The Haunted Hall of Dreams

Along the scenic coastline of Ireland there is a rural, isolated road that meanders by the seaside of the Hook Peninsula County, in Wexford. The road makes its way past windswept vistas and rugged rocks and cliffs ceaselessly pounded by the waves, presenting a rather breathtaking view, yet driving along further one will invariably see a rather surreal site looming in the distance. There not far from the craggy coast sits an enormous and very old country house that towers over the flat landscape around it, obviously once opulent but now appearing derelict and battered by age and the elements. This is the historic Loftus Hall, also sometimes referred to as the Hall of Dreams, a place infused with a tragic and at times violent and sinister history, and which has grown to acquire a reputation as being one of the most haunted places in the country.

The past of this place is rather colorful to say the least. There was a time long ago when this was a sacred land infused with magic and revered by Celtic druids, who used it for their rituals, and is also said to have once been a pagan sacrificial ground. For the druids this was a place of great power and magic, the realm of their legends and mysticism for thousands of years, but they eventually drifted away when the Normans took over the area and built an imposing castle right atop this sacred place in around 1180. This castle, then known as Houseland Castle, was erected by the Norman knight Raymond (Redmond) Fitzgerald, also known as Raymond Le Gros (Raymond “The Fat”) shortly after moving into the peninsula. From there the castle would gradually become a decrepit ruin until Fitzgerald’s descendants rebuilt it in 1350, in an era when the Black Death was menacing the land to bring death to all in its wake, calling it Redmond Hall. It is from here that the history really becomes interesting.

Loftus Hall, Ireland

In the 1600s the Irish Confederate War broke out, and the castle would be repeatedly subject to attack by English forces, with the Redmonds proving to be able to tenaciously defend it at all costs. One famous story is that of the valiant fight of 68-year-old Alexander Redmond, who managed to fend of around 100 troops with just his resourcefulness and the help of his two sons and some tenants, killing most of the enemies and capturing and executing the rest. They would continue to successfully defend the castle, but as heroic as these deeds were, the hall eventually fell to the English and was confiscated. In 1666 the hall would fall into the hands of the prestigious Loftus family, and would be renamed Loftus Hall.

From between 1870 and 1879, the increasingly powerful and illustrious family went about a complete renovation and overhaul of the place, sparing no expense to make it a residence worthy of a visit from Queen Victoria herself, who they hoped to woo there with its granduer. The hall became even more opulent than it had ever been before, decked out with marble and mosaic tiled floors, tapestries, ornate staircases, the works, and although the Queen never did see it Loftus Hall became known as one of the most luxurious residences in all of Ireland. The house would eventually fall into disrepair once more, and later sold to the Benedictines, who turned it into a convent and girl’s school called the Convent of St. Mary’s in 1917, who would in turn pass it on to the Sisters of Providence of the Rosminian Order in 1937.

The hall was then eventually abandoned yet again and stood there alone, isolated, and uninhabited for decades, only finally being sold in 1983 to a man named Michael Deveraux, who made it into the “Loftus Hall Hotel.” This would not last long, as Deveraux would die not long after, and his wife would then mysteriously vanish for no appatrent reason. The house stood unoccupied for several decades more, until it finally passed on to the Quigley family, who are its current owners and have turned it into a historic site open to the public.

Loftus Hall

Throughout all of this the hall remained abandoned and feral for long stretches of time, and one reason for this was that it has long been considered to be a cursed place brimming with the forces of evil, due to a persistent legend surrounding its halls that dates back to the 17th century. The story goes that in the year 1666 a caretaker named Charles Tottenham came to Loftus Hall along with his wife and daughter, Anne. One stormy night a ship is said to have crashed against the rocks at Hook Peninsula, after which a mysterious stranger made his way to the mansion through the lashing wind and rain. The Tottenham’s graciously let him in out of the storm and offered him shelter, and he would end up being there for several weeks while his battered ship was repaired, in the meantime making quick friends with Anne, with some versions of the account even saying they fell deeply in love.

According to the tale, one night the family and the mysterious stranger were playing cards in the Tapestry Room when Anne dropped one of her cards and bent down under the table to retrieve it. When she did so she purportedly noticed that the stranger’s feet were now cloven hooves, which caused to her to shoot upright and scream. The mystery man, now certain that she had found out his dark secret, then shot up straight into the air, smashing through the roof, in some versions transforming into fireball, and flying off into the night to never be seen again. Shortly after this, Anne is said to have gone stark raving mad and confined to one of the mansion’s rooms to her dying day. Interestingly, her grave was cemented over and sealed for reasons unknown. The hole that the Devil made in the ceiling is said to be irreparable to this day, always breaking again, and even in modern times it is said that this portion of the ceiling looks different than the rest.

