Hurricane Florence Gets Scarier with Sightings of the Gray Man Ghost

Hurricane Florence was already being predicted to be one of the worst hurricanes to ever hit the coasts of North and South Carolina. Then the Gray Man ghost started appearing and people REALLY got scared.

Rian Fontaine
One of my regulars said he and a group of five people walking the beach said they saw the Gray Man on pawleys yesterday. Time to start packing my bags and head inland y’all.

People in South Carolina may not believe the weather reports, videos of reporters in raincoats hanging onto poles like flags, or their own rain-soaked, windblown eyes, but they seem to have great faith and fear in the prognostications attached to sightings of the legendary Gray Man ghost. The most popular version of the tale dates back to 1822, before hurricanes had names.

Ciara Jade Dove Lee
Oh lordy, it’s getting real now. I just read that there was a sighting of the Gray Man at Pawleys Island yesterday. South Carolina better get ready because he doesn’t appear for nothing!
10:42 PM – Sep 8, 2018

Pawleys Island Town Hall

A young man (who some believe to be Percival Pawley, the island’s namesake, or Edward Teach, aka the pirate Blackbeard) was traveling across the island to visit his girlfriend when his horse was caught in the quicksand-like mud of a marsh he had taken a shortcut through and both died, condemning his ghost to forever haunt the island looking for his girlfriend.

And hurricanes.

A follow-up legend tells that the grieving girlfriend was walking on the shore when she saw a familiar figure dressed in gray … her boyfriend! Before she could say anything, he warned her to leave Pawleys Island immediately … and then he disappeared. The girl was so convinced and frightened, she persuaded her family to depart the next day for the mainland … where they rode out a hurricane that destroyed every home on the island … except theirs.

The Gray Man ghost has reportedly been seen and saved people before many major storms since then, including the ‘Sea Islands Hurricane’ of 1893, which killed over a thousand people, and the destructive Hurricane Hazel in 1954. However, he cemented his fame in 1989 when Jim and Clara Moore told “Unsolved Mysteries” that they saw him on the beach and later their house was the only one in the neighborhood spared from damage.

Based on the tweets, at least a few homes are safe from Hurricane Florence, courtesy of the Gray Man ghost. Should South Carolina residents defy the authorities and take their chances at the island, hoping for a glimpse of the house-saving gray ghost?

It’s that kind of thinking that creates ghosts in the first place.

Roswell: What If There Is No Evidence Left?

As a follow-up article to my previous one on how we might go about finding proof of what happened outside of Roswell, New Mexico in the summer of 1947, I thought about sharing with you another possible scenario. It is, however, a scenario that most ufologists will not want to hear or even consider. In fact, a case can easily be made that it would be Ufology’s worst nightmare. And what might that worst nightmare be? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s the possibility (or the theory) that the Roswell evidence (bodies, wreckage, top secret files, and photos) no longer exists. In that scenario, all that is left is institutional memory. Barely that, even. Not a scrap of paper, not a section from an autopsy report, not a piece of the legendary “memory metal” said to have been found at the Foster Ranch. But, how could such a thing happen? Well, the answer to that question is this: it depends on what actually happened on the old ranch.

It goes without saying that if an alien spacecraft really did crash in New Mexico in early July 1947, then the recovered, material evidence would have been potentially priceless. It would have been preserved and studied not just for years, but for decades. Arguably, it would still be studied to this very day – albeit at a top secret level. If the bodies were of alien creatures, then at least some of them would have been autopsied, while others may have been purposefully left intact. No doubt, those same autopsies would have been photographed and filmed. On the other hand, let’s say it was suspected that the bodies fell more into what, today, we would term “Artificial Intelligence.” There would be equally good reasons for preserving the bodies. The time would likely come when we could finally understand and grasp the likes of extraterrestrial A.I. The advances in A.I.-based research would have been incredible, providing, of course, we could understand the technology. But, of one thing we can say for sure: A.I. entities would be preserved, as would be the almost-certainly-voluminous files on the studies of the bodies. The same goes for the likes of the aforementioned “memory metal,” for “power-plants,” for “drive-systems,” and much more. What all of this boils down to is the following: if aliens crashed near Roswell 71 years ago, somewhere there has to be a massive body of material, files, photos and more hidden away from everyone.

Now, we come to the far more controversial theory of all: that there is no evidence, no wreckage, no bodies, nothing. That there is absolutely zero to find. It’s all gone, destroyed, burned, and shredded. Such a thing is not at all impossible. That is, if you are open to the possibility that, yes, something came down on the Foster Ranch, but it wasn’t extraterrestrial.

Just about everyone in Ufology knows that in early July 1947 a press-release was prepared stating that personnel from the old Roswell Army Air Field had recovered a “flying disc.” A day later, it was all seen to be a big mistake: just a weather-balloon; nothing to get excited about. While I certainly don’t think the weather-balloon theory is valid, the fact is that if it was a case of a big mistake, and a major embarrassment, there would have been no reason to preserve the materials after the mistake was shown.  After all, why keep the remains of a weather-balloon? Not only that: in all probability, there would be little paperwork generated for a quite-literally overnight sensation that was quickly snuffed out.

