking naked guy running around in the woods. Whatever it was, it is a weird report to be sure.

Kyoto has in later years been the location for other similarly strange sightings as well. In 2016, a woman living on the outskirts of the city claims that she was startled when she heard her normally quiet dog start barking uncontrollably. Wondering what was going on, she claims to have looked outside to see the animal cowering against a fence, smashing up against it as hard as it could, as if trying to push itself through the barrier and away from something there in the yard with it. When the woman looked to see what it was so afraid of she was met with the site of a skinny, grey-skinned creature hunched over the dog’s food bowl, apparently eating the contents with relish and ignoring the barks and whines of the dog nearby. She says that the odd creature was humanoid, but grey and hairless, very thin and sinewy “like a greyhound,” and with long arms that ended into tiny clawed hands. At first she could not make out its face as it was concentrating on eating, but then it seemed to sense it was being watched and whipped its head up to look straight at her in surprise. She would say of its face and what happened next thus:

It had a small, triangular face with huge, yellow eyes that took up most of its face and seemed to faintly glow. The ears were small and pointed. As it licked its lips I could see that it had sharp, jagged teeth. It looked at me for a second with sort of a startled expression, and then it leapt right over the fence in a single bound.

What was this being and why did it want that dog food so much? Who knows? Even more recently is a report from the same city from March of 2018, and involves an out-of-town tourist who was staying in Kyoto at a place he had found on Airbnb. On the evening of March 11, he claims that he had been on his way back to his place at around 11:40 PM and as he passed a darkened shrine there were two bizarre creatures that jumped over the wall right in from of him, seemingly coming from the shrine’s courtyard. At first he thought them to be children, but as he approached he could see that they were something altogether different. The creatures were described as being 3 to 4 feet tall, with bodies that were “as white as snow,” long, thin arms and legs, and heads with pointy ears and large, triangular black eyes. When they saw the witness the beings seemed startled, and began to run away. The witness has said to MUFON:

They ran with arms behind them. They went behind a corner of a wall. As I walked towards there, one of them looked back at me and made eye contact. I was feeling terrified. I didn’t want to get too close. I lost sight of them as they turned a corner.

What could these diminutive creatures have been? While the exact origins of these particular creatures are unclear, another strange and rather frightening humanoid report from another area of Japan seems to suggest bizarre creatures which can only be described as aliens. On February 23, 1975, two 7-year-old boys named Masato Kawano and Katsuhiro Yamahata, were out roller skating in the early evening hours in Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture, when they claim that they saw in the sky a pair of luminous orange lights that flickered and made a strange “ticking sound.” As they looked on in amazement, one of the lights apparently moved off towards the distant mountains, while the other started to descend towards the ground nearby.

The boys claimed that they went off to investigate, and saw the strange craft come down to rest in a small vineyard behind an old, abandoned estate. The craft was described as being a domed disc around 15 feet in diameter and 7 feet high, which rested upon three ball-shaped legs. The surface of the strange object was silver-colored, and appeared to have characters or letters of some sort etched upon it. The loud ticking sound of the craft was very pronounced as they drew closer, sounding somewhat reminiscent of a Geiger counter. As the two boys pondered what they were seeing, a hatch purportedly opened on the side out of nowhere and a ladder extended towards the ground, after which a strange looking being climbed out.

The creature stood around 4 feet tall, and was wearing a reflective silver suit of some sort. The being’s skin was allegedly a dark brown in color, and it was covered with thick wrinkles that were so pronounced as to make most of its facial features indiscernible, save for two pointed ears and prominent and intimidating 2-inch long silver fangs that jutted out from the folds of where its mouth might be. In its hands it held some sort of device whose purpose could not be fathomed, but which looked somewhat like “a rifle.” Another of the creatures could be seen sitting within the craft huddled over some sort of flickering control panel. Whatever it was seemed to have completely ignored the two young boys standing there gawking at it as it proceeded to carefully examine the surrounding terrain. After a few moments of this it suddenly seemed to become aware of the boys, after which it approached them and patted one of them, Yamahata, twice on the shoulder while issuing a sound that sounded like “a tape recorder running backwards.”

Upon being tapped, Yamahata allegedly slumped to the ground and was unable to move, paralyzed by some inscrutable force. This pushed Kawano into action, and he quickly scooped his friend up onto his shoulders and ran from the area as fast as his legs could carry him. When he got home, Yamahata came to, and they supposedly told their parents what had happened, who would grudgingly follow the boys out to the estate outside to see the strange orange light climbing up into the sky for themselves. The light would then emit a burst of blinding light and vanish. Later, school officials would descend upon the area in daylight to examine the site, and would allegedly find two sturdy concrete posts that had been pushed over by some powerful force, as well as a ring pattern etched into the ground nearby. Authorities of the Civil Aviation Bureau of Transportation Ministry would later get wind of the story and dismiss the lights as merely from normal aircraft in the area. No word on what they thought the fanged humanoid could have been.

Another account from the same area was related to me that seems to involve some sort of gnome-like creatures that are really hard to classify. The witness says that this happened in the summer of 2011, out in the wilds of Yamanashi prefecture. The man claims that he had been hiking out along a remote trail in the middle of nowhere when he heard what sounded like singing coming from somewhere up ahead. It seemed odd, as this was a rarely used trail and he had not passed anyone or seen anyone out all day. He stood and listened and the ethereal singing continued, the voices high-pitched like those of children.

Curious, the witness continued on his path and the singing got louder, and he slowed down and quietly approached what seemed to be the source, which was a forest clearing up ahead. As he peeked through the brush into the clearing he could now see the origins of the singing, which were no children. He explained that there were 7 to 10 tiny beings in the clearing, measuring only about 2 or 3 feet in height and wearing what looked like some sort of whites robes. The faces seemed to be a bright red in color, and they were all dancing about and singing in some language the man could not understand. Most bizarrely of all, they were making huge, lofty bounds about the clearing, gracefully arching up into the air to come floating down, as if they were defying gravity somehow.

The witness claims that at some point they realized they were being watched and abruptly stopped their singing, dancing, and bounding about. At this point they all turned in unison and stared at the intruder, and he could see that their red faces held smallish beady black eyes, large noses, and that they had tiny mouths without expression. For a moment they merely stared at each other, and the witness said he could feel a certain feeling of dread and foreboding, as if he was not supposed to be there, and described the sense he got from the entities as somewhat malevolent. Then, without a sound the creatures suddenly and silently dispersed into the surrounding forest, totally without sound and without so much as a snap of a twig or rustle of branches. It is a confounding report that defies any easy classification, and one wonders just what in the world these entities could have possibly been.

