Japan Tries to Change Reputation of Haunted Dam

While the idea of a haunted house is scary, the thought of a haunted dam holding back millions of gallons of water at the whim of a ghost is downright terrifying. That’s what many believe is the case in Japan, where a haunted dam attracts enough ghost hunters, paranormal enthusiasts and attempted suicides that the government is trying to change its reputation and debunk or at least downplay its haunted reputation in the name of safety. Should you believe the ghost or the government?

The end result of the construction of the Shimokubo Dam is Kanna Lake, a reservoir popular with fishing enthusiasts and nature lovers. It was created to prevent the type of flooding caused in 1947 by Typhoon Kathleen, which killed over 1,000 people. While that seems like a noble cause, the construction of the dam between the cities of Fujioka and Kamikawa was controversial. The land needed required relocating many residents and the area was considered sacred. Workers said to have been killed doing the dangerous construction work were the very people who were being moved out by the dam and there are urban legends of bodies left unburied that were covered by the reservoir’s waters.

Shimokubo Dam

If that’s not enough to bring back ghosts, there’s also the murder.

Knowing the displaced people were angry and many of them had moved back and were living near the dam and causing turmoil, the government erected a Buddhist statue as a way of making peace. According to another legend, that didn’t please the Arai family, especially the patriarch who believed he heard whispers and screams at night. The tale ends with him going insane and killing his family and himself. The frightened/angry/despondent townspeople erected their own statue and preserved (or at least left standing) the house of Arai, which of course is believed to be haunted by the family, whose murder does not show up on any official records.

Then there’s the haunted bridge.

Completed in 1968 over a portion of the lake, the Kanpira or Kotohira Bridge is said to be cursed and may have aided in the demise of the Arai family. People have reported hearing female screams, seeing hands rising from the water and having just plain uneasy feelings … feelings that cause some to contemplate and occasionally commit suicide, some even reporting a feeling that hands are trying to push them over the rail or guide their car off the road.

Kotohira Bridge

Needless to say, whether the ghost tales are real or urban legends, it’s hurting the wholesome image (if dams can have such a thing) of the Kanna Lake area. As a result, the Japan Water Agency’s Shimokubo Dam Operation and Maintenance Office came up with this brilliant idea – music. Japan News reports that they installed motion sensors in a parking lot at the dam and, when cars or people are detected between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m., a speaker on one side plays the theme song of local superhero group (singers dressed as superheroes) Kijin Sentai Dam Saver — “Water Fantasia”— while one on the other side plays “Jojiman Ondo: Chaji-kyo mo Wasurezuni (Georgeman’s dance song: Don’t forget Sir. Charge),” composed by a group of dam aficionados.


Does it work? The sensors and speaker were just installed, so it will take a while. If the results are positive, they may want to sell the system to other haunted dams like the Hoover Dam (crying sounds, ghosts of workers), the Hales Bar Dam in Tennessee (built on cursed Native American land), Devil’s Gate Dam in California (built on an alleged opening to the underworld) and the Teton Dam in Idaho (haunted by victims of flood caused by a 1975 collapse and by demons from occult activities).

Is that enough to say that dams are damned?

Something Extraordinary Is Happening in the World, And Most People Haven’t Noticed

Most of us haven’t quite realized there is something extraordinary happening.

A few months ago, I freed myself from standard-procedure society. I broke the chains of fear that kept me locked up into the system. Since then, I see the world from a different perspective: the one that everything is going through change and that most of us are unaware of that.

Why is the world changing? In this post, I’ll point out the eight reasons that lead me to believe it.

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Researcher Says The Mysterious “Eye of The Sahara” Could be The Ruins of Atlantis

You can have most any “fringe” beliefs or interests and still disguise yourself as an upstanding, yet adorably eccentric, member of normal society, but Atlantis is the point of no return. Once you start talking about Atlantis, you’re done for. So, let’s talk about Atlantis. According to Plato, The lost city of Atlantis was an ancient island superpower ruled located in the eastern Atlantic ocean—which was named after the lost city.  Atlantis was, according to Plato, a stunningly gorgeous and opulent place, built upon concentric circles of land and water. It was wealthy and powerful beyond measure until, in the course of one day and one night, the whole thing went sideways and a cataclysm wiped the city of Atlantis off the map and out of the history books. According to some esoteric traditions, Atlantis was the birthplace of the so-called “Mystery Schools” that wove their way through western philosophy after the city’s destruction.