The same goes for the U.S. Air Force’s theory that a Mogul balloon – which were designed to monitor for early Soviet atomic detonations high in the atmosphere – was the culprit. Mogul balloons were nothing unique, at all. They were huge arrays of regular, balloon-based technology. Again, there would have been no need to save the remains of a huge Mogul balloon. And, the fact that the whole affair was caused by a domestic device would have meant that, yet again, any and all generated documentation might have been scant. Now, we come to the matter of a highly controversial scenario for Roswell; one in which bodies and wreckage were found and documentation was created, but that, today, no longer exists – at all.

In 2005, I wrote a book titled Body Snatchers in the Desert. It was a study of the claims of a number of elderly people – including whistle-blowers – who claimed to know what they said was the truth of the Roswell controversy. Namely, a series of top secret flights that took place in New Mexico in the summer of 1947. They were, I was told, high-altitude-based experiments that involved huge balloon-arrays, lifting-body-type aircraft, rocketry, and – the most controversial aspect of all – human “test-subject” used against their will; people taken from asylums, hospitals and other facilities – none of who would be missed. People attached to the controversial Paperclip program (that brought huge numbers of Nazi scientists to the United States) worked on the project, as did Japanese scientists. It’s a theory that was expanded on significantly in my 2017 book, The Roswell UFO Conspiracy.

All the people I interviewed told the story from their own perspectives: some claimed to have seen the mangled bodies of handicapped people used in the experiments. Others said they had read files on what amounted to a series of ill-fated flights, one of which came down on the Foster Ranch, Lincoln County, New Mexico in July 1947 and led to the legends of the crashed UFO and the alien bodies. When certain figures in government learned what was afoot, and that the line had been crossed to just about the worst degree possible, the program was hastily shut down. More important from the perspective of this particular article, the people I spoke with maintained that all of the files were destroyed – chiefly because the program failed and because of the illegality of certain operations. For the most part, I was told, the files were specifically burned to protect the guilty and to prevent the story from reaching the media. And, after the wrecked devices/arrays were studied to see what went wrong, they too were destroyed. When snippets of the story did reach the public and the press, the whole thing was covered up under a mass of fabricated tales of crashed UFOs and deceased extraterrestrials.

Now, it’s important to note that while I don’t think I was fed disinformation or outright lied to by my various sources, I can’t prove it; I have to remain open-minded. But, I will say this: the scenario presented in my two Roswell books is the only one which allows for (a) a significant event having occurred; (b) the recovery of bodies and wreckage from the ranch; (c) a huge cover-up of the facts; and (d the complete destruction of any and all documentation that told the truth of Roswell.

Basically, it all comes down to this: if the Roswell affair had extraterrestrial origins, everything is ordered to be preserved. If the Roswell incident was a dark and disturbing military experiment, everything is ordered to be destroyed. I doubt that most ufologists will sit well thinking that, just possibly, the only things left from Roswell might be old memories and nothing else at all. But, that just might be where things really stand.

A Sinister Haunted Road in England

Cutting through the north part of England, stretching from Newark to Huddersfield, is the road called A616, and one area in Stocksbridge, near Sheffield, holds a section of the highway called the Stocksbridge Bypass. This portion of the road opened in May 1988, in order to connect the M1 motorway with the Woodhead Pass and the A616, passing through quaint hills and moorland on the way. It is most well-known for being one of the deadliest roads in the country, as well as one of the most haunted places in the world.

The bypass purportedly has had high strangeness revolving around it ever since construction began in 1987. Construction workers at the time frequently reported hearing strange sounds as they worked, including anomalous bangs, voices, or the laughter of children, which seemed to skirt about the periphery of the site. Most dramatically were the sightings made of ghostly apparitions around the construction site, with one of the first and perhaps most notable case being that of two site security guards by the names of Steven Brookes and David Goldthorpe, who were on patrol at around midnight one night of September of 1987 when they saw a group of mysterious children playing in the construction site in a muddy field near an electricity pylon at a place called Pearoyd Lane.

The Stocksbridge Bypass

This was obviously not a place for children to be playing, especially at that hour, so the guards approached to see what was going on. As they did it became apparent that the children were wearing very old-fashioned clothing, which seemed very odd to the guards but was not enough to cause any concern at this point. The children seemed to be dancing about holding hands in a circle, and did not seem to notice the approaching men, however, as they drew closer the kids allegedly just blinked out of existence, simply there one second and gone the next. An inspection of the area showed no sign of any footprints or disturbance in the mud, which should have certainly been there considering all the dancing and playing the kids had been doing.

This was startling and odd enough that the next day they asked around to some of the construction workers who slept in caravans nearby, and they too confirmed that they had also heard the laughter of children the night before. The two guards were definitely spooked, but returned to their duties that evening. Once again, as they passed the very same area they experienced something very unusual, although this time it was a bit more sinister than a bunch of phantom kids. On this occasion they were driving past when there suddenly appeared in their headlights the tall, dark figure of what looked like someone in robes reminiscent of a medieval monk. They slammed on their brakes, and noticed that the headlights seemed to pass right through the stranger. It stood there glaring at them for a moment before suddenly vanishing right before their eyes. The odd incident was terrifying enough for them that they called their supervisor in a state of panic, although no sign of the figure they described would be found.