This sense of bafflement is a common thread running through all of these reports, and we are left to speculate on what the nature of any of these perplexing beings could have been. Considering their unearthly humanoid nature, it seems unlikely that any of these things could have been any sort of undiscovered cryptid in the wilds of Japan. Could they have been spirits of some sort? Were they visitors from another world? One possibility is that they could have been visitors from some other dimension, so-called “ultra-terrestrials,” who have for whatever reasons managed to somehow punch through into our reality. Is that what these were? It is curious to note that in some cases the creatures have seemed to be just as surprised as the witnesses, as if they are baffled as to how they could be seen. What possible significance does this have, if any? These are questions we are likely to be left without the answers to, and these reports serve to merely add to the very bizarre literature on strange humanoid sightings reported from all over the world.

Strange Encounters With Bizarre Humanoids in the Desert

It may seem as if the wastelands of the deserts are completely devoid of life. With their never-ending expanses of bleak scrub and sand dunes this all appears as if it must be a barren realm that might as well be on another planet. Yet not only does life thrum here behind the scenes, eking out a living in these badlands, but there are also quite a few reports of mysterious creatures from here of a surprisingly humanoid nature. Here are some of the strangest.

One of the most bizarre and unsolved cases of a desert humanoid creature of some sort is an enormous beast that has come to be known as the Yucca Man. The tales seem to originate in the 1960s, in the vicinity of the of the Twentynine Palms military base, located in the Mojave Desert of southeastern California and southern Nevada. Here in this remote, desolate location there would be a series events that has remained unexplained for decades, and which hints at some sort of desert-roaming humanoid entity. The first sighting that really put the phenomenon on the map allegedly occurred in 1971, when a Marine from the base whose was on guard duty reported hearing something out in the desert scrub, which sounded like heavy breathing from some very large creature, as well as grunts and growls seemingly circling his guard station. When he warily went out to investigate, expecting to see some wild animal, he claimed to have been confronted with a gigantic, 8-foot-tall hairy ape-like creature with glowing red eyes. In some versions of this account the Marine is knocked down by the beast, only to awaken hours later and find his rifle twisted and bent like a pretzel.

The Mojave Desert

This would be far from the last anyone would here of the strange creature, with frequent reports of dogs going haywire, and of hikers encountering a fetid stench beginning to come in at a steady rate in the following years, and there was a spate of such odd occurrences at Joshua Tree National Park throughout the early 70s, with numerous campers telling of a large beast rummaging through their campsites and even attempting to open their tents, as well as park employees telling of sighting monstrous man-like forms prowling the desert that were estimated as being up to 12 feet tall. There were also massive footprints found and several indistinct, predictably blurry pictures of the creature or creatures taken. Such sighting made their way into several Southern California news publications at the time, and one June, 1973 report from the Antelope Valley Daily Ledger-Gazette described the creature and some reports thus:

The creature likes to run around houses and leaving footprints. That is its MO in the East Lancaster area where footprints were found around several houses recently. One woman reported that the creature ran around her house and scratched at the door. A small boy sent to tell his father supper was ready was found hours later crying near the corral. When asked what happened to him, he answered that a big, furry man would not let him pass.

In that year, 1973, there were many sightings of the creature in the area of Lancaster, in the western Mojave Desert in California, such as a sighting made by three separate Marines and other disparate witnesses as well. It got to the point where in this year there was a near tragedy when two search parties were out Bigfoot hunting in the wake of the mysterious reports and almost opened fire on each other. Sightings continued, and in 1979 there was an account given by an elderly couple, who claimed that the beast stepped right out in front of their car to tower over the vehicle, before lumbering off into the night, leaving enormous tracks behind. In that same year there were two additional sightings from Hemet, California, of a massive 10 foot tall creature that left behind footprints a foot and a half long.

Road through the Mojave Desert

Around this time there was a string of sightings of all sorts of strange phenomena near the Edward’s Air Force Base, about 22 miles (35 km) northeast of Lancaster. Here there were numerous reports of base personnel sighting hulking humanoid figures in the dark, which allegedly used a series of underground tunnels to move about. Oddly, there were many purported UFO sightings in the area at the same time, but whether or not this has any connection is unknown. One of the more far-out reports from the base was collected by Bigfoot researcher Edwards Bobbie Ann Slate, and concerned of one of the creatures that apparently had bright blue eyes. The report was given by a base policeman, who said:

Heading back to the main base, I noticed maybe 200-300 yards to my left, these large blue eyes. I do a lot of night hunting and it was strange — they were larger than anything I’d ever seen before. The [blue eyes] had to be about four inches apart and seven feet off the ground. I stopped the truck and sat there watching them. It was too dark to see any body shape to the thing. The blue glows proceeded toward my truck at a right angle for about 100 yards and then stopped. The movement of the eyes was extremely fast. Another thing that bothered me was that they didn’t bob up and down. It was like two lights on a wire moving from one point to another.

This particular creature, nicknamed “Blue Eyes,” has apparently been regularly seen by base police and was widely discussed amongst them right up into the present. Several other personnel at the remote desert base at the time also came forward to anonymously report that large, Bigfoot-like creatures has been routinely spotted through night-vision equipment skirting the perimeter of the base, often with red glowing eyes, walking through it, or even venturing into the many underground tunnels in the area. The witnesses explained that the presence of the creatures was officially classified, and that they had been specifically told not to fire upon them. There had allegedly been several instances of catching the creatures on surveillance cameras at the base, but this footage was labeled as classified and never released to the public.

It is not even necessarily Bigfoot-like creatures that have been seen, as there are reports of indistinct shadow men and even shape-changing entities from the base, as well as what seem to be just disembodies glowing eyes. What is going on here? Also from Southern California are more modern reports of some sort of hair-covered, semi-bipedal creature with glowing red eyes that has ben seen loping or running along at high speeds along the Highway 14, and which has come to be called the “Sierra Highway Devil.”

Another odd, red-eyed humanoid monstrosity from the same area is what has come to be called “The Cement Monster,” named for its appearance at a concrete mine near Big Bear Lake owned by the Mitsubishi Cement Corporation. In 1988 the beast was seen by two U.S. Marines who were on their way home from a skiing trip to the area when they saw the creature looming over an abandoned strip mine in the area. One of the witnesses, a Ken Cross, would tell researcher Douglas E. Trapp thus:

From the left side of the road something very large seemed to stand up on two legs and run across the road. The bottom half looked human, covered with hair. The top half wasn’t very visible, but appeared monsterish, scary in other words. The headlights only got the bottom half, and the damn thing ran out about 150 feet in front of us. It made it across the road in three strides. I distinctively remember seeing the arms pumping back and forth just like any of us would do if sprinting across the road in front of a car. It appeared to be 8 feet tall.