From the time of her death onwards, Loftus Hall became well known as being a haunt of the Devil, as well as an intensely haunted place in general, with the restless spirit of Anne said to prowl the estate. Indeed, the hall had such a reputation for being haunted that on many occasions Catholic and Protestant priests were brought in to exorcise it to no avail. The ghost of Anne Tottenham has remained active all the way up into the present, allegedly known for spooking visitors to the hall and photobombing pictures taken by people on the tours that pass through. There are also ghostly horses said to roam the grounds, as well as apparitions of long dead British soldiers and a dark shadow entity that some speculate is the Devil himself. Add to this the reports that the location was used by Satanists for dark rituals during its long periods of abandonment, and you get a place charged with a dark history, death, curses, and the Devil, and Loftus Hall is often mentioned as one of the most haunted places in Ireland.

It is partly these ominous tales that the locations remained unwanted and forgotten for such long periods of time. Of course with such a dark reputation the hall has become of interest to ghost hunters from all over the world, and one of these was the TV program Ghost Adventures, with Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin and Nick Groff. The team apparently ran into all sorts of paranormal activity at the hall, although it is all so dramatized and pervaded by theatrics that it is hard to know what veracity any of it has. It certainly seems that with its checkered past tinged with tragedy this place might keep spirits tethered to it, but there is very little we can do to untangle the myth from reality. Whether it is really haunted or not, Loftus Hall is certainly a place with an interesting past, and it maintains its haunted status to this day.

Win 10,000 Euros by Demonstrating a Super-Power

Do a search for the top super-powers of super heroes that mere mortals would like to have and you’ll get a list of hundreds. Taking just one site as an example, the top 10 of its top 100 (from 1 to 10) are flight, invisibility, super strength, fire manipulation, super speed, telepathy, hard light constructs (create weapons out of hard light), invulnerability, telekinesis and shapeshifting. All good powers to have, but the next 90 includes heat vision, time travel, mind control and elasticity – all valuable powers as well. How valuable? If you can demonstrate any of these or any other super-power that the average person doesn’t have, you could win a cool 10,000 Euros. That would go a long way towards paying for your superhero crime-fighting costumes. Are you interested?

The prize is offered by The Society for the Scientific Investigation of Para-Sciences (GWUP), a group of German physicists, biologists and psychologists at the University of Würzburg, in Würzburg, Germany, who have a standing offer of 10,000 Euros ($11.700) to anyone who can demonstrate any such abilities under their controlled laboratory conditions. There’s always a catch … but Rainer Wolf, a perceptual researcher who judges the demonstrations, says he and his fellow scientists are serious about these experiments.

“We’re not here to make people look ridiculous. We just want to show that many such claims are nonsense.”

OK, it’s obvious which way Wolf leans, but that’s partly based on previous super-power tests on over 60 individuals. In 2017, he observed a man attempting to move a piece of foil under a glass dome with his mind, a woman trying to levitate, a man attempting to find buried cables with a divining pickaxe and a woman trying to locate a hidden gold bar.

Wolf still has his 10,000 Euros.

Like on a television game show, the participants in the GWUP contest (it needs a better title, like The 10,000 Euro Pyramid or Who Wants to be a Superhero?) don’t leave empty-handed. Wolf gives them coffee and cake, a pat on the back and the reassurance that they do have one super-power – the rock-hard, unfailing belief that they have a super-power and the superhuman conviction that no one will convince them otherwise. All they need is one more attempt or the right star alignment or better weather conditions or tighter tights or for the judges to look away for a second.

Are there really people with superpowers? Is 10,000 Euros enough to lure them out into the open and take off their spidey masks instead of hiding these powers to use as a free force of good … or for evil get-rich-quick schemes … or for a better-paying job with a defense contractor … or a foreign government?

Here’s a better question … and a potential movie plot. What if more than one person demonstrates a super-power? Should they split the prize or participate in a battle royale on pay-per-view for a much bigger payday? What if the participants have powers from the bottom end of the superpowers list … like generating gold balls … or the ability to eat anything … or explosive farting?

Is explosive farting worth 10,000 Euros?

My super prediction is that a Kickstarter to see that power demonstrated would generate ten times that amount.

20 million bacteria-infected mosquitoes have just been released in California. On purpose

It sounds like the plot of a horror movie; a swarm of bacteria-infested mosquitoes unleashed on a town. But it isn’t fiction – it’s actually about to happen in Fresno, a city in California’s San Joaquin Valley.