The supervisor was skeptical of this talk of ghosts, instead suspecting that is was some trespassers messing around, and called in two police officers by the names of PC Ellis and Special Constable John Beet. The two men then went about conducting a stakeout to try and catch the intruder in the act. As they sat there spacing out in the dark, not really expecting to see anything at all, something then pressed up against the side of the car they were in, appearing the torso of a person wearing “some kind of cravat and a waistcoat.” As the startled policemen looked on, the figure then instantaneously appeared on the other side of the car and just stood there peering in at them. As they got out to confront the stranger the figure just vanished, leaving them completely dumbfounded. As they stood there wondering where the man had gone, they claimed that their car had then been banged and jolted by an unseen force, enough to send it rocking. At that point they said that they had been overcome with a palpable dread and quickly drove out of there.

In the days after these encounters the ghostly children and the dark figure of the monk would be reported by numerous construction workers at the site, to the point that some of them supposedly refused to even come to work. Frightened locals claimed that the children were the spirits of kids who had died by falling into the numerous abandoned mines shafts that dot the areas, while the monk was said to be the ghost of a monk who had been buried there, his grave defiled by the building of the road. Whatever the case may be, even when the road was completed there were frequent sightings of these phantom children and the sinister monk at the side of the road by passing motorists, as well as a phantom black dog and a mysterious woman in white. Some cases of paranormal encounters along the road are particularly spooky or harrowing, such as one involving witness Graham Brooke and his son, Nigel. This allegedly happened in 1987, when the bypass hadn’t even been finished yet, and at the time Graham was in training for an upcoming marathon race, making regular runs through the area. On this day his son joined him, and they were taking his regular route right past the bypass. Mr. Brooks would tell researcher Dr. David Clarke of what happened thus:

I could normally complete the run in about thirty minutes but on this occasion my son asked if he could come with me…We reached the church in about three quarters of an hour but Nigel kept getting the stitch so on the way back I ran on to make time until he caught me up. I was not tired because I was not running at my normal speed and it was dusk at the time but not dark. As we approached a lay-by coming towards Wortley village I suddenly saw a chap walking with his back towards the oncoming traffic. I looked at this figure and my brain just could not take in what I was seeing. He was dressed in what I would say was eighteenth century costume and wore a dark brown hood with a cape covering his body. He was walking in the ground, not on the level of the road itself and I just could not make out what I was seeing.


Then I looked at him directly and saw his face. He was carrying a bag and it was slithering along the surface of the road. It was a dark coloured bag with a chain on it and Nigel said he could hear the chain rattling on the ground. I just gasped and said “who is this silly person?” and realized my son was seeing him too, and at that moment the hairs on the back of both of our heads just stood on end and we could smell something really musty just like we were standing in an antique shop. I saw him clearly and was looking directly at him, probably no more than fifty yards away from me with his face towards me and his back to the traffic. He was so close I could see that every half-inch down the cape there was a button, it was that clear. It was a long cape, dark brown in colour and very worn, with a “lived in” look about it; it was so real you could have walked up and touched it. He walked straight past us as we stood there amazed in the middle of the road. Then a lorry came with its lights on and he just disappeared.


I will never forget that musty smell, the cape he wore and the blank face. I looked right into the face and everything was black, just like a miner’s face but without any eyes. It was the strangest experience of my whole life.

With all of these supposed ghosts and paranormal phenomena startling drivers along the road, one might get the impression that this would not be a safe place to drive, and one would be right. The bypass has an unusually high concentration of traffic accidents for just this one stretch of road, to the point that it is often nicknamed the “Death Road,” an “accident blackspot,” and the “most dangerous road in Britain.” Many of these accidents could be just a symptom of the heavy traffic the road sees, but others have been blamed on ghosts. There have often been reports of these specters appearing right in front of cars to cause them to veer or careen about, such as is a case from 1990, when a Judy Simpson was travelling the road with her husband, David, when they had a rather frightening experience, of which she would explain:

I couldn’t actually see an outline or any facial expression and there were no clothes as such, it was just a grey outline of a person. I could see a head and shoulders, with arms and legs flying everywhere. It was just running aimlessly across the field and I thought it was a jogger until I realized that it wasn’t actually touching the ground. It was around three feet above it. There is an embankment that comes up to the road and it leapt from the field over the embankment and landed in the middle of the road in front of us. It seemed to hit the car and just vanished. I just screeched to a stop and it just seemed to melt into the car and all of a sudden it was gone. I looked at David and said “What’s happened? It’s just gone,” and we got out and looked around but we could not find any trace of anything. We were both left really shocked and upset and I could not believe what had happened. All I could think was that it must have been a ghost, whatever a ghost is.

A similarly scary encounter was experienced by a couple by the names of Paul and Jane Ford in 1997. On New Year’s Eve of that year they were driving along the bypass when they were confronted by one of the highway’s ghosts and almost had a serious crash as a result when they veered to try and avoid it. Paul Ford would say of the encounter:

From a distance it looked like someone trying to cross the road but as I got nearer I could see it was like a man in a long cloak. Then I realized it had no face and it was just hovering above the road. I just slammed the brakes on and swerved to avoid hitting it, and it was only through Jane grabbing the wheel that we managed to stop the car from crashing.