In the sun scorched, burning wilderness of a place called Borrego Sink, 45 mi SE of Borrego Springs, California, there have been reported terrifying encounters between man and mystery beast. The desert may seem to be a strange place to find Bigfoot, but not only have they been reported in this savage wasteland, but they seem to be of a rather aggressive variety, especially the ones that have come to be known as the Borrego Sasquatch. One such incident occurred in 1939, when a man was camping alone in one of the many dry gulches of the area. The man was awoken in the middle of the night by a band of two-legged hairy creatures stalking about his camp on the fringes of the campfire’s light. The beats were described as having white or silver fur and possessed piercing red eyes that glowed in the dark. The pack of creatures circled the camp menacingly for some time but seemed to be somewhat afraid of the fire and kept their distance until they finally slunk off back into the desert.

The Anza-Borrego wastelands

Thirty years later in the same region, a man by the name of Harold Lancaster had his own frightening encounter as he was camping in the Sink. Lancaster described how an enormous, hair covered, bipedal creature stalked out of the wilderness and lumbered straight towards him in an intimidating manner. The man, fearing that he was about to be attacked, fired his revolver into the air in an effort to scare the monster away. Whatever the creature was, the gunshots did the trick and the thing reportedly jumped around 3 feet into the air before glaring at Lancaster and running off into the brush.

Borrego Sink is not the only place in the desert with its share of ominous man-beasts. In a place called Deadman’s Hole, located 7 miles from Warner Springs on Hwy 79, a string of vicious, unsolved murders occurred back in the 19th century that have long been blamed on a malicious, marauding Sasquatch. In 1858 the first victim was killed under mysterious circumstances, followed by more slayings over the years; a Frenchman who was slaughtered in his cabin, a prospector named David Blair who was killed by what looked like a knife attack, and a woman named Belinda who was strangled and mutilated. The story may have just been chalked up to an insane killer on the rampage had it not been for a curious story that surfaced in 1888. Two hunters were out hunting in an area known as Dark Canyon when they came across a cave full of the scattered remains of various mutilated animals.

As they investigated the cave, the hunters reported being attacked by a huge, man-like beast covered in matted black hair and with huge hands and feet. According to the hunters, they opened fire on the beast and killed it, after which its body was apparently moved to San Diego and shown to police. At the time, a paper called the San Diego Union ran the story and claimed that the rampaging mystery creature had been the one responsible for the murders, causing quite a public stir in the process. Oddly, the paper ran a story the following day dismissing the article as a mere April Fool’s joke. It is unknown if there was ever really a body or if the creature really existed, but what is known is that the mysterious murders remain unsolved.

Another strange case involving some sort of humanoid creature comes from the deserts of the Mexican State of Chihuahua. At the end of 1989 and the beginning of 1990, a group of teenagers were on a mission to explore the caves of a place called Cerro Pajarito when they came across something that would haunt them for the rest of their lives. As the group was exploring one of the caves, they came upon the discovery of a dead deer and a doe that were freshly killed and exhibited three odd perforations on their necks that formed a triangular pattern. In the surrounding area, there were footprints that looked like those of a puma, but it soon became apparent that no puma had done this.

The group suddenly heard blood curdling squealing sounds and the air became pervaded by a stench described as smelling like burning wood. The terrified group of teenagers looked and saw a hunched over, humanoid figure crouched upon a rock outcropping about 15 meters away from them. The creature apparently started bounding towards them and one of the groups emptied his pistol at it, although the bullets seemed to have no effect. As the panicked group turned tail and ran for dear life, they reported passing yet another humanoid creature that was described as being metallic green in color and standing only 80 cm high. What could this have possibly been? Who knows?

The desert is indeed a very isolated domain of intense natural beauty and solitude. Anyone who has been there can attest to that. There is just something about these places that holds to it a certain mystique and allure that it is hard to pinpoint, and there are vast mysteries lurking here. What are these humanoid entities that we have looked at here, and how or why do they manage to remain in this forbidding landscape? Are these caryatids, some sort of desert Sasquatch? Are they ghosts, demons, interdimensional travelers, or something else? No one knows, and they serve to add to the allure of these oft-forgotten and avoided places.

Bizarre Truck Driver Encounters With the Paranormal

There can be no doubt that few places are as isolating, lonely, and remote as a road penetrating out through the middle of nowhere. No one else knows just quite how strange the meandering roads of the night are than long-haul truckers, who spend the majority of their days off on these avenues of the often frightening and strange. If anyone knows the roads, it’s truckers, and they have had some very weird, frequently surreal, and often downright bizarre encounters, indeed.

A very unsettling experience was posted on ThoughtCo, involving a witness called Mike L., a long-haul trucker who operates all over the lower 48 states. On this particular evening in June of 2011, he was making his way down a dark road near Palestine, Arkansas, on his way from Detroit, Michigan to Houston, Texas, and made a stop at a small truck stop that came up out of the night in front of him just off of the I-40 interstate. It was a remote place squatting out in seemingly the middle of nowhere, almost anomalous in its presence their among the parched landscape, with an unkempt demeanor and quite filthy looking for the most part, but he was tired from hours out on the lonely road and he decided to take a long break. Mike purchased some food and sat back in his truck to have a bite to eat and listen to the radio, after which he lay down to take a rest. His peace would not last long.

He was jolted awake by the rocking of his truck, as if there was an earthquake happening, and this was so intense that it actually knocked a bottle of water off the dashboard, as well as his ashtray. After he regained his composure he decided that it had to be the wind, and almost as a response to this mental query there was another powerful shock to the truck. Wondering what in the world was going on, Mike got out of the truck to look around and found that the night was still, with no wind that could have caused the disturbance. He explains what happened next thus:

Curiously and cautiously, I walked around the front of my truck to the passenger side and looked down the length of my trailer. I noticed movement. Low to the ground, about four feet. Not fast. I used my keys to unlock the passenger-side door, jumped up and grabbed my large flashlight from an overhead storage compartment. I climbed back down and closed and locked the door.


I clicked on the light and shined it down the side of my trailer. There was a young girl standing off into the field about ten feet behind my truck, but when I looked harder, she wasn’t there. Well, like I said earlier, truck drivers see something new every day. This was certainly new. I began to walk toward the rear of my truck, scanning the field with my flashlight for any trace of the girl I had just seen. When I reached the back, there was no trace. It must have been a trick of the eyes. Heck, I haven’t even fully awakened yet. I glanced over my shoulder. There were no cars at the pumps and the clerk definitely hadn’t noticed me.

After peering out into the dark for a few moments trying to see if he could locate the girl, Mike headed back to his truck, and as he got in he claims to have heard the jolting, distinct sound of a girl’s giggle from behind him. Startled, he got back down onto the pavement and shone his flashlight around but could see nothing. He claims that he said aloud, “This is getting kind of creepy,” which got a reply in a girl’s voice, “He heard me.” Mike says that this time the voice actually came from inside the truck, although he was sure that no one could have gotten past him into the vehicle without him seeing. He leaned his head into the truck and heard a distinct voice from within say “Goodnight.” A panicked Mike then frantically searched the entire interior of the truck and found that no one was there. He says of what transpired next:

I turned around and shuffled into the cab to close the door when I saw the young girl standing outside my truck on the pavement, looking up at me with lifeless eyes. Those eyes, you see, weren’t meant for a person. They were designed for a predator, and all of a sudden I felt like prey.