However, residents won’t be rushing to swat these mosquitoes. They are being deliberately released into the wild to help stop the spread of disease.

Verily, the life sciences arm of Google’s parent company Alphabet, plans to release 20 million mosquitoes in Fresno this summer, in a bid to stamp out one of the most troublesome species – the aedes aegypti.

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“The Bray Road Beast” — A New Film from Small Town Monsters

There are vehicles you see while traveling that just make you feel those inside are on the road to a fun time: a car with surfboards on top; an SUV filled with happy kids; a beer truck. Wherever they’re going, you want to follow them. Then there’s the Small Town Monsters van. Like the scenes of dark and desolate roads that open this independent film company’s documentaries, you get a shiver and a feeling that make you consider taking the next fork that they don’t … unless you’re looking for a great scary and interesting tale of little-known monsters in the tradition Seth Breedlove’s Small Town Monsters team has fast become known for. Then get in the caravan behind them because they’re on the road to a new adventure … but first, watch their new movie, “The Bray Road Beast.”

The trip down Bray Road first takes the audience to two people who know the story well: Linda Godfrey, a reporter whose investigations were the basis for her book, “Beast of Bray Road: Tailing Wisconsin’s Werewolf”; and John Fredrickson, a retired Walworth County animal control officer who was involved in many of the investigations. They do a straightforward and detailed job of telling the history of Elkwood, Wisconsin (with help from members of the Bray family), how they were pulled into the mysterious sightings of the early 1990s, and why the fear and earnestness of the witnesses convinced them that something unusual was in Elkwood. Linda recounts her oft-told story of how something that more resembles a werewolf became known as the Beast and shares a number of little-known facts that add meat to the story.

Speaking of meat, Seth adds meaty bookends to the bookish documentary (it cleverly unfolds as chapters of an ancient tome) with stories of earlier sightings and current ones that add a satanic cult element to the tale with examples of suspicious animal mutilations. In fact, the entire cheese-loving state of Wisconsin becomes a co-conspirator in some of these demonic accounts.

The Small Town Monsters crew moves the story along with plenty of candle-lit scenes, gloomy deserted streets and spooky shots of local landmarks. It’s all narrated by the suitably chilling voice of Lyle Blackburn. Eyewitness accounts are recreated with multiple forms of animation that bring the beast to life … unless the Beast of Bray Road is still alive?

For the answer to that, you have to take your own Bray Road trip with Small Town Monsters. “The Bray Road Beast” can be pre-ordered now on the Small Town Monsters website so you can be the envy of your cryptid-loving mail carrier delivering it after its official release on October 5, 2018.

With this latest installment in the fast-growing library of Small Town Monster documentaries, Seth Breedlove and his team should be thanked for giving lesser-known cryptids some much-needed publicity and helping off-the-beaten-path-monster fans plan their next summer vacation.

Mothman and Crop Circles: A Connection?

Every couple of years I speak at the annual Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. And, this year is no different (providing that a certain hurricane doesn’t cause significant problems in the area…). Around midnight on this coming Thursday, me and good friends Bigfoot-seeker Shelly Covington-Montana and cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard will be hitting the road to Point Pleasant. It’s approximately a 1,000-mile-long drive each way, so it’s a good thing that we’re all fans of road-trips! As for that weather looming on the horizon, we’ll take our chances.

If you have never attended the Mothman gig, and if strange creatures are your thing, then you really should check out the festival. The lectures aside, the entire event is totally held outdoors. Downtown streets are shut down and thousands of people descend on the city of Point Pleasant. You can find people selling Mothman fridge-magnets, artwork, books, t-shirts and much more. There are also bands playing and plenty to eat and drink. In other words, it’s a fun weekend of entertaining weirdness. Grumpy, humorless types should stay away. You can find my photos from the 2016 gig at this link.

It’s worth noting, though, that Mothman-type entities are not exclusive to West Virginia. In 1953, the Houston, Texas media briefly covered the strange story of what became known as the Houston Batman. It was a glowing, flying humanoid that terrified the unfortunate trio who encountered the beast in the dead of night. Cornwall, England has its version: the red-eyed, feathery Owlman. And, during the Vietnam War, the very weird saga of the flying woman of Da Nang surfaced. It probably doesn’t need mentioning that similar creatures can be found in other parts of the world, too. Which brings me to the matter of Mothman and Crop Circles. Yes, you did read that right.