In some cases, phantoms have even appeared inside of vehicles, such as is a 2002 case in which a woman claimed that she had smelled a horrific odor pervade the car like a “rotting body,” after which she looked around to see a robed figure sitting right there in the backseat of her vehicle. The wraith then glared at her with glowing eyes before vanishing into thin air. There are also reported loud bangs of thuds on cars passing through, often described as sounding almost as if someone has landed on the roof, cars being shaken when there is no wind out, and various vehicular malfunctions, all of which add to the speculation on the real reason behind the road’s deadly reputation.

In recent years the news of these hauntings and the ominous rumors orbiting the Stocksbridge bypass have attracted media attention and garnered appearances on supernatural TV and radio programs, and the area has become a magnet for paranormal researchers, some of whom have had strange experiences of their own here. In 2017, paranormal investigator Phil Sinclair decided to make trip out to the bypass to do a little ghost hunting and got more than perhaps he even bargained for.

Sinclair approached his endeavor with the perhaps not necessarily subtle technique of wandering blindly about in the dark calling out to any spirits that might be lurking nearby, which seems silly but seems to have worked. As he and his colleagues walked along videotaping the whole thing he claims that they could sporadically hear the faint sound of children’s laughter from out in the woods, and an electronic device he was carrying started to blurt out voices saying various things such as “erase,” “hate,” “get out,” and more ominously “need your soul.” Particularly scary is when he noticed a dark, shadowy figure standing in some nearby trees, shortly after which he heard a “terrifying growl.” The ghost hunter says in the video:

I saw a f***ing man there. Who was that? There was a man, there was something there. Is there something evil here? I’m a little bit shook up to be honest. Definitely saw a man but can’t explain it. What is that growl? There’s something not very nice around here asking me for my soul. Something is mocking me around here.

Sinclair would later post the entire 15-minute episode to YouTube, and while he does seem genuinely terrified in the video it is hard to tell if the footage is actually genuine or not. It is too dark to tell exactly what is going on, and there is very little information on the specifics of the circumstances the footage was taken in. Is it real, or is this a fake, Blair Witch style video? It is hard to say, but whatever the case may be it is compelling viewing nevertheless, and you can see the video for yourself here. What do you think? For his part, the investigator himself remains adamant that it is all real, saying:

I literally struggle to find the words to describe what I witnessed during this investigation. I will be left with an image I will never forget. I feel I was making contact with multiple spirits either children or that of a male. I can’t help to think I was dealing with an evil presence which ultimately told me to get out.

What secrets and mysterious forces does this stretch of road hold? Are there really spirits here or is this all urban legend and spooky campfire tales? It is interesting to note that many of the paranormal experiences reported from the Stocksbridge Bypass have been witnessed by more than one person, making it harder to write-it off as delusion or the hallucinations of a tired mind out on the road at night. Could there be anything to any of this, and if so, why should these lost souls be tethered to this place? Whatever the answers to these questions may be, the Stocksbridge Bypass remains one of the eeriest and most haunted roads in all of England.

The Big Egyptian Sphinx Cover Up: Hidden Chambers, An Unexcavated Mound and Endless Denial

In 1935, Egypt was still the main draw for archaeologists digging for answers. It was hardly more than a decade since the British Egyptologist Howard Carter discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen on November 4, 1922, that had lain nearly undisturbed for over 3,000 years.  Yet that is another amazing story still to be investigated. However, right now, our attention is focused on the latest attempt to hide the real ancient history of an unknown civilization that left us with great wonders both above and below the sands of the Giza Plateau.

Continue reading The Big Egyptian Sphinx Cover Up: Hidden Chambers, An Unexcavated Mound and Endless Denial at Alien UFO Sightings.

Plane from WWII Lost Squadron Found in Greenland’s Bermuda Triangle

Being called “The Bermuda Triangle of ____” is never a good thing … just ask the people who have disappeared the Bridgewater Triangle (Massachusetts), the Bennington Triangle Glastenbury), the Dragon’s Triangle (Japan), the Michigan Triangle (you can figure this one out yourself) and the Matlock Triangle (Derbyshire Dales). These other triangles are on land or in the ocean, but none are on ice. That unique distinction belongs to Piteraq Alley, the Bermuda Triangle of Greenland, and this mysterious area is in the news because researchers announced they have found a lost World War II P-38 from the infamous Lost Squadron under over 300 feet (91 meters) of ice in the Piteraq Alley.

Credit for the discovery goes to businessman Jim Salazar and Ken McBride from the non-profit Arctic Hotpoint Solutions and Fallen American MIA Repatriation Foundation (FAMIARF), who have spent a number of years searching for planes and crew remains lost in the area, especially the Lost Squadron – a group of two B-17 bombers and six P-38 fighters flying from the U.S. to Britain in July 1942 as part of Operation Bolero, delivering planes, pilots, equipment and supplies for the war. The path they followed was known at the time as the Snowball Route – a string of secret bases from Maine to Newfoundland to Greenland to Iceland to Scotland. Greenland was a crucial stop – it was the only reliable source of cryolite, a mineral used to produce aluminum for the planes.

“It’s Greenland’s ‘Bermuda Triangle’ … the weather there shifts in a matter of minutes. As a pilot, you can clearly understand why there were so many difficulties in that area.”