I reached forward and slammed the door shut and flicked the lock. I quickly decided that I was not staying here for the rest of the night. I turned the key and heard my truck’s motor rumble to life, along with the familiar, annoying buzzing that was my air-pressure gauge telling me that I didn’t have enough air to release the brakes. I took a furtive glance out the window, and there she stood – still as a tree, looking up at me and smiling. I didn’t want to get any closer to the window until I was ready to get my truck moving. This was wrong, and I didn’t want any part of this.


That “girl” wasn’t human, at least not anymore she wasn’t. It was almost as if she was something so inhuman that it would take the form of a human. It’s hard for me to explain and I feel sick just thinking about it. I heard the siren shut off and hit the valves to supply air to my brake system. As the system began to air up, the siren came on again.

Mike says he wasted no time in putting the truck into gear and tearing out of the truck stop as fast as he could. As he looked back, he says he could see the eerie form of the girl standing there bathed in the red of his running lights, grinning and waving after him. He drove on for around 45 minutes, trying to wrap his head around what he had just seen and pulling himself together, before pulling into a larger, more well-lit truck stop. That was when he noticed something disturbing, of which he would say:

At the store (at the previous truck stop), I had bought a souvenir. Nothing fancy, just a postcard with a picture of Arkansas on it. I also had bought a new knife. I had never even taken the knife out of the box and remembered putting the postcard into a drawer for safekeeping. The point of the blade had been driven directly into the spot on I-40 where I had originally stopped for the night! The blade had been driven in deep, pegging the postcard to my nightstand!


It took me several minutes just to work the knife loose enough to withdraw it from the nightstand. Thankfully, when I turned the postcard over, no message had been left for me. I threw that postcard away and tossed the knife into a dumpster. To this day I do not know what I saw.

It is difficult to classify quite what this could have been, be that a ghost or something else altogether, but there have certainly been other creepy possibly supernatural apparitions seen alone desolate darkened roads, and which are equally as hard to identify. One report from a comment on a Reddit forum for truckers concerns a witness who was out on a trucking mission called a “meet and turn,” wherein they haul their cargo halfway to the destination and then another trucker takes over. On this particular run, the witness allegedly arrived at the designated meeting point an hour early, and had to wait there in what was basically a dark, empty lot at 3 in the morning, with not a single other soul in sight. Since he had some time to kill, he decided to have a short nap, but this would be rudely interrupted by a series of bizarre events he describes thus:

About 10 minutes into my nap, I was awakened by a barking dog. I tried to ignore it but the bark carried on for several of minutes and it grew louder and closer. At this point, it became clear that he’s either trying to alert me of something or he’s just being a pain in the butt. So I sat up and looked out my window, and what I saw left me motionless. Standing there, inches on the other side of the glass, was a man around 35 years of age, he was a large fellow and he was barking at me, his eyes were crazy and he was even frothing a little from his mouth.


The sheer creepiness struck me and gently without making any sudden movements I reached down and started my truck and slowly started pulling away. As I was doing so, he was chasing after me, much like you would expect an angry dog and still barking as I kept pulling away. Needless to say, I don’t take naps on the job anymore.

A similarly weird figure was encountered by an anonymous witness who says he was on his way from Albuquerque, New Mexico, to Socorro, when he noticed a very tall figure lurking by the side of the road. At first the driver took it to be just a guy walking along, but as he approached he realized that “nothing about the guy seemed natural.” The figure moved in an odd manner, and was lanky and wearing what was described as a grey suit. The witness would say:

His face had a mask on or something. For half a second, I closed my eyes and he noticed he was looking at me.The headlight of the truck was blinding him and he still was looking at me, not the truck. It really was creepy. Thankfully, he was just standing there he did not make something out of the ordinary. It is definitely one of my spookiest road stories to tell.

It’s hard to really say with these particular accounts whether we are supposed to be dealing with a ghost or not, but other reports seem to definitely involved spooks and spirits of some sort. Take a report from a forum on the Trucker’s Report, in which the witness says he came across some sort of cloaked phantom atop a spectral steed. He would say:

I was driving to work around 3:30 in the morning on a back road in Mississippi near the Louisiana line. I was probably going about 35 or so, as it was raining and the road is a winding with no lines or anything. It’s dangerous enough in daylight under normal conditions. Anyway, I’m driving along and suddenly this jet black horse just flies out of the woods on a side trail. There was a rider decked out in a black cloak with a hood and everything. The horse must have been blasting at full speed, and the rider’s cloak was just whipping in the wind. They must’ve ran for 1/4 mile or so and then darted off down another side trail and disappeared into the darkness. A buddy was riding with me and I looked over at him, and he looked over at me, and we both said something along the lines of ‘Did you fucking see that?!’

Another account on the same Trucker’s Report forum is every bit as mysterious and unsettling. The witness in this case says he was west-bound on Jensen Road in Fresno, CA, when an unusually tall figure bloomed out of the night, which seemed to be shambling down the pitch-black road. The witness describes the report thus:

I had slowed to about 40 mph when out of nowhere appeared this freakishly tall figure of a man in a black, buttoned up trench coat and a round, black sombrero standing on the white line of the two lane road. He must have been at least 6’7″ or 7’0 tall. My partner and I watched and he didn’t even flinch as the rig passed by. I swear, the side mirrors must have missed his head by only a couple of inches. My partner and I looked at each other with our eyes wide open and screamed ‘Did you see that?! What the fuck was that?’. I swear our skin crawled and we were both in a kind of shock. I couldn’t stop thinking about it for a couple days.

What was going on here? In another case that appeared on the site The Ghost Diaries, an anonymous truck driver related a frightening experience he had while headed back home to see his family after 2 grueling weeks on the open road. On the way he took a shortcut through a remote area that he was not very familiar with. This is where he would have an experience that can only be described as supernatural in nature. The witness says:

It was about 3:40am or so in the morning and I had been on that particular road for about an hour already and nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Suddenly, I get to an area packed with old creepy trees on the side and tons of shrubbery. As usual, my radio was on and out of nowhere this horrible static starts to crackle thru the speakers. I started to feel chilly and uncomfortable when wouldn’t you know it, I saw a man hanging from a tree on the side of the road.