Matthew Williams is a good friend of mine. A couple of decades ago, he became the first person arrested, charged and convicted for making a Crop Circle (okay, to be completely correct, Matt was convicted of causing criminal damage, which is not quite as exciting). Matt does not consider himself to be a hoaxer of Crop Circles, though. Rather, he believes that an outside, supernatural force impacts on the Crop Circle makers, provoking them to create the admittedly very impressive formations that appear every year. Matt has, for example, seen glowing balls of light hovering and flying over formations of his very own creation. He has also experienced missing time in those same circles. So, what does all of this have to do with Mothman? Let’s see.

Some years ago, I interviewed Matt about his longstanding involvement in the Crop Circle arena and he shared with me a number of intriguing stories. It transpired that, unsurprisingly for someone who had spent years deeply immersed within the Crop Circle controversy, Matt proved to be a veritable fountain of knowledge with respect to tales of weird creatures and phenomena either having been seen in, or at least in the direct vicinity of, complex Crop Circle formations. One such case was very strange: Matt told me that the story in question concerned a man who had felt curiously compelled to drive late at night to a certain field in Wiltshire, England, many years ago. On doing so, the man (whose name is known to me) parked his car and duly, and carefully, began his walk into the depths of the crop. Suddenly, and out of nowhere, a large, black, winged, human-like figure appeared in the air over the field.

“It reminded me a little bit of the Mothman sightings when I heard this story,” said Matt, not without a high degree of justification. Matt continued that the source of the story could only stand and stare in awe, while suddenly gaining the distinct impression that the hovering, humanoid entity was the source of at least some of the Crop Circle formations that were appearing in Wiltshire. At that precise moment, a simple Crop Circle suddenly appeared on the ground immediately below the black figure – after which it vanished from the skies and the man was left utterly alone in the field, and with no real option other than to make his shocked way back to his vehicle and drive home, baffled and bewildered by both the weird, aerial entity and what it was that had directed him to the field.

I may have to bring all of this up at the Mothman Festival…

This Woman Owns the Sun and Wants to Save the World’s Needy

For starters, she’s giving away 90 percent of her sun-related profits.

In September 2010, a middle-aged housewife from a nowhere town in Spain claimed legal ownership of the sun. Inspired by the millionaire moon-owning American Dennis Hope, she just woke up one morning, sauntered into her local notary office and made it official.

Predictably, a lot of people questioned the veracity of her claim. Would she charge everyone for using her new property?

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The trumpets of the Apocalypse are heard again, now in Canada and Indonesia

People around the world have been reporting eerie, haunting and almost apocalyptic like sounds. According to witnesses of this unexplained phenomenon, they hear humming and loud booms, grinding metal, trumpet-like noises coming from the sky.

But do these sounds really come from the sky or something else is going on?

An in-depth investigation on this issue conducted by Linda Molten Howe has shown that the secret of these sounds is inside the Earth.

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Paranormal Politics and the Politics of the Paranormal II: Future Mexican Undersecretary of the Interior is a ‘Cosmic Energy Therapist’, Possible Cult Follower

On my latest contribution for MU, I reported on how Mexico’s future Secretary of the Environment is a firm believer in the existence of the mythical Aluxes, the Mayan equivalent to goblins and fairies. Unlike most of the memes that erupted on social media mocking the story, I opted for balance and instead compared it to the situation in other countries –like Iceland– in which belief in elves is so widespread it even affects the design of modern highways, lest the traditional abodes of ‘the little people’ be disturbed.

Diana Álvarez Maury

But now comes yet another news from Mexico in which politics gets entangled with the esoteric: President elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador has just designated Diana Álvarez Maury as the new Undersecretary of Citizen Participation, Participative Democracy and Civilian Organizations (a branch of the Office for Domestic Affairs, or Ministry of the Interior). In Álvarez Maury’s LinkedIn page her resumé shows she studied Law in a prestigious Mexican university (ITAM) and also has an MBA –a pretty standard background in politics; unlike most lawyers or business managers, though, her resumé also shows that between 2010 and 2012 she was a “cosmic energy transmission therapist” at a center belonging to an association called Life Quality Project (LQP).

A cursory investigation of LQP shows that it is in fact a cult-like organization that in 2010 had a presence in many countries including Mexico, Argentine, Spain, Italy, the UK, Canada and the United States. At the top of its pyramidal structure is Alfredo Offidani, an Italian who founded LQP in 1987 and whose book La Vía (The Way) is handed over to potential candidates in order to lure new members. Offidani claims to be a spiritual descendant of the XIIth century Sufi poet Farid Ud-Din Attar and a student of Al-Khidr, a spiritual pre-Islamic master who –according to LQP– gave Offidani the ‘divine mandate’ to impart his teachings. Only few ‘chosen’ individuals –including Offidani’s two sons and his closest associates– are allowed to speak to him directly, and retransmit his orders to all the centers across the world via email.