By “difficulties,” Salazar means that the Lost Squadron planes weren’t the only ones lost in Piteraq Alley. While the indigenous Intuits didn’t know about airplanes or Bermuda, they did know about the dangers of the Alley – Piteraq means “that which attacks you” and is their word for Greenland’s severe snowstorms that can appear in just minutes. Despite searches, a piteraq likely covered the downed planes quickly and nothing was found until 1992, when the first P-38 from the group was discovered, recovered and restored. Salazar himself has been leading searches since 2011, but it wasn’t until July 2018 that one of his drones using ground-penetrating radar found evidence of something unusual in the ice. They then used a thermal probe to melt through the ice to a depth of 300 feet, where they found red i5606 Hydraulic fluid from the P-38. As Live Science reports, further investigations identified it as P-38 “Echo,” piloted by Army Air Corps Lt. Col. Robert Wilson. (Pictures of the drone and the expedition can be seen here.)

That’s as much as Salazar’s team can do for now … it’s Greenland and winter is already blowing through. Next summer, he plans to dig and melt through the ice to recover the P-38 and any remains, then return it to the U.S. for possible restoration. He will also be looking for two other victims of the Greenland Triangle – a C-53 cargo plane (a converted DC-3 civilian aircraft) which crashed in late 1942 and a U.S. Coast Guard Duck aircraft which crashed in a futile attempt to rescue the survivors.

Are there any other victims of the Greenland Triangle? It appears planes have avoided the area due to the severity and unexpectedness of piteraqs. Also, piteraqs are a low-altitude weather phenomenon. These high-density katabatic winds start on Greenland’s icecaps and are pulled by gravity down the slopes like ground-hugging hurricanes. The Danish Meteorological Institute has measured speeds from 50 to 80 m/s (180-288 km/h; 111-178 mph). On February 6, 1970, the community of Tasiilaq was hit by the worst documented piteraq ever in Greenland, with winds estimated at 90 m/s or over 200 miles per hour. Since then, the Danish Meteorological Institute has been issuing piteraq warnings.

Piteraq Alley has definitely earned its title as Greenland’s Bermuda Triangle. While not as mysterious, it’s unquestionably as deadly and worth avoiding in the air or on the ground.

Bizarre Hellhound Encounters in the USA

Even within the realm of cryptozoology and Forteana, there are creatures that seem to defy easy classification. To me there is absolutely a distinct line between the field of cryptozoology, which by definition deals with undiscovered organisms which are real, flesh and blood animals, that of paranormal phenomena, and that of folklore. While they may at times cross paths or briefly converge, typically these fields are as different as night and day, and deal with entirely different sets of phenomena with different areas of study, classifications, methods, aims and goals. Yet there are times when the gulf between them is not clear cut, when something that on the surface appears to be an uncategorized animal evades such a simple identification. One such enigmatic beast has surely got to be the infamous black Hellhounds, a unique category of creature so bizarre that it transcends any attempts to safely label it.

Hellhounds in one form or another have been recorded throughout human history, from a variety of far flung cultures, and although their appearance varies depending on the area and the local traditions, they are typically described as a very large black hound which can range anywhere in size from that of a large Great Dane, all the way up to the size of a cow or horse. They are usually described as truly frightening beasts, being totally black, with shaggy or matted fur and large, saucer sized eyes that are typically described as burning with a malevolent red, yellow, or green glow, although some accounts say they have only a single luminous eye. Usually they are described as having formidable claws, vicious looking fangs, and as being supernaturally agile, fast, and strong. The hounds can be reported as either tangible and real, or conversely purely spectral creatures, with any attempt to touch them proving to pass through them as if they aren’t there. Folklore usually suggests that they have a horrific wail or howl which can invoke sheer terror in those who hear it, and they are known to even have a sinister, human sounding laugh, but that their foot falls are typically completely silent.

The British Isles in particular have long had tales of such entities, with countless tales of phantom hounds which prowl the lonely roads, crypts, cemeteries, and wilds here, and stories of these hellhounds go back centuries. The hounds have been known as the Gurt Dog, Padfoot, Barguest, the Hairy Hound, the Yeth, and Old Shock, Old Snarleyow, and Old Scarfe, among many others. In Ireland they are known as Pooka, on the Isla of Man they are Moddey Dhoo, in Wales the Gwyligi, and in Scotland the beastly hounds are called Cù Sìth. The most popular and widely used term for these bizarre entities in the United Kingdom is the Black Shuck, a term which originated with the name the hounds were given in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire, with the name deriving from the Old English word scucca meaning “demon,” or possibly the word “shucky” meaning “shaggy” or “hairy.”

These frightening creatures were said to be anything from the ghosts of dead travelers, to the spirits of dead hounds awaiting the return of their masters, to inscrutable guardians of forbidden knowledge, to being the Devil himself. The folklore and sightings of these huge, mysterious hounds go back centuries, inspiring a great amount of literature and spooky history in their path. Yet, these creatures are certainly not confined to the old folklore of Britain, and there are many real modern sightings and encounters with apparent Hellhounds across the pond in the United States, and these have come up right into the present.