The accepted explanation for Plato’s story of Atlantis, however, is that it was just a story, meant to teach a lesson of morality and show Plato’s philosophy on governance. Still, there are countless people who believe that Plato was talking about a real place that was destroyed by a real cataclysm. Plato himself says, in effect, “I know this sounds like nonsense, but I swear I ain’t lyin’.” But we’ve never found evidence, and now that we can image the sea floor, and have found evidence of sunken cities, shouldn’t the fact that we haven’t found Atlantis put this whole thing to bed? Well, what if we haven’t been looking in the right places? What if the ruins of the island-bound seafaring superpower were sitting, right under our noses the whole time, in the middle of the Sahara desert?

Atlantean mystery temple

An Idealistic Depiction of the Atlantean Mystery Temple by J. Augustus Knapp for the book The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P. Hall (1928).

It sounds like a stretch. Yet, that’s what a new video by YouTube channel Bright Insight is proposing, building off the work done by George S. Alexander and Natalis Rosen in the documentary Visiting AtlantisIn a 20 minute long video that’s surprisingly clear, sober, and well edited Bright Insight lays out the case for the Richat structure—also known as the eye of the Sahara—being the true location of Atlantis.

The Richat structure is an earthen structure of unknown origin in Mauritania, on the northwest coast of Africa. It consists of concentric circles of raised ground, bordered by mountains to the north and facing the sea to the south. It’s very big. It also happens to be almost the exact same size as the measurements Plato gave for Atlantis (depending on how you interpret ancient Greek units of measurement).

Plato states that the city of Atlantis was 127 stadia in diameter. According to Dictionary.com, one stadia is approximately 607 feet. This is the conversion used in the video, which works out to 127 stadia equaling 77,089 feet and 23.49 kilometers. Measuring the Richat structure in Google Earth gives a diameter of between 22 and 24 kilometers. That’s pretty close to the measurements for Atlantis. However, other sources say that a stadia is between 607 and 630 feet, which doesn’t seem like a big difference until you realize that 27 feet of variance per stadia, multiplied by 127 stadia, comes out to 3429 feet. While that’s the upper end of the possible variance, it has to be said that the Richat structure would fit the bill a bit less if it was three quarters of a mile too small. It’s not a lot, but it sure wouldn’t be perfectly exact.

The Richat Structure

Bird’s eye view of the Richat structure.

The surrounding areas match the description of Atlantis fairly note-for-note as well. Plato describes the city as being bordered to the north by mountains notable for their great number and beauty. The Richat structure is indeed ringed by mountains to the north. In the video, mention is made of geologic surveys which show that the mountains to the north of the Eye of the Sahara had waterfalls falling from them when the Sahara desert was not yet a desert, which would be fairly noteworthy.

Further arguments made include the timeline of the fall of Atlantis matching up pretty nicely with the proposed date of the Younger Dryas impact hypothesis, which argues that the impact of a comet or asteroid triggered the Younger Dryas period of rapid and sudden climate change and sea level variation.

It’s an interesting proposal and a surprising one. Usually when you watch a YouTube video on subjects like the lost city of Atlantis, you come out of it measurably dumber for having done so. It is hard to believe that if there’s an argument this convincing to be made (ignoring whether or not it’s true), I somehow haven’t heard of it before. That generally means something is either being deliberately suppressed, or is easily and thoroughly debunked. Unfortunately, it’s usually the latter. Without the credentials to make a real judgement, I’ll say this: I’m certainly more interested in the topic of Atlantis than I was before, and I’m really glad to know there are people on YouTube who appreciate production value.

‘Hunt for the Skinwalker’ Film Review

Hunt for the Skinwalker takes the audience on a journey to “the most studied paranormal hotspot in history” according to the director, Jeremy Corbell. While the film is eerie, it leaves its viewers with more questions than answers.

Based on the book by Dr. Colm Kelleher and George Knapp, Corbell’s documentary is really two documentaries in one. Somewhat haphazardly, the film jumps between George Knapp’s unreleased documentary footage concerning Utah’s infamous Skinwalker Ranch, filmed a little over a decade ago, and Corbell’s current footage and interviews.