There he was, his body was even swinging from side to side, I stepped on the break as fast and carefully as I could but I kept looking through the rearview mirror and he was still there. I grabbed my coat, my gun, and my flashlight and I had my phone in my pocket and I started to dial 911, but there was no signal. I made my way through the shrubs and when I reached the tree, he was gone. I moved the flashlight around, thinking maybe he got free. I went back to my truck looked back and there he was again, hanging like I had seen him before. After this, let’s just say I didn’t like taking shortcuts anymore.

A fairly disturbing account comes from a trucker who was out driving with a buddy between San Francisco, California, and Cheyenne, Wyoming, when the truck began to make an anomalous and rather alarming grinding noise, as if they had run over something that had gotten lodged up into the undercarriage. They decided to pull over at a rest stop and figure out what was going on, and as they sat there talking it over there was the sound of a child crying that began to emanate from somewhere out in the night. No one else was there, and thinking it was a child in trouble they grabbed some flashlights and went to investigate. The sound of the crying seemed to be coming from a row of bathrooms, and they soon pinpointed the noise as coming from one of the women’s stalls. Since no one else was there they ducked in and fully expected to find a child there in possibly mortal peril, but there was nothing there, even as that increasingly desperate crying and wailing echoed out around them. The witness would say:

We walked in expecting to see someone brutally beaten or worse and we see nothing but only hear the sound, it is still there but there’s no one there, it’s completely empty. We turn the lights on and still nothing. We checked each stall just to make sure and nothing. We even looked exactly where the noise was coming from and again nothing. Is it a hidden camera? A speaker? What the f*ck?


My buddy sees a small window and opens it up and the noise deceased, we stood there for a few seconds and the window slams shut on its own and the crying begins again, we were out of that bathroom in seconds as we ran towards the truck and you could still hear the crying. Of course, the grinding noise is still there so, this time, I pull up to another rest stop some miles away where we checked underneath and we saw some sort of red and silver metal stuck right in there and we couldn’t take it out. A week later, I had my mechanic take it out when he was doing a service – it was part of a kid’s tricycle, the red area where somebody can stand. That was one of those moments for me. Totally fucked up and crazy.

In other cases truckers have apparently come across phantom vehicles of some sort. On the site True Ghost Tales there is the account from 2000 of a trucker who had been out doing a run between Gallipolis, Ohio, to Evansville, Indiana through Cincinnati, Ohio and Indianapolis, Indiana. A few miles outside of Sardenia, Ohio, the witness says that from behind him came a pair of flashing lights that looked like those of a police cruiser, which as they drew closer seemed to be of the old fashioned kind that revolved. The driver began to slow down, thinking that perhaps something was going on, and the lights pulled up directly behind him, prompting him to come to a full stop. He would say of what happened next:

I set my brakes, turned on the dome, released my seat belt and picked up my light. I looked into my mirrors, I did not see anyone get out of the car. I opened my door and stepped out of my truck. I started back towards the car and just abreast of my drive axle I froze. I bent over looking in under the trailer and then threw my very bright mag. Light all around. Guess what, there was nothing back there and thinking may be he had went off the road behind me out in the grass I looked there. There was nothing. The weird part is, I ran this road all the time and I knew it well. There was no place he could have turned around or turned off. Needless to say, I headed for the cab of my truck on the run. I jumped in my rig and took off and getting on the radio, I tried to call the flat bed I had passed and see if he saw this cop car or what ever but he didn’t answer.

There are countless other stories such as these from the men and women who spend their lives out along the lonely, often sinister roads that intersect through the United States, traversing long stretches of remote and desolate highways with only the radio and the night to keep them company, and here I have presented merely a few of the stranger I have found. What did these people experience out there? What were these things that popped up out of the dark and strange realm of the road to startle and scare these brave truckers who have mostly seen it all? Wherever the answers lie, these roads go off over the horizon, through forests, deserts, and various badlands, stretching off into the night and holding with them mysteries that dot the landscape blurring by, and they are definately a spooky place to be.

Bizarre Accounts of the Pale Crawlers

Among the many strange encounters in the world of the paranormal, there are often those that serve to be partcuarly baffling. These are the cases that hover out beyond our ability to really classify them or put a name to them. Are they ghosts, mysterious animals, aliens, or what? No answers are clear in such accounts, and they lurk out there in the periphery of the fringe. Among these bizarre accounts are tales from all over of what appear to be some sort of thin, pale beings, often hunched over, crouching, and crawling, that have come to be collectively known as “Pale Crawlers,” and which are every bit as creepy as you might imagine.

Probably one of the most well-known cases of these odd entities is that of what have come to be called the Fresno Nightcrawlers. The first account of these truly bizarre and unidentifiable creatures surfaced in the 1990s, when a video came forward showing something very strange indeed lurking about in the area of Fresno, California. There was a family who were concerned about trespassers on their property, as their dogs had begun to bark out into the darkness nearly every night, and this prompted them to install a security camera outside by their garage, facing the front lawn.

That next morning after they set up the camera they were in for quite a shock, as there in the video was a pair of pale beings a few feet in height, with no discernible arms and two long, spindly, almost stilt-like legs that appear to bend backwards. Interestingly, there seems to be some sort of fabric flapping around the legs, drawing many comparisons to a pair of disembodied walking pants. In the footage the creatures smoothly and fluidly move across the front lawn and out of view, and that’s that. You can see the footage here.

The quality of the footage is sadly low, making it nearly impossible to discern any real details, but the general shape and their odd way of moving were creepy enough to have the family contact the police. Before long the media got a hold of the footage and the “Fresno Nightcrawlers” became a hot topic. Although thought by many to be a hoax, others say that this footage has captured something truly otherworldly, and the footage was subjected to a detailed analysis on the SyFy Channel show “Fact or Faked,” which showed that the footage seemed to be genuine, and they were unable to reproduce the same results by intentionally faking the video.

Following on the heels of this video was another, this time taken over in California’s Yosemite National Park in March of 2011. In this case surveillance cameras had been set up by park officials for the purpose of identifying some intruders who had been vandalizing an area of the park, and again they seemed to have caught on tape something anything but human. Again there is a pair of spindly white entities loping across the frame on a hillside, one seemingly much smaller that the other, and both with what appears to be some sort of webbing connected from the knees to the upper body. Although they appear to be very similar, it is unknown if the Fresno creatures and the ones from Yosemite are related or not, and there have been theories ranging that this was all a hoax, to that they are Native spirits from lore, ghosts, or even aliens. No one really knows.

Something similar to these entities was sighted in January 2004, in a case documented by researcher Albert S. Rosales. The sighting allegedly happened in Manchester, Dearborn County, Indiana, when a young man was driving along a remote rural road in the area. As the witness rounded a bend, his headlights illuminated a tall, frail looking, pale being crouched over a puddle of water. As the witness passed the thing he looked back and could make out that it moved in a disjointed, odd manner, and had, according to him, “protruding joints that buckled out.”