So what are these ‘divine teachings’ exactly? One of them is known as the IRECA method –the ‘Instituto di Ricerca Sull’Energía Cosmica Aplicatta’ or Research Institute on Applied Cosmic Energy is a branch of LQP with their seat in Rome– and according to the IRECA UK page:

The IRECA Method is a simple effective technique used to balance the body’s Energy Centres. When in balance, the Energy Centres are able to bring our human organism into equilibrium, leading to optimal health and well-being. Practicing IRECA involves learning to use intention and attention (‘presence’), with an attitude of non-interference to facilitate energetic changes in the mind-body, typically for therapeutic and/or performance enhancement purposes.

In the IRECA courses, you will learn how to:

  • Maintain and strengthen your energy balance.
  • Distribute energy in the whole body.
  • Be helpful towards states of distress and illness.
  • Transmit energy at a distance through the use of intention.
  • Harmonise the cellular memory, reduce stress, and assist in the release of traumatic memories.

If all this New Age babble sounds a lot like Reiki to you, it’s because it is –only repackaged with a different pseudo-spiritual veneer, which you can learn exclusively at the LQP/IRECA centers (the UK page announces their ‘Level 1 & 2’ course begins next November, with a cost of £160. I’m no psychic, but I foresee the next levels to be considerably more expensive…).

Now I consider myself to be a fairly open-minded individual –that’s why I’m writing for MU, after all– but at the same time there are instances in which I do paint a line on the sand and refuse to cross it. Reiki and its disgusting modern popularization is one of those instances: call me obstinate and pigheaded all you want, but the term itself of ‘Reiki master’ makes my eyes roll as an involuntary reflex –the same way there aren’t any ‘porn actors’ in the adult entertainment industry (everybody is a ‘pornstar’) there apparently are no mere ‘Reiki practitioners’!– and even though I’m as interested in alternative medicinal practices, holistic views on health and the involvement of energy balances in relation to a body’s well-being as any good Fortean, the idea that ANY Jane Doe can follow a 24-hour online course and learn how to channel their energy in other to heal others, sounds as improbable as someone hitting their local martial arts gym and learning the Dim Mak ‘death touch’ in a week.

But unlike Reiki –which at least has the redeeming quality of not being monopolized by a hierarchical institution– from the IRECA courses emanate the subtle stench of a spiritual Ponzi scheme, like with all good cults (and by ‘good’ I obviously mean the opposite). The Internet seems to have no shortage of web pages condemning LQP of brainwashing their members, and instilling in them the fear that a fate worse than death itself awaits them if they ever dare to question Offidani’s ‘sacred teachings’ and leave the flock.

Is Diana Álvarez Maury still involved with this infamous organization? The fact that her past role as a ‘cosmic energy therapist’ remains on her LinkedIn page would seem to confirm it; or maybe she’s like me, and hasn’t bothered to update her profile in years. But if not, what risk would it represent for the future Mexican administration to have a member of a New Age cult promoting pseudoscientific medicinal practices undertaking such a sensitive role in domestic policy? Is she planning to solve Mexico’s energy crisis by replacing our dwindling oil industry with the first state-owned cosmic energy-generating company? Could her appointment be an opportunity for LQP to get a bigger foothold in Mexico and Latin America?

Dark Ages 2.0

Sometimes I look at the current state of politics in the United States and the rest of the world, and it feels as if our side –the side of alternative views, defiance to the status quo and official narratives– has won the culture wars, but it won for the wrong reasons and with the wrong arguments –exploiting fear and ignorance instead of adopting the road of reason– and I wonder whether there’s light at the end of this long, dark tunnel.

I still hope there is.

Scary Accounts of Real Monsters in the Closet

A recurring fear throughout childhood is that of the monster in the closet and the thing under the bed. What kid hasn’t ever had a Boogieman lurking there in the confines of their bedroom closet, peering out at them to scare and torment? While this may seem to lie firmly in the realm of overactive imaginations and dark child fantasies, what if there is something more to it? What if the closet monsters are real? Some scattered accounts seem to suggest that there may just be more to this all than childhood fears and imagination, and show that maybe something is in there after all.