We start at the Appalachian Mountains of the Eastern United States, which have seen quite a few reports of what seem to be Hellhounds, especially in the states of Kentucky and West Virginia. Reports go back quite some time, with some accounts coming from as early as the late 17th century of great black dogs with glowing eyes terrorizing the region, and such accounts have continued on into more recent times. In Kentucky there have long been reports of massive black dogs measuring about 4 feet high at the shoulder and 7 feet long, and one of these beasts allegedly prowled the area of Pike County throughout the 1930s and 40s, purportedly massacring cattle and sometimes even humans, as well as frightening locals.

In modern times such reports drew the interest of paranormal and cryptid investigators for the TV show Mountain Monsters, who went to the area for an investigation. The excursion would turn out to be pretty bizarre, if inconclusive. The investigators spoke with farmers in the area who showed them torn apart carcasses of livestock and gave spooky accounts of something large and dark prowling through the wilderness. They were also shown an alleged video of the beast, as well as paw prints measuring 7-1/2 – 8 inches long, very big for a dog. During the investigation, the team built a bamboo drop cage and baited it with hog shoulders in an effort to lure it out, and although they don’t catch it they can hear something crashing around in the brush growling, and can see a large shadow. It is all very dramatic, and whether the episode has any truth to it or not, Kentucky and other areas of Appalachia have still produced many reports of Hellhounds.

Also on the East Coast is an account from Connecticut, where a witness on the site Real Unexplained Mysteries claims to have lived in an apartment that was haunted by shadow people and the apparition of some sort of massive spectral hound. The thing would first appear one night looming over their bed, and she would describe the terrifying experience thus:

I woke with it over my then boyfriend. It is very immense. Stands like a human. Has red eyes. Long pointy nails. The hands are not like ours but not paws. It has a very unique snout- more pronounced than a canine. It is no dog but a beast. I warded it off. I had so much fear ( I guess I had nothing to lose) and hovered over my boyfriend almost like a dog. Told myself show no fear and I can’t even explain the immense anger I felt. It does not speak like us but more in mind. Almost perception. I growled like in my mind and remember thinking stay away. That’s when the anger swept over me. It backed up and vanished in wall. I wish I could say it was a happy ending but wasn’t. I started having night terrors always ending in my death every night.

This report fits in well with the lore of Hellhounds being spectral entities rather than physical ones, and also matches some of the stories of them feeding off of fear. What did she see? We’ll likely never know. Moving up to Michigan we also have reports of outsized canine monstrosities, and one report posted in Jason Ofutt’s blog From the Shadows comes from the area of Romulus, Michigan. The witness, known as S. Costea, claimed that he had been living with his family at a cabin on a farm there at the time, which was all surrounded by thick woods that was the home of something rather unusual to say the least. According to Costea there was some sort of “dog creature” about the size of a Great Dane and with glowing red eyes that skulked about in the darkness there in the evening hours, and he would say of it:

We had this really strange dog creature that would hang around the property. I say dog creature because this thing was far too big and intelligent to be a stray dog. It had very pronounced red eyes. I’m not saying it was a werewolf or a dog-man but it was very werewolf-like. The dog would frequently stalk the edge of the woods on our property in the day. It seemed to have no fear. My uncle would yell at it or throw things towards it to try to scare it off but it would simply rear up on its hind legs like a ram and charge at (him) for a short distance.


We would frequently find dead chickens or rabbits after thunderstorms. We knew it was that dog thing because it would leave huge paw prints in the mud and claw marks on the window ledges. Sometimes we would find the screens ripped from our screen doors and windows. It would never outright attack us, but it did seem to enjoy taunting us and harassing us.

This was all frightening enough, but it got even weirder when it demonstrated an ability to walk about on two feet for short durations, and even more bizarrely began to speak, seeming to call people outside for some insidious purpose. Costea claims that his mother found him one night sitting by the window talking to the creature, and would describe the surreal scene thus:

One summer night my mom had left the window open in my bedroom to cool the room off so I could sleep. She was on her way to the bathroom and went by my room and heard me talking to someone. When she opened the door she saw me standing in my bed and I had apparently wet my pajamas. I was talking towards the window. I wasn’t screaming or freaking out but seemed to be transfixed and talking in a low voice towards the window. When she looked towards the window the dog had its two front paws pushed through the screen and was looking through the window at us and making a low growl.Its eyes glared red. I always recall its eyes. You could see its eyes out in the woods sometimes at night. I have bad dreams about it from time to time.

The boy’s mother then threw a beer bottle at the thing to chase it off, but for the next few weeks Costea allegedly displayed odd behavior and the house pets would not go near him. He would also blurt out cryptic messages such as “we don’t want you here,” “our ghosts are food,” or “God thinks you’re bad,” and would sometimes intentionally prick himself with sharp objects until he drew blood. It almost seemed as if the thing at the window had crawled into his head somehow and that this was kind of like a demonic possession to an extent. The frightening ordeal would finally come to an end when his uncle hit it with a rifle, and Costea would say of this:

My uncle was out back working on his truck when he saw the dog at the edge of the woods making its way in towards the rabbit pen. At this point he was tired of dealing with it and went into the house to get his .22. Apparently he fired at it and hit it in the rear. The dog turned and ran into the woods. We didn’t see it anymore after that and everything cleared up.

