Is it a UFO? 10 bizarre Google Maps findings which could be the work of aliens

Have aliens visited Earth? Take a look at these 10 bizarre sites found by alien hunters on Google Maps and judge for yourself.

Whether you believe in aliens or not, you can’t deny that these areas found on Google Maps look a bit strange.

Alien researchers are constantly trawling the free mapping site in pursuit of extra-terrestrial signs. Check them out below and judge for yourselves…


The underwater alien base in Antarctica

In April, UFO hunters claimed a 500-metre-long object off the coast of Antarctica as an underwater alien lair.

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33 Scientists Say That Octopuses Are Aliens From Space That Arrived To Earth On Icy Bodies

In the animal kingdom, octopuses are among the most unique creatures. A new study suggests that octopuses are so unique that they might come from outer space.

Why Do 33 Scientists Think That Octopuses Are Aliens?

The theory of octopuses being extraterrestrial beings was introduced by a group of 33 scientists from around the world. Citing the intelligence of the octopus, the scientists believe that the animal was one of many life-forms to come from alien material in outer space.

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Scientists Believe This Mummified Hand Found In A Peruvian Cave Is Evidence Of Aliens On Earth

The Medical Examination Revealed Skin And Bone

When the mummified hand was given to Brien Foerster, he passed it onto medical experts for an evaluation. They x-rayed the hand and concluded that it was made of skin and bone, with no less than six bones in each finger. This proves that it doesn’t belong to a human, because humans only have three bones in each finger. This finding is the strongest suggestion that the hand is not a fake.

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Meet the Worshipers Who Believe They’re Aliens in Human Form

An hour outside Brazil’s futuristic capital, Brasilia, lies one of the country’s spiritual capitals: Vale do Amanhecer, which translates to Sunrise Valley or Valley of the Dawn.

At first sight, Sunrise Valley looks like a miniature theme park—where visitors can see copies of the world’s wonders without having to travel to the actual sites. Built in Planaltina, a satellite city of Brasilia, the lakeside temple complex features a pyramid, a spaceship-like temple, a six-pointed praying center, and several ellipse-shaped sculptures.

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Ancient Mayan Statue with QR Code Face. Aliens Warning Us?

The ancient Mayan ruins of Mexico have nearly all, but a few, been excavated and their treasures placed in museums all over Mexico.
This is not news.

However, what may come as a shock to many, is the statue with QR code face that may hold proof that aliens inhabitated our Earth any years ago.

The statue has a face out of the ordinary.
In fact, the face is a flat tablet, which looks remarkably like the QR codes we use in modern society to scan into our smart devices.

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Marine veteran accused of shooting pastor in the head ‘claims ALIENS rule the planet’

Kyle Odom, 30, was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder by secret service agents after they saw him toss something over the iron fence at the front of the White House.

It was two days after he allegedly shot Evangelical pastor Tim Remington in the head and back at point blank range in the car park of his church in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Unbelievably, Mr Remington survived the attack and has woken from the coma it left him in.

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From Fairies to Aliens and a Contactee

W.Y. Evans-Wentz was born in Trenton, New Jersey in 1878 and developed a deep interest in the world of the paranormal at a young age. It was an interest that he never lost. Indeed, it stayed with him until his death, in 1965. As well as being a respected anthropologist, Evans-Wentz was someone who was also fascinated by Buddhist teachings and beliefs. Evans-Wentz was a prestigious writer and publisher, having published, in 1927, an English version of widely acclaimed and still extensively read, The Tibetan Book of the Dead. As for his own books, they were as notable as they were varied, one of the most revered being The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries. It’s a book which is packed with fascinating accounts of old, supernatural encounters between the people of Ireland, Wales, Scotland, the Isle of Man, and Brittany, and magical entities that have variously been referred to as elementals, fairies, goblins, sprites, and the “wee folk.” One story collected by Evans-Wentz stands out.

The story was personally shared with Evans-Wentz by a colleague at England’s Jesus College at Oxford University – a university which Evans-Wentz studied at as a young man. The story told to Evans-Wentz was as bizarre as it was undeniably sensational. The man in question was Irish and a former resident of County Kerry, one who had chosen Oxford University as his place of education. According to the curious story told to Evans-Wentz, it was in the first week of December 1910 that the man and a friend were heading home from a night out in the Irish city of Limerick. Given that it was a fair distance away, and darkness was already on the land when they went out – never mind during their return – they chose to travel on horseback, something which would make the journey to Limerick, and home again, an easy one. It turned out, however, that fate had other things in store for the two twenty-three-year-olds. Very strange and unforgettable things.

It was as they approached Listowel – a 14th century market town in County Kerry – that the pair couldn’t fail to see a powerful, brilliant light at a distance of around half a mile from them.  Suddenly, the light was joined by another one that was practically identical in appearance, and also in size, which was somewhere in the order of around six feet in height. As the two men sat on their horses, and stared in amazement at these curious displays of light, they saw something incredible happen: within the flames that were contained within the two lights, they could see a pair of what were described as radiant beings with “human form;” the flames having transformed into the entities. The lights then moved towards each other and unified as one. The figures within, Evans-Wentz was told, then strode out of the lights and towards the two men. Incredibly, they seemed to be glowing. In other words, the brilliance they gave off was not a reflection from the balls of light that surrounded them. No, they were radiating the glowing eeriness themselves.

Such was the brightness, the two friends were unable to make out if their visitors of the night were male or female, or one of each. But, they were clearly humanoid and had noticeable halos around their heads. Not surprisingly, they quickly headed home, their galloping horses getting them there in a timely fashion.