Knapp’s footage dives into the facts and mythology which surrounds the ranch and the Uintah Basin, heralded by many to be a paranormal hotspot. Well known to locals, and around the world to those in paranormal and UFO circles, the seemingly strange and bizarre events which surround the ranch are brought to life in this aspect of the film. Having recently read the book, the most interesting and compelling content in the documentary was the actual footage and photographs taken by Robert Bigelow’s National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS) team which investigated the ranch during the late nineties. Described and explained in the book, the film, for the first time, shows tapes from the original NIDS investigation. Images of mutilated animals and strange lights finally sated my personal curiosity, and sent a chill running up my spine.

George Knapp and Jeremy Corbell

Beyond this unseen footage, however, Knapp, nor Corbell, provide any documentation or scientific data regarding the studies done on the ranch. The viewer is left to simply take the decade-old word of the various members of the NIDS team. While the NIDS testimony and footage are compelling, seeing at least some expert’s reports, blood test results on dead livestock, EMF results, or soil sample results all would have put more meat on the film’s bones. Some of the footage and reports have been available online for some time, so I am unsure why more data wasn’t included.

Corbell’s contribution to the film is starkly different. Much more modern in style, Corbell attempts to convince the viewer through dramatic prose that the events on the ranch are all real. Corbell visits the ranch on multiple occasions, and even secures an interview with the current owner, though his identity is not revealed. According to the owner, research on the ranch continues to this day, and significant money has been spent on adding technology and tools to help the scientific endeavor continue. Again, no specific information or data is provided, which gives the film more of that “take our word for it” vibe. That is not to say that the events on the ranch are not real. They very well may be, however, for any viewers who have not already bought into the stories and lore surrounding Skinwalker Ranch, very little evidence is provided to sway skeptical minds who want to see the data.

Corbell’s interviews with local witnesses tell the frightening story that these events occur all around the area, and not just locally within the ranch’s borders. While the off-camera interview questions are leading at times, these interviews explore the emotional and physical ramifications of the Phenomenon.

Cinematically, the photography is beautiful and rich. It perfectly portrays a ranch and an area where something isn’t right. The camera expertly tells of a place where the land is haunted by something, something that should not exist, yet arguably, does.

Corbell inside Homestead III, Skinwalker Ranch.

Finally, Corbell and Knapp reiterate the link between the Pentagon’s UFO program, the Advanced Aerospace Weapons Systems Application Program (AAWSAP)/Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), and Robert Bigelow’s organization, Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS), saying that American tax money was used to investigate Skinwalker Ranch. While this is pitched as “exclusive” new information in the film, George Knapp published this information in May that Bigelow was awarded the AAWSAP contract, and that BAASS was actively working at Skinwalker Ranch.

What is missing from this documentary is a clear narrative and thesis which links all of Knapp’s older footage and information with Corbell’s contemporary findings. Instead of a flowing story which weaves all of these ideas together, it is awkwardly chunked into disassociated segments. While it could be argued that Skinwalker Ranch itself is the through line, there is little done to establish a clear investigative timeline. Overall, the film feels a little chaotic. Perhaps this was a purposeful stylistic choice, or perhaps issues arose during production. Regardless, it replicates the sensation generated by the paranormal events which take place on the ranch; the viewer becomes disconnected from stability, feeling unsure, which according to the various interviews in the film, seems to be the modus operandi of the Phenomenon.

If you are already convinced that strange things are happening at Skinwalker Ranch, or you are a fan of the book, then this film compliments the original text. It provides some great older footage and absorbing interviews. If you are a newcomer to the topic, the book may be a better place to start as it lays a lot of necessary groundwork.

While the various NIDS scientists and the new anonymous ranch owner constantly assure us that the supernatural activity is objectively real, that is all this documentary truly provides. It seems to all hinge upon trust. The viewer is left to deal with shadows, hoping and wishing that whatever is casting them actually exists. Hunt for the Skinwalker fundamentally comes full circle. It ends as it begins, with a lot of questions, and very few answers. It brings the viewer to a fork on a remote dark road; you either believe or you don’t.

New Search for MH370 Involves Google, Cambodia and China

If the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, missing since March 8, 2014, isn’t found soon, every country in the world will eventually become part of the investigation. Cambodia and China joined (or perhaps moved up) the list this past week as a so-called “tech expert” revealed a Google Maps photograph of what he claims is the fairly-intact remains of the plane in a Cambodian jungle. While there’s plenty of skepticism, believers claim that China just launched a satellite that used the coordinates to search for anything strange in the jungle at that location. Is this the end of the mystery or another fork in the road?