As he watched the thing flickering in the red light cast by his tailights, the crouched, bone white creature purportedly stood to a height of an estimated 6 feet 7 inches tall and began to walk about in a “strange manner.” Interestingly, as he watched there was apparently another car that came along and seemed to swerve to avoid the thing before stopping. The witness would talk to the elderly couple in the car and they would confirm having seen the same thing, of which they said, “It was no human being, it was no man.” They were all so spooked that they decided to drive out of there in close procession together. Indiana has produced some other similarly odd reports as well. In one case from the winter of 2016, the witness was out feeding goats on a farm in Daviess County, Indiana, at around 8 PM, and when she finished she started walking back. The witness would say of what happened next:

After I had finished I began to walk back. I had crossed one field and was about halfway through the narrow path when I started to hear rustling in the underbrush. All I had with me was a little flashlight that only shined about 10ft in front of me. I was almost to the end of the path when I spotted something. It was on all fours with a bony frame, elongated limbs, and pale skin. While the first part of that description sounds pretty generic, it did seem to have a long and highly flexible neck. Not long after I noticed it it noticed me and bolted down the path. It ran, almost skuttling into the second field. This field had a small hill in the center, this thing fled and disappeared over one side. I ran as fast as I could around the other side of the small hill and zig-zagged back to my house where I quickly locked all of my doors. This thing was terrifying, but it seemed watchful more than anything, for now.

In another account from Indiana, documented in the National Cryptid Society database, we have a case from Michigan City, Indiana from 2012, in the middle of lightning storm to add some atmosphere. The witness claims that she had been staying at the beach house of a friend by Lake Michigan and that there had been a lightning storm at the time. At around 2 AM some of them went outside to smoke and watch the lightning, and that was when they noticed the beam of a flashlight scanning the tall grass by the shore nearby as if searching for something. Thinking this to be a bit odd, the group of friends watched on and saw that the beam had captured an elongated, grayish humanoid looking creature stretched out on the beach, and the witness would say:

The light sweeps by something in the grass, then it shines back onto it. What was illuminated was very strange. It appeared to be a naked guy crawling around on the grass. Although, it had elongated arms and legs. It was moving kinda fast crunched over. It only lasted a few seconds, long enough for all of us to see it. Then, after the thing ran off, the flashlight shines directly at us. It stayed pointing at us until it went out after a few seconds. Creepy.


So, we’re all like WTF was that, we asked what each other saw. We all seen a weird stretched out naked guy. The only explainable thing it could have possibly been was a drunk gangly naked guy. But, I don’t think so because it looked abnormally stretched, the light pointed at us, and it freaked everyone out. It was something strange. I can’t say what the height of it was accurately, maybe around 7ft tall. My husband said it looked like something from a Marilyn Manson music video.I wanted to go down there. I wanted to see if we could find it. But, no one would go and they were creeped out and wanted to go back inside.

What on earth was the outlandish thing they saw? What was with that flashlight and why did it train itself on the observers of this surreal scene? Who knows? There have been a few sightings of something similar and equally baffling around the town of Effingham, in the state of Illinois. One case file of the National Cryptid Society is dated as 2010, and concerns a witness only known as “Jade.” The witness was allegedly out one night headed for the supposedly haunted Kasbar cemetery out in the deep woods outside of Effingham along with two friends. When they were out in the countryside, at around 1 AM in the morning, something very curious congealed out of the night, and the witness would say:

I see something with yellow glowing eyes off the side of the country road just past the ditch in the head lights. Too short to be a deer, but too big to be a possum or raccoon. As we get closer it gets clearer, and I realize what I’m looking at is skinny, hairless and grey, human like but definitely not human. Crazy as hell looking…thing. It was crouched down, It’s arms were incredibly long and looked like it could have been 7ft tall or bigger standing. I can feel myself get cold and my heart race and my hair stand on that back of my neck.


Complete shock and terror set in and i can’t make a sound, I’m just staring at it. By that time we are right in front of it, passing it and it just watches us drive by. It slinks into the dark. Then we all just start screaming. Literally freaking the hell out. I was convinced it was a demon for months but still doubted myself even seeing it. Thinking my mind was playing tricks on me. We didn’t even make it to the Kasbar that night, we went straight home. I couldn’t sleep that night.

The witness went on to become convinced that what she had seen was a “ghoul,” or an entity that lurks around feeding on the dead. She would say of this:

They feed on the freshly dead and normally stay close to cemeteries to be close to food. They have been known to show themselves to humans when trying to get close to them to eat in times where fresh deceased bodies are scarce. I went to images of them and could only find illustrations but they look exactly like what i saw that night. Everything i was reading was falling perfectly in place. Lined up perfectly with my experience. I couldn’t explain it away.

Also in the state of Illinois is a case from the town of Rossville, in 2010. The setting was at a cemetery and the time was just after sunset. The witness and a friend were walking down the main lane through the cemetery when something fairly weird scuttled out of the night. The witness would say:

Something came running from the gate and past us on our left. My friend had laughed and asked if I had heard that, and I stopped walking and responded that no, but I had seen it. As the thing had passed between headstones I caught a look. Looked like a pale, emaciated humanoid that was running on all fours. It had no hair at all that I could see, and I did not get a look at the face. It was moving far faster than any person running on hands/feet should have been able to. My friend and I just stayed frozen there and waited for another friend to come and get us because we were too scared to move. It continued to circle us, as we could hear it moving around. It never seemed threatening. If anything it seemed curious/scared of us. But who knows. I do know that it was not a coyote or a stray dog. I never saw the face but I did see the head; it did not have a muzzle. There was no tail, either. It definitely didn’t have fur; it had pale, almost bluish skin and I remember I could make out the ribs from where I was standing. Forgive me if this is a hot mess of a post; I was up all night researching this thing and when I did fall asleep I didn’t sleep well.

Other locations have had sightings as well, such as Ballard County, in Western Kentucky. As the witness was driving along the back roads on a gravel road one night at around 2 AM he says that he caught something in his headlights that startled him to the core. He would say:

I caught sight of something white and vaguely human crawling in the ditch. As we passed I hit the brakes thinking it was a person who needed help. “Are you crazy?! Don’t f***ing stop!” Blake screamed. I looked in the mirror and saw that it was standing up. Even though it was still in the ditch it was as tall as the stop sign next to it. It took a step towards us and I hit the gas. As we drove away I saw in the mirror that it dropped to all fours and was crawling after us. I didn’t start pulling away from it til I got up to about 40 mph. No matter how close I was to it I never got a good look at it. It was fuzzy like it was constantly out of focus. I’m not sure why but something about it makes me think of it as male. Maybe the height? When it crawled it moved like a lizard-hands and feet flat on the ground, elbows and knees up and out, body wiggling side to side. This happened when I was around 22. I’m 40 now and have never seen that thing again. I’ve taken many a midnight cruise along those narrow roads but I’ve never had the nerve to go near that particular farm road again. Call me a chicken…I’ll cluck happily.