Now, we get to the next part of the story: note that the two witnesses saw a pair of lights that transformed into radiant beings with “human form.” This issue is very similar – if not practically identical – to a story told by Contactee Orfeo Angelucci in the 1950s. It was the night of May 23, 1952 and as he drove home from work, not long after midnight something very strange happened. As he drove down Victory Boulevard, Angelucci was shocked and amazed to see “slightly above my line of vision,” a red, glowing, oval-shaped object that was “about five times as large as the red portion of a traffic light.” It seemed to carefully maintain its distance from Angelucci’s car, as if beckoning him to follow – which he did. He drove across a bridge spanning the Los Angeles River, and looked on, mesmerized, as the object came to a halt, hovering over the intersection at a “lonely, deserted stretch of road called Forest Lawn Drive.”

Without warning, the red-colored ball suddenly shot away at high speed – but not before two, smaller, fluorescent green objects, about three-feet in diameter, flew out of it and headed directly for Angelucci. They hung, magically, only a few feet above his car for a few minutes, after which something dramatic allegedly occurred. Emanating, apparently, from between the two green balls of light, said Angelucci, was the sound of “a masculine voice in strong, well-modulated tones and speaking perfect English.” Stressing that he should not be afraid, the disembodied voice explained to a shocked Angelucci that he was in direct communication with “friends from another world.” Angelucci was also told: “Man believes himself civilized, but often his thoughts are barbaric and his emotions lethal. We do not say this as criticism, but state it only as fact. Thus it is best to approach all planetary visitors with friendly, welcoming thoughts.” Angelucci went on to have other encounters of the Contactee variety and became a well-known figure in 1950s-era Ufology.

There is no doubt that there are notable parallels between both stories. Some might say that the two events – 42 years apart – were caused by the very same phenomenon. But, there is another connection that just might get to the heart of the matter. Just like W.Y. Evans-Wentz, Orfeo Angelucci was born in Trenton, New Jersey. In light of this, I have to wonder if Angelucci may have taken a deep interest in the writings of someone who just happened to be a local author (namely, W.Y. Evans-Wentz) and, subconsciously, weaved parts of the Evans-Wentz saga into his own. At the very least, it’s a theory to ponder on…

Top Secret US Air Force Base Contains a Vast Complex With Living and Dead Aliens, Former Worker Claims

Raymond Szymanski is a retired Air Force Engineer, who worked at the Ohio Base for 39 years.

He claims that the UFOs and aliens from the outrageous 1947 Roswell incident were brought to the Wright – Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio so they are examined and kept in obscure covered passageways.

The Roswell incident is one of the most controversial theories in the history of UFOs. On 8 July, Roswell Army Air Field disclosed that they found a “flying disc” crashed in the New Mexico desert.

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Aliens May Be Using Star Collisions to Send Us Messages

Not counting the Olympics opening ceremony or the World Cup finals, there are few events in the universe more spectacular than the collision of two stars. We know this because it was just one year ago that astronomers for the first time witnessed the collision of two neutron stars – a binary couple of extremely dense white dwarfs that send out gravitational waves and possibly gold. While waiting patiently for a shipment of gold to arrive from this merger located about 130 million light-years away from the galaxy NGC 4993 in the constellation Hydra, astronomers may want to first listen for messages from extraterrestrials. A new study proposes that other species seeing this spectacular collision may be intelligent enough to produce a signal near it that other awe-struck observers would see since we and they are staring in that general direction. Far-fetched? Like the philosophy of SETI, it’s worth listening to.

In a paper published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters, physicist Yuki Nishino from Kyoto University begins by marveling himself at the neutron star collision witnessed after its gravitational wave GW170817 was detected on August 17, 2017. That wave, first picked up by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) in the U.S. and the Virgo Interferometer in Italy, pointed astronomers to the neutron star collision that created it.

“We were really impressed by the rapid growth of multi-messenger astronomy associated with [the neutron star merger detected last August], and started thinking about interesting possibilities far beyond traditional astronomical studies.”

He and co-author Naoki Seto speculated that civilizations far more advanced than us (not a stretch of the imagination) would not only see the neutron star collision after it occurred but are probably smart enough to see the build-up to it. Knowing that the spectacular event would be bright enough and powerful enough to be observed throughout the universe, they could conceivably started considering how a technologically advanced alien civilization beyond our galaxy might piggyback on the bright signals created by colliding neutron stars to catch our attention.

OK, so an advanced civilization might figure out how to predict binary neutron collisions and send messages coordinated with the event to any other civilizations watching. One question is … why? Would it be a warning to watch out for flying debris? Astronomers believe these explosions could spit out entire planets. Could they be letting us know there’s a shipment of gold and other metals on its way? If they’re really advanced, they’re probably sending us a bill for the gold.

Perhaps the message is a “goodbye” or “We were here!” epitaph to let others know of their existence. Nishino tells likes that one.

“I think one of the basic grounds for developing an advanced civilization is a profound desire to leave behind information.”

If that’s one of the basic grounds for developing an advanced civilization, what messages are WE leaving behind?

The Alien From Aliens Was Originally Chinese, Alleges Flea Market Art Find

Swiss surrealist artist H. R. Giger is credited with designing the Alien (née Xenomorph) from the iconic movies and games.

The character appeared in a 1976 work by Giger. But could it be actually much older than that?

That’s what one internet user named Zhao is claiming in China. This painting, Zhao blogs, was allegedly discovered at a Beijing flea market and is believed to be the work of influential Chinese artist Qi Baishi.

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