Stories of strange things in the closet come from all over and take many forms. One account from 1952 seems to involve some sort of imp or gnome, which would come out of the closet at night to terrorize a young boy named Dan Bortko, of Wyandotte County, Kansas, in the United States. The family had moved to a two-story home on a rural farm property in Liberty, Mo. complete with a barn, and from a very young age Bortko claims he frequently saw a small humanoid about 3 feet tall and fully decked out in German lederhosen and with a smoking pipe, lurking about their house, often appearing in his room at night, and frequently stepping out of the closet. The creature would often stand there looking at him before smiling or winking and disappearing through the closet. Bortko also said that he would often look outside his window at night to see “little people” congregating out around the barn. He once drew a picture of the one he had seen up close, and it was so frightening to his little brother that he would cry whenever he saw it. Bortko would say of his first encounter with the creature:

I had just awakened form a nap and was rubbing my eyes and saw what you would call a troll. I’ll call him a troll because that’s what he reminded me of. It was an old man with a long beard, large nose, about three feet tall standing at the foot of my bed. And I was astounded.

It is unclear whether this thing was merely hiding in the closet or using it as some sort of doorway into this world, or even whether this was all just the figment of a young boy’s overactive imagination, but it is quite creepy nevertheless. If it was real, then what was it? Could it have been some inter-dimensional anomaly, some being from another reality? It is hard to say, but there are other reports of strange entities that seem to defy categorization that have been reported lurking in closets as well.

One account comes from True Ghost Tales, and concerns a creature that really defies easy classification. The witness claims that when she was just a girl she had been watching TV in the living room with her mother when they heard her father start frantically screaming for help from elsewhere in the house. They tracked the source of the screaming to the witnesses’ own bedroom and found that the door was locked tight, which was odd considering it was just a plain doorknob with no lock to begin with. They stood there struggling with the mysteriously jammed doorknob while the father shrieked and shouted from within. At the time they thought he was having some sort of breakdown, as he was an alcoholic and had been drinking heavily that night, however, when they finally forced the door open they were to find it was something altogether more bizarre. The witness says of what they saw in that room thus:

My mom struggled for a few minutes trying to open the door. Finally she managed to open the door and we saw my father up in the air like if he was hanging from something then a few seconds later fell feel down. He was so scared that he sounded sober, he told us to get away from there and he ran as far away from my room, when we saw my dad he seemed almost pale looking, he had scratches on his chest as if he got into a fight or something. My mom asked him “What happened to you”? Are you Ok? The only thing that came out of my father’s mouth was, “THE DEVIL, the devil was trying to take me away with him.” At first I thought my dad was only saying that to scare me but he was serious about it, he said that the devil wanted him and was trying to bite his neck. I thought to my self, it sounds more like a vampire than the devil to me, why would the devil want to bite his neck anyways?

The scared family retreated to the living room, where they eventually fell asleep, and the next day the father explained that when he had been in the girl’s room he had seen the closet door open by itself and heard a man’s voice issue forth from the darkness beyond before the incident, after which something dark had emerged and he blacked out. He took them to the room so that they could take a look at the closet, and this is where things get even stranger still. The witness says:

We all went to my room then my dad opened my closet door and we saw this figure of a man standing inside my closet as if it was asleep, its arms were on his chest and he was all black, with long finger nails and he had wings. The weird thing about all this is that a few day later I saw it in my room. I was watching TV in the living room. We had the hall light on so that way it could reflect light into my room, but that night the light only reflected half way. I saw a dark shadow standing in the middle of my room, then he took his hand out and started moving his index finger asking me to come to him with his reddish yellow eyes. I was so scared that I couldn’t move at all. I was screaming for my parents but they couldn’t hear me at all, how could this be they were ten feet away from me? Anyway when I turned my head back to see him he was already next to me. All he did to me was he had lifted me up and he kissed my forehead and my neck, then he left, just like that. We never say IT again, but sometimes when I’m in the dark I feel like someone is there with me.

What could this thing have possibly been? Was it a vampire, a demon, a ghost, something else? It is interesting that the whole family seems to have witnessed it, so it seems beyond just a hallucination or overactive imagination. On the site Phantoms and Monsters there is another account from 2009 of some sort of menacing beast in a closet. The witness claims that he woke up one night suddenly at around 3 AM, and found that he was covered in sweat and overcome with an inexplicable cold fear that was overwhelming in its intensity, although his brother was still sleeping soundly. There also seemed to be a heavy sense of someone there looming near the bedroom’s rather large walk-in closet, and the witness would say of what happened next:

I looked around in my room hoping to see my mom watching over us from the door way of the closet (I don’t know why I thought it would be her but I did). Since our nightlight was on I could see things pretty clearly. I looked to my left to see a tall figure in our closet, it had an oval like head with small eyes and appendages hanging from it’s face almost like a scruffy beard but it made more sense that it would be some type of structure. It looked over the both of us up and down. At first I thought it was my mind playing tricks on me, since I could be very imaginative but what snapped me out of this is when it pushed some of the clothes hangers out the way and the fact that the window was open. It’s skin looked rough and pasty almost like it was in a sauna for two years. It caught a whiff of me being awake and almost immediately I lost consciousness and control over my body. All accounts that were had from that night had not been fully remembered the following morning. Besides the fact that my sheets were in my closet instead of on my bed.

Again, we are left here with a case that seems to be so bonkers that it is beyond an easy explanation. Just what was this thing and why would it be in that closet? Outdoing even these outlandish encounters is another one reported on Phantoms and Monsters, this time by a witness who had just about the strangest thing you could imagine come out of his closet when he was a boy, in around the year 1980. The witness, who claims he is now a paranormal researcher, says that when he was very young he had been trying to get to sleep in the room he shared with his brother, and again this was a room with a big walk-in closet. As he was lying there the closet door began to open by itself, and the witness claims:

One night as I was trying to get to sleep (my brother was already asleep), the door opened and I know this sounds crazy, but out came Big Bird (of the children’s show Sesame Street). I remember being frightened at first, but others came out too and they were very friendly and led me into the closet with them. All I remember at this point is that Big Bird gave me a flavored chap stick (most likely to ease my fear because I loved chap stick), and they brought me back to my bed. I went to sleep very happy over the whole experience and was not afraid anymore. I put the chap stick under my pillow after taking a tiny nibble leaving my teeth marks just to see if it was still there in the morning. The next morning, I checked and low and behold the chap stick WAS there, JUST like I remembered, and at that moment I knew for a fact it was not a dream. If it were not for that chap stick the experience probably would not have stayed with me all these years. I tried to tell my brother, but he laughed it off, as anyone would, it sounds totally crazy. Now, after reading the other accounts of similar experiences, I am wondering if it was an abduction disguised as a friendly interaction.

What in the world? Big Bird? The witness gives an interesting observation, in that he believes it might have been an alien abduction, with the entities taking a form that would seem nonthreatening to a child. This is a feature of some abduction cases, with the beings allegedly able to either shape shift or manipulate perceptions in order to take the form of whatever will best serve their purposes in the eyes of the abductee. Is that what was going on here? How else could we explain an actual character from a children’s show emerging from a darkened closet? It could have been just the imagination of a child, but the fact that the witness remembers it so vividly all of these years later is notable.

Other reports seem to follow a pattern more akin to a traditional haunting, although focused on closets. From Your Ghost Stories comes a reports of just such an experience, from the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. The witness claims that as soon as she moved out of her grandmother’s house, where she had lived for some time, she began having extremely vivid dreams of a “spirit or demon” in the closet of the room in which she had stayed. She says that she had never had these menacing dreams while she had lived there, and that they had only started after she left, as well as growing steadily in intensity. She claims that the house had always been haunted, and says of what happened next:

We just recently moved back in October. Now, I’ve always known this house was haunted. Everyone has. I have had so many different experiences. (For another story I assure you.) Everything seemed fine and normal. The house is old, it creeks all night long. You hear someone calling your name. For me, it is “Belle…” Nothing unusual. I walked passed the room I used to sleep in, now my uncle’s room, the other day, and I instantly felt watched. Chills ran down my spine. I felt in so much danger. I quickly scurried down the stairs and forgot about it not to long after.


I would walk by all the time (it’s en route to my room). Every time I walk by, the door creeks open. Even if it is shut the whole ways, it takes force to open that door. I was carrying my cat from my room to the living room with me one morning last week. As we walked passed my uncle’s room, a deep, low, frightening growl came from my cat, then she hissed the meanest hiss, as she kept her eyes locked on the room (the door was wide open, nobody was inside). Recently, my mom has been feeling it too. The door opens slowly when she walks by, and she feels cold eyes watching her.