Such accounts seem to lie beyond any easy classification. Are we dealing here with some sort of cryptid, ghosts, aliens, inter dimensional interlopers, or what? Or is it all just hoaxes and misinformation? These obviously seem to be far beyond normal reports of cryptids or ghostly phenomena, leaving us to merely ponder just what might be going on. Whatever the answers may be, these truly bizarre entities are not anything anyone would want to encounter slithering down a darkened road at night in the middle of nowhere, stumbling into your headlights.

Bizarre Celebrity Encounters with the Paranormal

Paranormal experiences and brushes with the world beyond our understanding seem to happen to people from all walks of life, all leveles of educations, and all ages. There is no real certain group of people who are more or less likely to have such experiences, and accounts run the gamut across the board, often coming from very reliable people. Of course the reports we most pay attention to are those that come from our favorite actors, musicians, and other celebrities, and some of these are just about as strange as you’re likely to find. From ghosts, to witches, to meetings with beings from another world or dimension, here are some of the oddest reports from the famous that show that the paranormal does not care whether you are a celebrity or not when it makes an appearance, and that sometimes these larger than life personalities are just as susceptible to the strange and frightening as anyone else.

Many strange celebrity brushes with the world of the paranormal involve encountering various ghostly phenomena, and there is a surprisingly large number of such cases. Famous Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher had some bizarre experiences in the time after her close friend R. Gregory Stevens died of a drug overdose at her Beverly Hills home. She claims that in the days after his death she heavily felt his presence lurking everywhere, as well as had the sensation of being watched and even touched by an unseen presence. Even spookier was that lights and electronic equipment would turn on and off for no reason, and she would describe her experiences with Vanity Fair in 2006, saying:

Lights would go on and off and I had this toy machine that when you touched it, it would say, ‘F–k you! Eat s–! You’re an asshole!’ And it would go off in the night by itself, in my closet. I was a nut for a year.

Carrie Fisher

Sticking with actors for now, actor Matthew McConaughey found that a new home he had purchased was haunted shortly after moving in. The spirit is described as a middle-aged woman dressed in blue, which he calls Madame Blu. One evening, he claims that he heard anomalous noises downstairs in the middle of the night and no one was there, and she was apparently glimpsed or heard rummaging about the home on several occasions. On another occasion, he got so sick of her antics after hearing her making a ruckus in another room that he actually confronted the spirit, of which he would say:

I was not even under the influence and she was there. She wasn’t that happy, it didn’t seem like she was going to be much fun to hang around or have in my house, so I went ahead and stood my ground. I opened the door and said, ‘You can move around all you want but I’m not going anywhere.’ For weeks everyone that came to the house said the same thing: ‘There’s someone down in that hall, there’s somebody down in that hall.’

Another Hollywood megastar, Keanu Reeves, has also related a rather surreal paranormal experience he once had as a kid. The very strange incident supposedly happened just after having moved into a new apartment in New York, and involved seeing a disembodied suit flying around through the place with no one in it one evening while he was home alone with his nanny at the time. Reeves has explained of this incident:

There was a doorway, and all of a sudden, we’re looking over there and this jacket comes waving through the doorway, just empty — there’s no head, there’s no body, there’s no legs. It’s just there, and then it disappears. I was a little a kid, so I thought, ‘That’s interesting.’ And then I looked over at the nanny. It was her shocked face that made me realize what we had just seen was real.

Keanu Reeves

Another actor with quite a strange tale to tell is the esteemed cinema and theater actor Patrick Stewart, who saw an apparition at the notoriously haunted Theatre Royal Haymarket while performing Waiting for Godot with fellow thespian Sir Ian McKellen. As they were in the middle of performing Act 1 of the play, Stewart alleges that he saw off in the wings a man standing alone in a beige coat and twill trousers, who stared and then proceeded to just vanish. It was all so startling that Stewart was actually flustered and missed a line, and when McKellan asked him during the interview what had happened, Stewart simply said, “I just saw a ghost. On stage, during Act One.”

It would soon become apparent to them after talking to stagehands and the theater director that the theater had a long history of being haunted by the alleged ghost of a Baldwin Buckstone, who had been an actor himself, as well as a playwright and eventually the manager of the establishment back in the 19th century, before dying in 1879. Ever since then, the spirit of Buckstone has been seen from time to time by both actors and stage hands alike. In an article in The Telegraph, the modern director of the theater, Nigel Everett, said of Stewart’s sighting and the haunting:

Patrick told us all about it. He was stunned. I would not say frightened, but I would say impressed. The last time an actor saw him would have been I think Fiona Fullerton, playing in an Oscar Wilde, 10 or 12 years ago. The ghost tends to appear when a comedy is playing. I think Buckstone appears when he appreciates things. We view it as a positive thing.

Patrick Stewart

In addition to film actors, some movie directors have had inexplicable brushes with the paranormal as well. Acclaimed director Peter Jackson, well known for his Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies of fantasy films, has apparently had his own odd experience. At the time, the director had been staying with his wife in an apartment across from the St. James Theatre, in London, when one night he woke to find an apparition of a woman at the end of his bed, with a face that seemed to be frozen into a scream. The frightening entity then allegedly hovered across the room to disappear through a wall. When he told his wife what he had seen the next day, he said of her reply:

She asked ‘Was it the woman with a screaming face?’ We had never spoken about it. She had seen the same ghost two years earlier. So I do believe in some energy, a spirit or a soul. They say she manifests herself in the theater with a screaming face. Sometimes she’s seen — the same ghost. She needs to learn to smile a little.

Besides actors and filmmakers, there are plenty of famous musicians who have their own harrowing supernatural tales to tell. The very well-known pop singer Miley Cyrus apparently had a rather frightening experience with some sort of paranormal entity while staying in an apartment in London in 2009 during a concert tour. Things started with a scary encounter relayed by Cyrus’s sister within the flat’s bathroom, and Miley would also see the spirit, which seemed to take the form of a little boy. She would say of these events in an interview with Elle UK thus:

One night, my little sister — it sounds crazy to tell you — but she was standing in the shower and all of a sudden, I hear her scream. I run in there and the water had somehow flipped to hot but it was still…It wasn’t like the water had just changed, the knob had turned but she hadn’t turned it and it was burning her. She was really red. I thought I had seen a little boy sitting on the sink watching me take a shower so I felt really freaked out. I was sitting there the next night and maybe I’m crazy, but I could have sworn I could see this little boy sitting there on the sink, kicking his feet. We found out that there was this older man that owned it [the bakery] and his son lived with him there, and I guess the wife died or something, she had gotten sick. So it was just the son and the dad that lived there in the bakery, and then the dad died and the son took over the bakery, and I thought I was seeing the son. I’m not even kidding. I had to move. That’s not a lie. I will never stay there ever again.