“Measuring the Google sighting you’re looking at around 69 metres, but there looks to be a gap between the tail and the back of the plane. It’s just slightly bigger, but there’s a gap that would probably account for that.”

(Image credit: Google Earth)

The reports of the discovery appeared first in the British tabloids which all have about the same accounts, so we’ll use The Daily Star as our source for quotes like this one from Ian Wilson, who is referred to as a “tech expert” and “technology geek” but gives his occupation as a video producer who happens to spend a lot of time on Google Maps. The first reaction to the photograph is that this is a plane flying over the jungle at the time Google’s satellite took the picture at coordinates 12.08611N,104.1513889E. Wilson contests that, saying the image is at “ground level” because he used the “escape ground view” option to see it. Based on that, he claims the plane is “close” to the dimensions of a MH370’s Boeing 777-200 and uses the unexplained “gap” as a fudge factor. The video and tech business must be good because Wilson says he’s planning to hire a helicopter and visit the site, located about around 60 miles west of Phnom Penh, himself.

He may want to read the coverage in The Week first. Cambodia’s State Secretariat of Civil Aviation says there is no evidence of the crash in any of its data and it has not received information from any other agencies with evidence that the plane crashed in Cambodia rather than somewhere near Reunion Island, 4,000 miles away, where a piece of the wreckage HAS been found.

Then there’s the China connection. The Star refers to “Space View – authorised by the Chinese government,” which is a company providing images from its 10 satellites. It responded to the news story with “three images, shot in 2015, 2016 and 2018 from our archive” at the same coordinates and a brief comment:

“Sorry, no plane found there.”

The Daily Star reported that “China deploys satellite to PROVE plane is in Cambodian jungle” but it was apparently trying to connect a launch on September 7 by the Chinese commercial spaceflight startup OneSpace to the news about using satellites to scan the Cambodian jungle.

Wilson remains undaunted.

“Worst case scenario I’m wrong and I’ve wasted my time and some money.”

Well, when you put it that way …

We’ll reserve our own skepticism (let’s start with an explanation of how the plane could remain visible and in such good shape after crash-landing in a dense jungle over four years ago) until he makes the trip.

A Drone’s Eye View of the Ancient Pyramids of Egypt, Sudan & Mexico

A couple years ago we featured drone footage shot above Los Angeles, New York, London, Bangkok, and Mexico City, the sort of metropolises that rank among the greatest works of modern man. But the pilot-photographers of small, unmanned, camera-bearing aircraft have produced equally fascinating visual revelations of the great works of not-so-modern-man. Just above, for instance, we have a drone flyover of the Nubian pyramids of Meroë, Sudan. You can see more such footage at National Geographic, whose engineer Alan Turchik has taken his own quadcopter out there.

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Strange Tales of the “Little People”

Now and again a story will surface that is so bizarre it’s difficult to know what to think of it. Today’s subject-matter falls firmly into that particular category – in fact, there are several such stories, not just one. We’re talking about those who claim to have seen what can only be termed “little people.” I’ll let you, the readers, offer comments and suggestions on what might have been the cause of such tales. Frank Banner’s family tells of the time that Frank, in 1971, encountered a group of around fifteen strange, diminutive beings in the woods surrounding Trempealeau Mountain, Wisconsin, as he took a stroll with the family dog. According to Banner, as he walked along one particular track he suddenly developed a sense of being watched. He was.

Within seconds, a group of very human-looking, but only about two-feet-tall, creatures came out of the woods in front of Banner. Curiously, the dog did not act in a hostile fashion, but wagged its tail vigorously, as if it was greeting a bunch of old friends. Banner, however, was terrified by the sight of this strange band of mini-people – all of who were dressed in what Banner described as “primitive clothing.” The group did nothing more than smile at Banner, wave, and then continued on their way, into the woods on the other side of the track. Despite the fact that the family made jokes about Frank having met a tribe of pixies, until his dying day banner believed he had encounter an extraterrestrial race of very human-like – albeit small – proportions. Of course, there is an important question to ask: if they were so advanced extraterrestrials, why were they dressed in “primitive clothing?” Moving on…

Trempealeau Mountain

Dave Shaw’s experience in 1999 is an another perfect example of high-strangeness. While walking through the woods surrounding Texas’ Lake Worth, saw a “little man” that raced past him at a very fast speed, and who was dressed in a yellow, one-piece outfit. “Little” is undeniably apt, as Shaw estimated that the “man” was between one-and-one-and-a-half-feet in height. The little man didn’t turn back to look at Shaw; he just carried on running, vanishing into the undergrowth. Alien, sprite, goblin? There is no answer to that question.