Also from Michigan is a report from the unlikely locale of Detroit, where a witness living in one of the city’s suburbs claims he had an encounter with a Hellhound 2012. He claims that one evening he was driving through his neighborhood after leaving his girlfriend’s house at around midnight when he saw some streak of movement coming from someone’s backyard, and he described it as being “a very large and well-built creature.” He immediately stopped his car in order to get a view of the thing, and was first impressed with how incredibly fast it moved for its size, estimated as around 40 to 50 mph. He observed it for a moment before it streaked out of view and would describe it thus:

The creature was very large. If I had to compare the size to another animal, I’d say it was about the size of an adult lion. The body type appeared to be that of a dog, although I’ve never seen any breed of dog this size (and there are absolutely no wild/stray dogs in the area). It had a pitch black coat and while I could slightly make out the shape of its head from the side, I never saw its eyes or mouth. When it ran past my headlights initially, it never acknowledged my presence. It did not turn and look at me, slow down, or do anything that was directed toward me. I feel confident that if this was a hellhound, it was not looking for me, but I don’t know that for sure.

In nearby Wisconsin we have reports emanating from a place called Meridean Island, on the Chippewa River, which according to a few witness accounts seems to be prowled by some sort of canine beast. One report comes from a young couple by the names of Shelly Touchstone and Chris Wiener, who were at the island’s boat landing looking for a secluded spot when a thick fog or mist began to form out of nowhere, and which seemed to instill an inexplicable dread in them. They then heard something moving about and growling in a menacing fashion just out of the periphery of their vision, as well as a large shadow “as big as a bear,” with two pinpoints of glowing red eyes.

On another occasion, two men named Mike Bagozzi and Jeremy Stark were in the very same area when they too felt a sudden onset of dread and witnessed a fog congeal out of nowhere. They then apparently spotted a large, black hound with matted, filthy hair, which gave chase as they ran away. They only apparently managed to evade it when they got to their car and locked the doors, after which it meandered off into the wilderness and vanished. These cases hit a couple of interesting points in that Hellhounds are supposedly fond of areas near water, and also that many supernatural phenomena seem to involve a fog or mist, although whatever this connection may be is misunderstood.

Going down south we have a case from the state of Louisiana, in a report published by the National Cryptid Society. The report comes from the area of Robeline, Louisiana, in 1995, and concerns a witness who claims he was in a graveyard looking for paranormal phenomena, the two of them armed with crosses and an M16, which seems a bit extreme, but here we are. As they pushed forward into the cemetery they allegedly heard strange growling noises, and the witness describes what happened next:

We shined our flashlights all over graveyard. It was small and enclosed by fence. I said it must be a dog tied over at the parsonage. The church and parsonage was about 500 feet away. So I shined around and over in the corner of the graveyard I saw four fresh graves. They were apart from the other graves.


They had no flowers. Just two big graves and two small ones marked by 4 iron crosses. As we went to explore, we heard the growling grow louder. I said Lannie, is that dog loose? I kinda felt a little safe knowing it would be hard for it to jump the fence. But as we got closer to the grave the hair on my neck stood up and I got chills. My friend got the same feeling. The growls had a sound like Rottweiler’s. They chilled you to the bone and you felt something wasn’t right. We heard the snarling as we got a few feet from grave. The growls were not part of a body. They were disembodied. Then I tried to rationalize it in my head. Is it a couple loose mean dogs outside gate? Is it a group of coyotes? But as we shined the light this time we saw them. Two sets of glowing red eyes not attached to [a] body. They were only three feet away and stood guard by those graves.


My friend froze in fright and pushed me in front. He was crying about leaving his gun. I said Lannie, your gun won’t help against this. The dogs were vicious and I said Lannie whatever you do, don’t run. I prayed for guidance. I had not been to church in many a year but I knew what I was dealing with was straight from hell. I looked right at them. I showed my cross and said I know what you are. They snarled louder. My friend was really upset and wanting his Mama. I said Lannie please. I said I demand in the name of Jesus Christ that you allow us to leave as we came in peace and alone. I demand this in the name of the Son of Man and victor over all that is evil. I said that the Son of man ruled over all evil, and I demand you let us leave in peace. We slowly backed up and as we got to the gate we left.

This particular report seems to go overboard a bit, but who knows? All the way over on the other side of the country we come to California, which has a few accounts of Hellhounds of its own. From American Canyon, California, comes an account from a 28-year-old witness known as “Jedidiah,”who claims that one night as he was walking back from a market he heard an ear piercing howl echo out into the night. He soon caught sight of a very large dog, which he at first took to be a stray or someone’s pet, but which seemed to be too large to be such a thing. As he looked more closely, he saw that it seemed to have glowing red eyes, and to be entangled with what looked to be barbed wire. He would say of what happened next:

At this point I was quite scared. I continued on my way home and I found myself dreading each corner, fearing another sighting of this hellish creature. I had almost made it home when the beast appeared again. This time it stood directly in my path. I was frozen with fear, hair standing up on end and I close my eyes fearing an attack. It starts to growl, a deep, rumbling, growl; one that I felt deep in my soul, one that threatens to turn my legs to Jell-O. I don’t know what compelled me to do so but, I started praying, to the Lord and Jesus Christ in Heaven, to make this beast leave, but the growling intensified, it seemed as if the growl just pulsated through my mind doing everything in its power to get me to stop praying. I continued to pray, I just prayed, and prayed, and prayed. As I continued to pray, the growl slowly dissipated. When I finally opened my eyes, all that was left was scorch marks where the dog stood. To this day I have yet to see the same dog, or another like it. So this begs the question… What did I see? A hellhound, a spectral creature, some sort of demon? I never will know; but then again I’m not sure I want to.