Miley Cyrus

Another famous pop musician, Ariana Grande, had an even scarier experience while visiting an old castle and cemetery in Kansas City, in the United States. While there at the notoriously haunted Stull Cemetery, Grande and friends came across what seems to have been perhaps an actual demon. It started as they were driving through the cemetery and she felt overwhelmed by an intense, unshakable feeling of pure dread and anguish, after which she smelled sulphur and saw a fly buzzing about in the vehicle. This was scary enough that she decided to leave, but not before apologizing to any spirits in the area and snapping some photos, and this is where things get really weird. Grande has said in an interview with Complex magazine:

Then I took a picture, and there are three super-distinct faces in the picture — they’re faces of textbook demons. The next day I tried to send [the picture] to my manager, and it said, ‘This file can’t be sent, it’s 666 megabytes.’ I’m not kidding. I used to have a folder called ‘demons’ that had pictures with all the screencaps in it, but then weird things started happening to me, so I deleted it.

She also said that a few weeks before the interview she had the most frightening demonic experience of all, claiming:

I had just gotten off the phone, and as soon as I closed my eyes, I heard this really loud rumble right by my head. When I opened my eyes, it stopped immediately, but when I closed my eyes it started again with whispers. Every time I closed my eyes, I started seeing these really disturbing images with, like, red shapes. Then I opened my eyes and got back on the phone and was like, ‘I’m really scared, and I don’t want to go to bed tonight.Then I scooched over to the left side of my bed, because that’s where the best service is in my room, and there was this massive black matter. I don’t know what it was… I started crying. I was on the phone like, ‘What do I do, what do I do?’ and they said, ‘Tell it to eff off.’ I thought, I’m not going to do that. It’s going to upset it, so I’m just going to chill and not feed into it, because all it wants is fear. It feeds on fear. I watched it move to the front of my bed, and then I fell asleep on the phone. I woke up, and it was gone.

Ariana Grande

It is all pretty intense, and one wonders just what to think of it all. She should make it into a song at the very least. Perhaps the most bonkers case of a celebrity’s experience with the paranormal is the bizarre odyssey of the weird undertaken by the famed late music artist David Bowie. For a large portion of the 1970s, Bowie was absolutely convinced that he was being stalked by a coven of witches, who he was quite sure were after his sperm. He was so terrified of these witches and the black magic spells he was sure they were casting that he took to carrying around an assortment of magical protective talismans and often obsessively lit black candles in an effort to ward off malicious spirits. As for why they wanted his sperm, writer Mark Spitz, author of the biography Bowie, has said:

Increasingly Bowie was convinced there were witches after his semen. They were intent on using it to make a child to sacrifice to the devil, essentially the plot to Roman Polanski’s 1968 supernatural classic Rosemary’s Baby.

Bowie also turned to magical spells, pored over numerous books on white magic and psychic self-defense, and got into the habit of scrawling protective images and pentagrams all over his home in order to protect himself from the malevolent forces he felt were closing in on him from all around. During this dark time he also became convinced that his swimming pool was infested with demons, to the point that he would not go anywhere near it nor let anyone else go in it. In the end, out of desperation Bowie apparently turned to a white magician by the name of Walli Elmlark, who went about magically cleansing the pool and trying to cast out these dark forces. Spitz would say of this:

Elmlark quickly and successfully exorcised the pool. Angie (Bowie), who was living there at the time, noted that it started to bubble and smoke, and that it only rained outside David’s window while the rest of the L.A. sky was clear. Elmlark wrote a series of spells and incantations out for Bowie as he continued to wrestle with the forces of darkness.

David Bowie

Bowie would go on to credit Elmlark with saving him from the supernatural danger and salvaging his soul. It is important to remember that all of this was happening during a troubled time in the musician’s life when large mountains of cocaine and other drugs were the order of the day, so whether any of this was due to the being stalked by witches or the tripping of balls is anyone’s guess. Speaking of hard partying rockers, some other musicians have supposedly had encounters with something even more otherworldly than ghosts. One notable case was an experience supposedly had by none other than the legendary John Lennon, of The Beatles fame.

The account comes from noted magician and psychic Uri Geller, who was friends with Lennon and claims that the artist once relayed to him a very surreal and outlandish encounter that he had had. According to Geller, Lennon told him that one day in the early 1970s he had looked outside of his apartment after seeing an anomalous bright light, and that he had seen strange, bug-like creatures milling about outside, which repelled him with some invisible force when he tried to get closer. Lennon would reportedly explain of this:

They did something. But I don’t know what it was. I tried to throw them out, but, when I took a step towards them, they kind of pushed me back. I mean, they didn’t touch me. It was like they just willed me. Pushed me with willpower and telepathy.

John Lennon

The next thing Lennon knew, he lost consciousness and woke up in his own bed. It might have all been written off as a weird dream if there hadn’t been an alien mechanical metal egg sitting there in his hands. Lennon would purportedly pass it to Geller and say, “It’s too weird for me. If it’s my ticket to another planet, I don’t want to go there.” It is unclear what happened to this egg-like device after this, as far as I know. Almost as weird is an incident experienced by the “Red Rocker” Sammy Hagar, perhaps most well known for once being the frontman of the rock group Van Halen. He claims that in 1967 he was visited by aliens as he slept, which he says plugged him into some sort of complex machine and began pumping his brain full of strange numerical codes and information. Hagar would say of this:

I was just lying in bed when I felt something weird going on, like someone was tapping into my brain…I didn’t know how to fu***** explain it. But they were downloading or uploading – that’s the simplest way to put it. Oh, I could see them…they were playing with a numerical code but it wasn’t from our numerical system. And then, suddenly, this telepathic connection broke…It scared me nearly to death. It was an experience I couldn’t understand.

Sammy Hagar

After this connection was broken, Hagar says he screamed and managed to pull away, after which he claims that he woke up and there was a loud popping sound, after which his room went entirely white. In the days after this mysterious event, Hagar became convinced that those aliens had uploaded some sort of important information into his head, and would even go as far as to credit them with his success later on in his career, saying:

My ego was telling me: They’ve programmed you to be a rock star! So I used it as a tool to write songs about outer space and the future…songs like “Crack In The World” and “Silver Lights”, which is about the second coming of Christ – Jesus coming back in a spaceship.

What in the world did these various famous people experience? Was there anything to this or is it just hallucinations, misunderstanding, and/or drugs in some cases? Although their celebrity status gives their accounts more exposure and perhaps weight, in the end it is no clearer with these cases than with anyone else whether any of this really happened or not, yet it is interesting to see that it is not always nobodies living out in the boondocks who have these weird experiences, and it indeed adds to the great big pile of weird that is the world of the paranormal.