Adelaide, Australia was the site of a profoundly odd encounter reported by Samantha K, in September 1984. As she walked home from a late shift at the restaurant she worked for at the time, she almost stumbled into what she too described as a “little man.” He was about two feet tall, raced across the quiet road, was dressed in a silver, one-piece suit – and a large helmet. He vanished into a nearby alleyway. Sam says she was too amazed to be scared by the weird experience.

A similar saga comes from Janice Bakewell, who encountered a small UFO – as in extremely small – in Marlborough, Wiltshire, England in January 1977. Just like Frank Banner in 1971, Janice was walking through woods with her dog. It was early one morning when she heard a loud buzzing noise that quickly filled her ears – and clearly those of her dog, too. Puzzled, she looked around, but it was all to no avail – at least, for around two minutes. Then, everything became amazingly clear.

As if out of nowhere, a small flying saucer appeared before her, hovering at a height of around four feet off the ground, in a small clearing in the trees. It was circular in shape, silver in color, and had a red band around its middle. And, it was barely four-feet across. She watched, astonished, as the diminutive craft settled to the ground – in decidedly wobbly fashion – and a small door opened. Janice still recalls holding her breath, wondering what might happen next. She soon found out.

Out of the door flew three, three-to-four-inches-tall small humanoid figures: clearly female and glowing brightly, they fluttered around Janice for a minute or two, dressed in silvery mini-skirts! At one point the tiny trio landed on Janice’s right arm, smiled, then flew back into the craft, which shot away into the skies, never to be seen again. Bizarre? Yep! Theories, anyone?

Paranormal Investigator Charged with Firing Gun at a Ghost

Calling Rodney Dangerfield! It’s stories like this one that cause paranormal investigators, ghost hunters and others in the spirit field to get no respect … no respect at all. Police in Connecticut arrested a man who had an outstanding warrant concerning suspicious circumstances surrounding a report of gunshots being fired in a home in Tolland. When confronted with the reason for the warrant – that his story didn’t match up to the evidence found by police investigators – the man claimed he was a paranormal investigator and had actually been shooting at a ghost! Is that possible? Is it legal?

The story of the arrest of alleged ghost-shooting paranormal investigator Christian J. Devaux goes back to 2011 when police records show he made his first home invasion emergency call after claiming he heard a loud bang and saw a stranger in his home. The police found no evidence to support the call. Fast forward to July 26, 2018. According to the local Journal Inquirer, the same Christian J. Devaux made a similar 911 call reporting a stranger in his home. This time, the operator was on the line when Devaux fired two shots at the alleged intruder.

The police arrived but found no evidence of a break-in and their dogs found no scent of an intruder. Devaux claimed he shot over the intruder’s head – which would make him extremely short since the bullet holes in the wall were a little over two feet off the ground. But that’s not the weird part. When confronted with this evidence, Devaux changed his story and said the intruder could have been a ghost, possibly haunting him because he’s a paranormal investigator. It appears the troopers left at that point, but later determined that Devaux was lying somewhere in that story and issued a warrant, which was discovered when he was stopped in nearby Vernon for a traffic violation.

Don’t shoot!

Could Devaux be telling the truth … at least the part about the ghost? While a search found no evidence linking him to any paranormal groups or investigations, Tolland has some ghosts to investigate. The Daniel Benton Homestead dates back to 1720 and its ghosts appeared shortly after the Revolutionary War. Danial’s grandson Elisha contracted smallpox in a British prison and was later nursed by his girlfriend Jemima Barrows. Both died of smallpox before they could marry, so the families were forced to bury them on opposite sides of a carriage path. You know what happens next … their ghosts – one wearing a wedding dress, the other a soldier’s uniform, — are seen crossing the path or heard crying.