Also in California is a case that has made the rounds involving what seems like a pack of Hellhounds in Palm Springs, California. In 2013, there were supposedly numerous reports of large, black hounds running amok in the streets, with glowing eyes and sharp fangs. The creatures were described as having the bodies of dogs, but the heads of wolves, and baffled all who saw them. Apparently they tore through people’s yards and even attacked a man’s car to rip up his bumper, before disappearing into the night to vanish. There is very little to corroborate this, but it is a strange case, indeed.

Such creatures surely seem to toe the line between the real and fantasy, where we are not really sure what we shoud be looking at. What are Hellhounds? How can they possibly be? Are these some sort of demonic entity, wandering spirit, or what? Are they misidentifications of large dogs or some wildlife? These reports seem to be beyond explanation, and show that these old legends from across the world have seemed to seep into the realm of the real. Whatever they are, Hellhounds have been spotted all over the world, and the United States is no exception.

Does the Illuminati control the world? Maybe it’s not such a mad idea

If the Illuminati is real, it’s got to be the least secret secret society in the universe. It’s so bad at keeping itself hidden that its existence is proclaimed all over the internet by people whose investigative toolkit consists entirely of Google and a lively imagination.

The most recent would-be whistleblower, however, is far from your usual ex-sports commentator. Paul Hellyer, a former Canadian minister of defence, has blamed the Illuminati for suppressing technology brought to Earth by aliens that could end our reliance on fossil fuels.

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Scientists Say That People With Anxiety Could Have ‘Superpowers’

For those people who are actually living with an anxiety disorder, this must seem like a joke. Anxiety is not fun, and on bad days anxious people definitely feel far from super.

There really is no bright or positive side to living with anxiety, and although each sufferer has a different experience and different levels of struggle, they can probably all agree that it is no walk in the park.

However these claims aren’t suggesting that people who are living with anxiety can start flying or suddenly become as strong as superman but rather those who suffer from anxiety or panic disorders may have some pretty superb qualities about them that could be related to their disorder.

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Strange Inscriptions Found in Mysterious Giant Black Sarcophagus

It’s the gift that keeps on giving … at least if you’re interested in Egyptology, mummies, strange brews, archeology and mysteries. We’re talking, of course, about the mysterious giant marble sarcophagus found in Alexandria, Egypt, recently that generated excitement when it was found, intrigue when rumors flew about its mysterious contents, puzzlement when the contents were not what was expected, disgust when some people wanted to drink the water inside and more questions when the remains turned out to be both men and a woman, with one skull showing a round surgical hole. If that wasn’t enough (it never is when it comes to Egyptian artifacts), some mysterious gold sheets that were mistakenly reported to be inside some of the bones have been analyzed and the pictures on them add to the mystique and mystery of the sarcophagus.

Luxor Times tweeted photos of the tiny (approximately 5cm by 3cm or 2 in by 1 in) gold sheets, also referred to as panels, found with the skeletons. Mostafa Waziri, secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, told Ahram Online that the panels (seen in this video) may be related to the military rankings of the three people buried in the sarcophagus. If true, it will be interesting to see which one belonged to the woman since female soldiers were sometimes depicted in Egyptian drawings.

Live Science contacted several experts to analyze the pictures of the panels and got a detailed report from Jack Ogden, president of the Society of Jewellery Historians and one of the foremost experts in the field. Ogden identified one image as an unhooded snake, which “had connotations of rebirth — they shed their skin — and thus [are] perfect in a funerary connection” and is often associated with the goddess Isis. However, those weren’t enough for Ogden to confirm this jewelry belonged to the female in the sarcophagus.

The other two sheets were more puzzling. One is a plant, possibly corn or a palm branch, which would again symbolize rebirth when placed with the dead. The last contains what looks like an opium poppy seed pod in a shrine, which Ogden speculates could have symbolized medicine (opium had medicinal usages in in Egypt) or getting stoned and entering a dream or coma-like state to symbolize death – or perhaps even induce it? As Ogden said of this panel, “It is intriguing.”

Indeed. Why was gold or jewelry placed with these bodies in a coffin that was quite possibly being shared due to mysterious circumstances. Were these people related? Heroes of the same war or battle? Killed by the same disease or plague? Something else?

What else is in this mysterious sarcophagus and why is it trickling out so slowly? Is the Ministry of Antiquities milking it for its tourism value … or it hiding something?

What more gifts will the mysterious giant black sarcophagus give?

Expert says Humans are not from Earth — we were brought on the planet by Aliens tens of thousands of years ago.

Do you believe that maybe we are the aliens we are looking for all this time? Some experts say that people were most likely crossbred with other species. Perhaps from the star system Alpha Centauri — which is one of the closest solar systems to Earth — in the distant past, giving birth to modern humans.

Tell Al-Uhaymirit was a modern day in Iraq, in the area of the ancient Sumerian city of Kish.

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