Another report from the same site is similar in nature, and just as spooky. This report comes from the state of Virginia, from a witness who believes an actual demon inhabited the closet of their master bedroom. The witness claims that odd activity near the closet, including loud bangs and murmuring voices at night, was so intense that he actually put a crucifix up by the closet to try and keep whatever it was at bay and contained. There was even an incident when he says the entity pushed over his young daughter, and it would later lash out at his wife. The witness says of his experiences with the terrifying demonic force in the closet:

It did not take long to figure out that the presence was in a large closet area which adjoined the bathroom and faced directly towards the bed in the master bedroom. The closet area never got natural sunlight and was extremely dark at night. I could feel that something was watching. The crucifix seemed to keep it out of the room but it still stared from the closet. So I did the usual “get out, this is my house,” “I command you to leave.” I felt that this thing was not going anywhere, that it was not scared at all, it was not moving. Not long after that we found a picture of our children on the floor and it had been smashed in the middle of the frame like something was thrown at it. One night while watching TV my wife left for work and I saw a rather large shadow fly out of the bedroom and out towards the car as she was leaving, almost as if it was chasing her. Not long after that she suffered a stroke and a major car accident, both of which left no lasting injuries.

Was this a demon or just a very powerful spirit? It seems like an interesting detail that the crucifix seems to have had some influence on it, but other than that it is hard to know what to make of this account. In another account from Queenies Paranormal Playhouse, is a report from 2005 from a frightened single mother who had just moved into a duplex in the United States with her young son and niece. Almost immediately, on the very first night, they began experiencing paranormal phenomena, such as the bedroom door opening on its own and the children complaining that “something” had touched their legs as they slept. The witness explains:

The second night of our stay, my son and I were lying down shootin’ the breeze in my room. The bedroom door that was cracked half way open had closed, then re-opened. This happened a couple of times, until we finally worked up the nerve to get up and turn on the light. The next night, my son blacked out after having (what seemed to be) a nervous break down about the ghost living in his room and closet. Now, the thing about it, is my son is a big 15 year old, and he does not scare easily! After 20 minutes, he went back to his normal self and cannot remember the incident.That same night, he went to sleep with me, and I woke up to something pulling back and forth on the door knob of my closet.  I screamed, but my son never woke up!


Relatives have said that this place gives them bad vibes, and that sometimes, they can hear people talking. Now it is day 28, and last night, my young nephew and I were sleeping, when suddenly, he woke up screaming. He had jumped off the bed, and the bedroom closet swung open in front of him! But this morning, he can only remember standing in front of the open closet… hearing the high pitched scream of a female. I talked to the people who lived in this duplex before me, and they also lived with this ghost. Even after saying prayers and using holy water, the ghost will not leave! I’m a single mother and it took my savings to move into this place. Unfortunately, it seems we’re stuck here for a long time…but this ghost is going to drive us insane!

The United States is not the only place where such encounters have allegedly occurred, and a scary report on Phantoms and Monsters, comes to us from Newfoundland, where the witness claims he lived in the late 1960s at an apartment along a place called Blackmarsh Road. He says that he was 9 or 10 years old at the time, and that he had been living there with his mother, grandparents, and three sisters at the time, and that the road had been rather well known in the area as a place pervaded by ghostly phenomena. He says that although he never actually saw anything ghostly, he sure did hear it, and it seemed to originate from a coat closet in the living room. He says:

Sometimes, due to limited space, I slept on the sofa in the living room. In the living room was a small stove and coat closet. I remember the chimney ran next to the closet. I remember so vividly being woken up between 3-4 a.m. every morning to the sounds of a group of people conversing in the closet. To the best of my knowledge, there were six or seven people. I could not pick out what they were saying, though at the moment I could hear them very clearly. This went on until we moved. I told my mother about this at the time it was happening but, of course, it was dismissed as a child’s imagination until many years later.

He says that after he had moved away and grown up, he heard that his grandmother had also had weird experiences with the voices from the closet, and that she had finally managed to banish them by reciting the Lord’s Prayer aloud. This is an intriguing detail, as like the crucifix in the other account it seems to suggest that religious belief has some effect, whether that is from some higher power or because it helps to focus a person’s will against these forces, that is if these forces even exist at all and this is not all tall tales. And this is a question we are left with, are these just tall tales or something more? What are we to make of real reports of our childhood nightmares of Boogiemen in the closet? Are these just delusions or the effects of sleep paralysis? Are they aliens, ghosts, demons, or something else? It is hard to say, but it perhaps gives you something to think about next time you are in your darkened room alone and the closet is open just a crack.

Man Opens Portal In His Bedroom With Sound Frequency

A video has been going around online, and it happens to be one of the most profound videos that have involved portals and frequency. The video offers numerous types of confirmation about frequencies of a city along with the fact that it is possible to open up a portal using sound frequencies.

There are skeptics who have said that the video is nothing more than a hoax but the evidence and synchronicity presented has many others believing that it is true.

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