Then there’s the Mansfield Training School just a few miles away. Devaux told the cops he had done paranormal investigations there, as have hundreds of others since it’s a hotbed of haunt. Built in 1860, it was called the “Connecticut School for Imbeciles” and later the “Connecticut Training School for Feebleminded” before merging with the “Connecticut Colony for Epileptics” in Mansfield and named the Mansfield Training School and Hospital until it closed in 1993. As expected with those names, stories of abuse were at times rampant in a facility that once housed 1,800 patients with all forms of mental illnesses with unknown causes and dubious (and sometimes cruel and brutal) treatments. As a result, the buildings – some still remain in other use – have had their share of ghost sightings.

The Knight Hospital, an abandoned part of the Mansfield Training School

Also just a few miles from Tolland are a number of haunted places, including the Gay City State Park (haunted by murder victims), the Capitol Theater (haunted by an actor accidentally killed during a scene with a sword) and the Old State House, which like all old government buildings, has plenty of skeletons in the closets – both real and spiritual.

All of that ghostly activity around Tolland could easily support Devaux’s claim that he’s a paranormal investigator and shot at a ghost … except a good (and even not-so-good) paranormal investigator knows that bullets can’t kill or even harm or scare a ghost.

Will Devaux beat the charges of illegal discharge of a firearm, making a false statement to police, second-degree reckless endangerment, misusing an emergency call, and disorderly conduct? It appears he doesn’t have a ghost of a chance.

Two Loch Ness Monster Photos Taken in One Day at Same Spot

Could this be the year that the Loch Ness monster is found? Is something stirring up the loch and forcing it to surface more frequently? Could that DNA testing experiment have spooked it … or was the experiment a cover for placing something in the loch to bring Nessie out of its lair? These rumors and more are flying after monster sightings were reported at the same location within 12 hours of each other … sightings that include one of the “best photos ever” (according to a local expert) and bring the 2018 total to seven, with another still under study.

The magic Nessie day was August 17th. According to The Scottish Sun, Lynn Locke of Ontario, Canada, was at the loch for a vacation with her husband and daughter. Standing 50 yards from the water at about 9:40 am near Urquhart Castle, a popular spot for spotting the monster, Lynn was ready to see something after seeing nothing on a Ness cruise. Noticing a strange abject 50 yards off shore, Locke locked onto the loch with her smartphone for a minute and recorded … something. (See the photos here.)

“While we were visiting the castle I noticed something moving in the water, with trails of bubbles leading up to it. It went under the water a couple of times and reappeared.”

Before you say it, Lynn already knows what you’re thinking.

“I do think I saw Nessie – maybe the tail. I’ve seen a stick floating in the water before and that didn’t look like one to me.”

It doesn’t look like a boat.

Well, that plus the photos was enough for Gary Campbell, keeper of the official Nessie sightings register, to enter Lynn’s account into the official log. Little did he know that this would turn out to be one of the biggest days in that log’s history. At around 7 pm, Charlotte Robinson saw something just 12 miles away and only 15 yards from the shore and snapped her “best ever” photo which was also logged in the log. Still waiting for approval is what Campbell described as a similar sighting the day before – perhaps the owners of the photo, if one was taken, are holding out for the highest bidder, rather than taking their chances on the Inverness Courier’s Loch Ness Monster monster photo contest with its $2000 prize.

Gary Campbell, keeper of the official Nessie sightings register, hasn’t seen this much activity since … well, since last year, which had a record number of sightings – 11. This year’s are different because they’re so close together in times and locations. Meanwhile, the DNA collectors have collected their DNA, but don’t plan to release their findings until January 2019. Would they release them sooner if someone gets a conclusive photo? WILL someone get a conclusive photo? Anyone? Bueller?

Whatever they are, sightings in Loch Ness are up — two years in a row. The local tourism bureau and Inverness businesses are certainly reaping the benefits. Are they also floating the logs?

Logs that look like monsters? Preposterous!

EXCLUSIVE: Is this first VIDEO of REAL alien? Claims police ‘snapped being in park’

THIS could be the world’s first picture of a real alien according to fresh claims that police in Argentina took the bizarre snap during a call out.
The shocking image is sweeping alien and conspiracy theory websites after emerging on Facebook and being reported by Diarioprimeralinea.com.ar in the South American country.Online reports have suggested that police were called to reports of strange behaviour in the Parque Mitre area of Corrientes, before they spotted a humanoid-like being and photographed it on a mobile phone.Debunkers have already branded it a CGI hoax, saying it is an edited version of an alien shown in the ET film Signs, starring Mel Gibson, or a still from Spanish alien horror flick Ovni.

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